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Review of Penomet Pump (Premium Kit)

Penomet Penis Pump

What could be better than a water penis pump? Maybe a pump with six interchangeable gaiters, each at different strengths? I spent two months testing and reviewing the Penomet Penis Pump. Does it work? How good is it? Is it better than Bathmate? Let’s find out…

I initially wrote this article when I was experimenting with penis pumps to see if they change size. I concluded that they do but that when they are used in that way, the level of risk is unreasonable. Now I only recommend penis pumps are used as a NOVELTY. Play safely and don’t use them on a perpetual basis if you use them at all. Read about the downsides of penis pumps here.

First impressions of the Penomet Penis Pump

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Penomet kindly offered to send us their penis pump along with a case and all of the gaiters for free, in exchange for an impartial review. I had long been interested in the Penomet penis pump because obviously there are two big names in pumping; Penomet and their rival Bathmate. Having already tested the Bathmate Hydromax back in early 2019, I was looking forward to testing the Penomet.

My first impression was that Penomet’s packaging is very basic. Their pump and all of the individual gaiters come in plain cardboard boxes with very small, simple labels on them. No logo, images or anything. Although not a massive problem, it still looks a bit basic. I always prefer it when companies put a little bit of extra effort into the packaging because it really adds to the “wow” moment of the person buying it.

The pump itself was shiny clean and I was quite impressed with the simplicity of its form. To me it looks slightly nicer than the Bathmate pump, however it is much bigger and it depends what gaiter you have attached to it.

The measuring lines are engraved to the side of the plastic cylinder rather than printed on a sticker (like Bathmate Hydromax). However I actually dislike the fact that the measuring lines aren’t removable because as I mention in this article outlining the dangers of penis pumps, measuring lines on bellows pumps are dangerous. The pump feels a little lighter and made of thinner material than the Hydromax I have (though that might just be because the Hydromax is one solid piece). Nevertheless, I’d say it would be difficult to break this pump. It doesn’t feel quite as high end as the Hydromax when I hold it in my hands. Yet it still feels like a quality product; I’m just nitpicking.

The case itself smelled a little of chemicals but nothing too strong. The smell faded within a couple of days. Inside the case I was initially quite worried because I found lots of little black hairs. On closer inspection they were just cuttings from the material of the case itself, left from the manufacturing. Nevertheless I think it would be nice to remove those kinds of cuttings before sending them out. It could give the wrong impression!

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Experience using the Penomet Penis Pump

As with the Bathmate Hydromax, it is far nicer to use the Penomet Penis Pump in a bath rather than in a shower. I spent most of my two month test using the Penomet in the shower, however did once get the opportunity to try it in a bath. The experience using these pumps in the bath is one hundred times better than it is in the shower. When I carried out this review, I didn’t have a bath but now I do… and BOY am I happy about that.

Putting a gaiter on the Penomet penis pump

How easy is it to change the gaiters on a Penomet?

I’m happy to report that it is fairly easy to change gaiters on the pump. The less powerful and therefore more thin blue and purple gaiters are easiest to get on the pump. As the gaiters get thicker, it becomes gradually more difficult to get them to squeeze on to the pump. However when you get the hang of it, this really isn’t an issue. It also seems difficult to tear the gaiter’s silicone material because they seem well made.

Penomet Penis Pump Gaiters

You need more space to store the Penomet

If you buy the Penomet Penis pump with several or all gaiters (which I’d recommend), you will require more room at home to store it all. This isn’t ideal for me personally because I don’t have a big apartment, so ultimately I will have to store some of the gaiters in my basement. So if you need to hide your penis pump for some reason, you might find it more difficult if you buy a variety of gaiters (which is Penomet’s best selling point). Add to that the fact that unless you have a very big penis already, the Penomet is going to be larger than most other pumps because it is designed to be a one-size-fits-all.

To be honest I find it unnecessary to use all six of Penomet’s gaiters. The difference is subtle between some of them. Realistically I can see myself using only the purple and grey gaiters in future.

