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Review: Male Edge (meh)

Male Edge Penis Extender

Here’s my Male Edge review! The Male Edge is a penis extension device. I wanted to like it but unfortunately, it couldn’t impress me.

Male Edge was sent to me by Rue des Plaisirs for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links, so if you are interested in buying this product, using my links really helps me!

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First Impressions

Score: 3 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The Male Edge is a penis extension device. It works by stretching your flaccid penis slightly over prolonged periods of time. This was the first time I used a penis extender, so I was very excited. I have only ever used penis pumps before and had my main penis enlargement from the Bathmate pumps I’ve tested.

I was genuinely looking forward to seeing what improvements the Male Edge could make to my penis. The marketing promises an 8% increase in size over the course of two months. So like my penis pump tests before it, I put the Male Edge on a two month test. I wore it almost every day, following the program laid out by the company in their guide booklet.

The box that the Male Edge Pro comes in makes a very good impression. It’s bright red and reminds me a little of the Aneros Eupho‘s box. Aneros is a premium product, so I was ready for the Male Edge to be premium too. However upon opening the box I found a lot of plastic and the device itself looks a bit plain.

We have to keep in mind that this is a penis extender though. It doesn’t have to look beautiful because we wouldn’t wear this in front of our partners anyway. It isn’t a pleasure device. However I would have preferred it to look a little more like a premium to be honest.

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The second thing I was disappointed with was the contents of the Pro box. I imagined that I’d get extra pieces of kit for the Male Edge that would give me more stretching options while using the device. Yet the ‘Pro’ extras are just the bandage, two foam rings and extra silicone holders. All of the silicone holders are identical. The ruler is useful but even that looks cheap. To me this Pro box is pointless. You’d be better off getting the cheapest Male Edge. Functionally, it’s the same.

Experience using the Male Edge

Now, to be fair the Male Edge is actually quite comfortable. At least for me it is. I wore this for a couple of hours at a time for the first week. Then the following weeks I slowly increased the number of hours I wore it (as per the guide laid out by Male Edge). Before I go into more detail on my experience however, here’s a quick explanation of how you would use the device.

How to use the Male Edge

Male Edge Ruler

Before using any penis extension device (including pumps), you need to measure your flaccid and erect penis size. Use a tape measure to measure both your length and girth. That way you have a baseline reading to use when comparing your gains. For the Male Edge, it is essential that you know your flaccid penis length, so get that measurement at minimum.

To use the Male Edge, one has to set the extension rods to the desired length (Male Edge suggests 1 inch longer than your normal flaccid size). I had to extend the rods further than 1 inch because I wasn’t feeling any affect before I did.

The plastic rods of the Male Edge twist to lock/unlock and have several different markers for the length. Each marker provides a different tension for you (in relation to your base size).

Instructions are not clear

The instruction manual and video for the Male Edge is unclear when talking about adjusting traction levels (the tension). I am meant to be able to line up the inside rods with different markers on the transparent cylinders at the base of the device. Each marker on the transparent cylinders represent a different traction level.

According to male edge, you press the device down to the desired traction level then release it and allow your penis to act as a counterweight. Depending on what marker you press the inside rods to changes the traction. At least that’s what is meant to happen. In reality, nothing changes. At least for me it doesn’t.

I contacted Male Edge twice about this traction confusion I had. I’m a pretty smart guy but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong and why the traction never felt different. I even asked twice if they thought the device was broken (they didn’t).

And here’s where things get very negative for me. The customer service rep at Male Edge didn’t seem to know how to help me. He did try to and was very polite. However he basically repeated what was already written in the confusing user manual. I never tell companies that I am a sex toy reviewer unless I have to, because I want to see how they treat their real customers. So I’m sorry Male Edge but you need to improve your support and make sure that your advisers know how to help customers.

Anyway back to my experience with the device..

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Is the Male Edge comfortable?

Male Edge Penis Extender Demonstration
Demonstration of how the Male Edge is worn, using a dildo.

I work from home a lot at the moment, so wearing the Male Edge all day wasn’t an issue for me. Occasionally my penis would slip out of the stretching ring. When it did, I had to place it back in and tighten the ring up again. It wasn’t a big deal.

I wore the device under trousers a few times when going out to and even that is fine. The trousers have a very slight bulge in them due to the device however nobody would notice it. I went to bars, doctors offices and work with the device and nobody noticed that I was wearing it under my jeans.

