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The Downsides Of Penomet and Bathmate Penis Pumps

Bathmate and Penomet pump valves

Using a water based penis pump can be an ordeal. Mostly in terms of time commitment as we’ll get to, however there are also other issues you need to consider if you are thinking of buying a water based penis pump.

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What are water based penis pumps?

Water based penis pumps are those that use water instead of air to create a vacuum around the penis. Bathmate is the most well known and original maker of these pumps, however Penomet is another very popular choice. I have reviewed all Penomet’s and Bathmate’s pumps on this website, doing a 2 month test of each. Bathmate pumps come in a range of different sizes, whereas Penomet has interchangeable gaiters that fit onto the same pump. In the end, they both function in the same sort of way as far as penis pumping itself goes. There are other companies that make water based pumps but I don’t recommend them.

Water penis pumps are considered more safe than air pumps because water is a more stable medium (air pressure can vary). You can use higher pumping pressures inside water that you cannot use in air. All water pumps fill with water before you create the vacuum.

Both Bathmate and Penomet water pumps come with the same downsides, all of which I will explain through this article.

You need to shave to use bathmate
You need to shave around your Penis to use water based penis pumps

The first time I used a Bathmate, I was not prepared. I stood in the shower for almost two hours trying to get the pump to work. “Is this broken??” I thought to myself. My pubic hair was already very short, so I expected it to work. It didn’t, the water kept escaping before the vacuum was sealed and my frustration grew quite high. I read the manual again twice to make sure I understood everything (I did).

In the end it turned I had to shave my pubic area completely before the pump would seal against my skin.

Bathmate Hydromax 7 x35 Comfort Pad Penis Pump
Bellows pumps are mostly uncomfortable

Bathmate uses bellows style pumps. That means there is a thick, jagged silicone cylinder at the end of the pump. This silicone can be quite tough depending on the strength of your pump. Higher strength pumps mean thicker, tougher silicone. The silicone can be quite uncomfortable as I press it hard against my crotch. It will often leave my skin a little marked, though this goes away after awhile.

Using lighter gaiters or lower pressure versions of the pumps is far more comfortable however.

Bathmate Hydromax 7 x35 Penis Pump
Measuring stickers on bellows penis pumps are useless and dangerous

Neither Bathmate nor Penomet pumps have pressure gauges. Instead they opt for a ruler on the side of the pump. In my opinion this is dangerous and you should never rely on these pump rulers for measurements. The nature of bellows pumps means that the length of the pump itself changes as the silicone compresses. Therefore the ruler length is changing.

You’ll have to get used to using an actual ruler or tape measure next to the pump as you use it.

You can break your penis using a penis pump
Penis pumps can break your cock

Before buying a Bathmate or other pumpt, type into google “Bathmate injury”. Even look at other kinds of penis extension / pump device injuries. Look at what injuries people have gotten from penis pumps. It’s pretty grim so make sure you play this safe.

Timer for Bathmate Pump
You will feel lame, standing in your shower using a penis pump for 20 or more minutes

Yes it is true. No matter what way you paint it, it sounds lame. You are standing in your shower, filing up a pump with water, trying your best to put your penis inside without spilling all the water out… then you are standing, pumping your cock while measuring your penis to make sure you don’t break it. And that’s not the only thing that takes time using a water pump.

Don’t forget that you often have to shave your pubic area before you start. According to some programs you also have to make your cock erect before going inside the device. You may have to change gaiters. You must clean the device after every use. Perhaps like me you’ll want to regularly measure yourself after you use the pump. Most pumping programs require you use the pump at minimum, every other day.

Your water bill may be higher from spending so much more time in the shower. But mostly… this is a HUGE time commitment. Every time you use the pump you can spend up to 45 minutes to an hour in the bathroom.

You have to ask yourself… is it really worth it? Can you really deal with losing that amount of time from your schedule?

Bathmate can cause bruising
Your penis pump may cause bruising, red spots and discolouring

Even if you’re very careful, you will sometimes slip up and pump too hard. This will cause little red spots on your penis from where blood vessels burst. You can get slightly discoloured when you first release the pressure from the pump too.

I never got any bruising or permanent discolouring but I read many stories about people who did.

A good tip I can pass on to you is to never over pump and always let the pressure out very slowly when you are finishing a session. Letting the pressure out too fast can cause discolouring.

Bathmate penis sensitivity
Your penis might feel too sensitive after pumping to have sex

After pumping, my penis would sometimes feel more sensitive afterwards. Sometimes the sensitivity prevented me from wanting to have sex because it would cause a small amount of pain. This wasn’t every time I used the pump but it happened.

Your penis can get smaller as a result of using penis pumps

Yes that’s right. If you use a penis pump too much or too aggressively, it has been reported in some cases to reduce the size of your penis when you eventually stop using the pump. There aren’t any specific studies proving this but it has been reported by enough people that I feel like mentioning it to you here.

Penis size gains equals a build up of scar tissue or fluid?

You will also find various claims that size gains while using penis pumps are the result of a buildup of scar tissue. I can’t personally disprove this, which is why I mention it.

Your erections can become softer after using penis pumps

There are some people online who you will find claiming to have weaker and softer erections after long-term penis pump use. This is said to be a result of penis pumps damaging the tissue of the penis. Again I cannot disprove this but I think it is certainly possible, so be aware that this can happen.

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