Penomet Penis Pump Shower Strap

The Penomet shower strap is good to have in the shower

One of my criticisms of Bathmate was that I didn’t like the shower strap because it wasn’t comfortable and I didn’t feel it was useful at all. The Penomet strap is still not completely necessary and probably won’t make you hands free. However it feels like it holds the pump in place a little more solidly and is more comfortable. I use it every time I go in the shower with the Penomet.

You need to shave to use bathmate
Will you need to shave your pubic area to use the Penomet Pump?

As with the Bathmate, in order to get a good seal around your skin in the shower you have to completely shave your pubic area. I was hoping that the Penomet may not require my pubic area to be so completely shaven but alas I had to. I can however report that using it in a bath isn’t so precarious and you may get away with more pubic hair in the bath.

The Penomet Exercise Manual

When you buy a Penomet Penis Pump you will be sent an exercise manual via email. This PDF outlines several different pumping programs that you can use if you buy several of their pump gaiters. As well as a pumping routine, it includes warm-ups and stretches that you should do before using the pump.

In my opinion, the exercise manual is needlessly over-complicated. If you follow them exactly, the exercise routines take up far too much time. I also felt like when I was changing gaiters back and forth sometimes that it was a little pointless. This frustrated me because I wanted to follow the exercise regime but also found it very long and boring. At the end of my testing period I didn’t really notice any difference in results (compared from when I was using the Bathmate pump), so I haven’t yet seen evidence that following a complicated exercise regime like Penomet’s makes much of a difference than if you just use one gaiter (such as the grey Force 75).

Without a doubt though, the exercise manual is good to have.

Update – 11/07/2020

After taking some time to reflect, I have changed my mind. The Penomet exercise guide that I received isn’t safe to follow and shouldn’t be used for guidance. It suggests pumping times that are far too long. You could injure yourself if you pump for as long as it sometimes suggests. If you receive the exercise guide, throw it away and do no more than 10 minutes of pumping per day, with at least one rest day between and never enter the pump erect. For extra safety, only use the pump for 5 minutes at a time, taking a small break before doing the second 5 minutes.

Penomet Penis Pump

The measuring lines on the side of the penis pump are inaccurate

As with the Bathmate products, Penomet puts measuring lines on their penis pumps. I continue to insist; putting measuring lines on a penis pump that changes length during use is pointless and misleading. You should never ever use the measuring lines on your Penomet pump and instead use a ruler or tape measure externally of the pump, which is far more accurate.

What is even more frustrating with the Penomet is that you cannot remove the measuring lines because they are frosted / engraved onto the side (with the Bathmate I just peeled off the sticker that showed the ruler). This is a downside with the design of the Penomet for me.

As always I would much prefer to see a gauge developed to measure the pressure instead of asking people to pump via length. You should never pump beyond what is comfortable and never pump beyond -0.5 inches of your usual size. So if your erection size is usually 6 inches, don’t ever pump to more than 5.5 inches. In water things get distorted, so this is for safety.

The less powerful Penomet gaiters are safer and more enjoyable

Penomet has six different gaiters (if you order them all). However personally I most enjoyed using the Force 65 gaiter (coloured purple for me but it might be blue for you). That gaiter is really fun to use because while the sensation of pumping is still definitely there, I don’t feel like there’s as much opportunity to over-pump.

For that reason, I consider the Penomet pump with the Force 65 gaiter safer than my Bathmate Hydromax. However when we get to the red and green gaiters, my opinion is different. I don’t personally believe it is a good idea to use either the red or green gaiters. They are far too powerful and the opportunity for injury is too high.

Penomet can be over-complicated and it takes more time to use

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use a Penomet Penis Pump with all the gaiters but it would surely help! It isn’t that the Penomet system is too complicated but it is more complicated than its rivals.

When doing the Bathmate test for 2 months, I didn’t need to refer to an exercise manual or change gaiters every week. I also didn’t need to do stretches for seven and a half minutes before using the pump each time. I could have of course used the Penomet exactly as I had used the Bathmate, however part of the experience of the Penomet is following this more detailed regime.

That’s just me though, I prefer things to be simple because my life is already busy enough as it is. Ultimately if you’re a more scientifically minded person, or you like following detailed courses / workout programs, the Penomet regime may actually be something you enjoy more. If you also like to keep things simple however, or you want to keep the amount of time using a penis pump to a minimum, you may want to opt for a simpler pump.

Penomet Pump Logo and Valve

The valve of the Penomet is great

For me the valve in the Penomet pump is nicer to use than the valve I have in my Hydromax. The difference is very subtle but I find it easier to release pressure slowly from the Penomet. I always release the pressure from my pumps over the course of several minutes rather than all at once, because it prevents bruising.

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Review of each Penomet Gaiter

Now I’ll write a brief word about each individual gaiter that you can get for the Penomet Penis Pump. This list goes from least powerful gaiter to most powerful.

You should also know that at the time of writing, Penomet has a lifetime replacement guarantee for all of their gaiters. Meaning if one breaks on you, you’ll get a replacement. That’s pretty nice.

Penomet Force 60 Gaiter

Force 60 Gaiter (can be either purple or blue)

The lightest gaiter for me was blue. Usually it is purple but due to a manufacturing error there were some batches (mine included) where blue and purple were switched.

The force 60 gaiter feels nice and I think it’s great for a beginner. It’s very important to use this gaiter when you first begin using the pump so that you can get used to how that kind of pressure feels on your penis. After I transitioned to the Force 65 gaiter and then back to Force 60 however, I felt that force 60 was a little too light. In order to get a decent pressure, I had to pump this gaiter far more.

Penomet Force 65 Gaiter

Force 65 Gaiter (can be either purple or blue)

I don’t care what anyone says or the fact that this is a low pressure gaiter, this one is my favourite. Even after using all of the other more powerful gaiters, Force 65 remained my favourite. It is still rather mellow and I have to pump it more to maintain pressure, however it just feels nice.

Unlike heavier gaiters, this gaiter doesn’t hurt to press into my body. This is because like the force 60, the silicone in this gaiter is thinner and more flexible.

For me, the Force 65 gaiter is Penomet’s biggest advantage over the Bathmate Hyrdomax.

Penomet Force 70 Black gaiter

Force 70 Gaiter

This gaiter was relatively pleasant to use, however it is more uncomfortable than the force 65 gaiter. Its trade-off is that it requires less pumping to maintain a good pressure and obviously, it can achieve a larger pressure. For me though, this is a pointless gaiter. It’s neither comfortable or powerful enough. For some people this one will work fine though. Also it creates a lot of pressure in the pump, be careful.

Penomet Force 75 grey Gaiter

Force 75 Gaiter

The grey gaiter is probably the closest in feeling to the fixed gaiter in Bathmate’s Hydromax. It’s quite powerful and more than enough for what I need. It is noticeably more powerful than my favourite, the Force 65 and also noticeably more uncomfortable. However the ratio of power vs comfort pays off with this gaiter the most and therefore it is my second favourite. If you haven’t ever used a Hydromax, just know that this gaiter is quite advanced and that you should go slow with it. It can create a lot of pressure quickly so be careful.

Penomet Force 80 Red Gaiter

Force 80 Gaiter

This gaiter is noticeably more uncomfortable than the others. The silicone is far tougher and it hurts a little to press it into my body. The pressure does build up quickly though so at least I didn’t have to press it into my body for very long. I felt uncomfortable using such a high power gaiter this early on (I used it at week 7). For me the pressure it is able to create is too high and I feel a sense of danger while using it that makes me anxious. You can definitely bruise your penis using this gaiter and potentially damage yourself, so be very careful and really make sure you’re ready for it.

Penomet Force 85 Green Gaiter

Force 85 Gaiter

Predictably, I found this gaiter far too strong. The silicone is very tough and it basically feels like pushing a plastic ring into my body. The pressure builds up quickly and I didn’t need to pump very much in order to get a strong vacuum. For me though, the danger here is too high. I was glad at the end of week 8 when I could stop using this gaiter.

That said, I really appreciate Penomet sending me their strongest gaiter. Right now it is too advanced for me but perhaps in the future when I require something stronger I will revisit this gaiter. However I don’t see that happening for several years, if ever.

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My Penomet Gains (2 month diary)

I kept a 2 month diary whilst using the Penomet Pump. I followed roughly the exercise routine outlined in Penomet’s exercise manual. This exercise regime was busier than the one I followed with my BM Hydromax, so I was expecting better results. The end results were slightly bigger but the difference was tiny (0.1 inches). I also had to take 9 days off my exercise program towards the end which maybe affected my results too. However it remains that both the Hydromax and this Penomet are pretty much as good as each other in terms of results.

Read my Penomet Gains diary here

Cleaning the Penomet Penis Pump

Cleaning the Penomet Pump is easy. However keeping the gaiters free of dust is more complicated. The Pump itself comes with a case (it fits the pump with one gaiter fitted to it); that case keeps the pump very clean. However there is nothing to store the extra gaiters in, so they are gathering dust in a drawer in my apartment.


So the Penomet Penis Pump works! It increased my erect size by 0.3 inches in just 2 months which is great. Now that I have stopped using it, my size has returned to normal. However my girth remains slightly larger. If you use the Penomet Penis Pump on a more long-term basis I’m confident that you’ll see bigger size increases. As with many things like this, it takes all takes time.

I’m sure you will read testimonials where people gained one inch or more in the same time I did. The truth is, they’re either delusional or they’re lying to you. Using the Penomet pump should gradually increase your size if you’re constant with it but it isn’t magic and it still takes time. If you’re patient, then you should get the results you want. Don’t go in with your expectations really high though because if you expect to gain one or two inches in just a few months you’re probably going to over pump and end up hurting yourself. Keep it slow, keep it constant and keep it safe… that’s the only way to use penis pumps.

Overall I found the Penomet system slightly too complicated for my personal needs. If I use the Penomet pump again in the future I will probably ignore the exercise regime entirely and only use one or two gaiters. The Penomet can be safer than the Hydromax, which I appreciated. For example, using the Force 65 gaiter was my favourite experience because I could pump mostly without worrying that I’d break my penis. However I dislike that I cannot remove the measuring ruler from the side of the pump. I found the valve easier to release pressure from gradually, which was also a nice feature.

Like Bathmate, Penomet offers a 60 day no questions money back guarantee. It provides a free 3 year warranty on all of its pumps and a lifetime guarantee on the individual gaiters. Overall the guarantees and warranties provided as standard with Penomet Pumps are amazing. With other companies you have to pay extra to get such extended warranties.

Penomet vs Hydromax

So the golden question, is Penomet better than the Bathmate Hydromax? It really depends on you. The Penomet is definitely more versatile. If you buy a Penomet with three gaiters, you won’t need to buy another pump, which is a bonus.

The Bathmate Hydromax is simpler and feels more solidly built. The Hydromax is also cheaper than buying a Penomet with three gaiters. Buying a Penomet with one gaiter is cheaper of course, yet I don’t see the point in getting a Penomet if you’re not going to change the gaiters. Changing gaiters is its main selling point.

For my priorities and needs, the Hydromax is simpler and easier. However if versatility is your objective, Penomet is the way to go. The Penomet is more versatile than the Hydromax and is extendable because of the gaiters. My gains were also comparable really.

Penomet Premium vs HydroXtreme

The next golden question. Is the Penomet better than the HydroXtreme? It’s not I’m afraid. I tested the HydroXtreme after the Penomet and have to admit that it is a better experience and product. The Penomet has changeable gaiters but as I mentioned throughout this review, I found that a bit complicated. The HydroXtreme comes with a hand pump, which is a game-changer. The accessories and build quality of the HydroXtreme is also very difficult to beat. Does that mean Penomet is bad? Nope… it’s just a different kind of pump built for different people. You’ll choose the one that you prefer based on your priorities and needs!

Penomet Penomet Hydropump Premium

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material and design

6 / 10


10 / 10


4 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

5 / 10


Should you wish to buy a Penomet Penis Pump of your own, you can find one over at their website.

Personally I’d recommend their “Penomet Extra” package which is usually $288 at the time of writing but is currently on offer for $197. With that package you get the Force 65 gaiter (my favourite), the Force 70 and Force 75. This, in my opinion, is more than enough to use. You could of course go for the premium package ($457), which will give you everything. Having everything may eventually lead you to extra gains, however as I mentioned in the review… you’d better have somewhere to store it all! If you buy just one gaiter with the Penomet pump, it is cheaper (currently $127).

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