Under tighter trousers or more stiff jeans, I could really feel the device. Yet it never gave me any pain or real discomfort. The most inconvenient thing that would happen is my penis slipping out of the device (as I already mentioned).

I wore the Male Edge once while driving and I don’t recommend that. Because of the way people usually move their legs around while operating a car, it creates too much movement for the device. My penis slipped out after about 5 minutes in the car and then I had to put up with it hanging loose for the remainder of my 30 minute journey. Not ideal and probably not safe either!

Can you injure yourself with the Male Edge?

As you may know if you are a regular reader, I have written about the dangers of penis pumping before. Penis Extenders also pose some injury risk. You can find people in forums talking about such injuries by searching the device name followed by ‘injuries’ or by searching ‘traction device injury / penis extender injury’.

The risk with the Male Edge is for me at least a little lower than it is with very strong penis pumps like the Bathmates. Yet you can still do a lot of damage if you don’t pay attention.

There was one time where I tightened the device too much and I completely cut off the blood supply to the head of my penis. That was a scary moment because my penis head had turned completely blue by the time I realised. When I took the device off, my penis head was numb and it remained discoloured for a couple of hours. If I had left the device on for longer, I could have done some serious damage to my penis.

I do not recommend that you use the device in bed because of the risk of cutting off your blood supply. Also, many of us get erections during the night, which could further cut off blood to the head of the penis.

The last, less serious risk of injury with the Male Edge is skin irritation. I caught my skin a few times in the device while tightening the silicone grips. It hurts like hell but only for a brief moment. The more longer lasting skin irritation comes if your skin is very dry and it has been rubbing against the foam pads or bandage material all day. You should always use some kind of cushion to protect your skin. Don’t just put your penis directly in the silicone holder, it is very uncomfortable because the silicone isn’t soft enough.

Male Edge gains?

Here, my opinion of the Male Edge suffers even more. I used the device as recommended for 2 months. After the first month I noticed I hadn’t made any gains. I contacted Male Edge customer support again and they suggested increasing the tension.

I increased the tension of the device over the second month of testing, however I still didn’t make any gains. In fact, I lost gains I had made with the Bathmate Hydroxtreme (which is the penis pump I use when not doing tests). I stopped using Bathmate pumps and all other devices while testing the Male Edge, because that was the only way to make it a fair test.

So yep, you read correctly. Two months, no gains. This is the first time I have done a two month test of a penis enlargement device and not gained anything at all.

I should point out that I have been experimenting with penis enlargement for several years now. So it’s possible that someone who has never done penis extension before will have more luck with the Male Edge. Yet it still didn’t very badly. I could have forgiven it for not making much gains or even maintaining my length etc from Bathmate. It just doesn’t work for me.

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How to clean the Male Edge

The Male Edge device is plastic and therefore waterproof. You can use water and sex toy cleaner to wash it easily. The foam pads and bandages that come with the pro kit are not suitable to be used more than once. So you should dispose of the foam pads etc after a few uses.

Conclusion on the Male Edge Penis Extender

Male Edge Pro Penis Extender

I’m really sorry but this is not a product I can recommend you buy. I had very high hopes for the Male Edge but it failed in too many different ways. It wasn’t easy to figure out how to use it, customer support wasn’t able to help clarify why I couldn’t feel the tension change and it gave me NO GAINS. That last one is the most damning factor. No gains for two entire months of regular usage, following the company’s usage guide.

I recommend Male Edge make their device instructions far more clear. I also encourage them to explore the possibility of whether customer’s devices are defective, if customers complain of the device not working as expected. I gave the company two opportunities to tell me “hey maybe this guy’s device is broken” but they didn’t seem to think it was. If my device wasn’t broken and it works as advertised, then sorry but it’s just not good. I shouldn’t still be confused about a product after two months of testing.

The only positive thing about the Male Edge I can say is that to wear everyday, it’s fairly comfortable. However that’s a useless bit of positivity if the device doesn’t damn work in the first place.

Apologies to Rue des Plaisirs. I asked them for this device and I’m giving it a bad grade, I always regret it when this happens. Rue des Plaisirs also sell Bathmate penis pumps, all of which I have tested and I fully recommend. If you click here to go to the Rue de Plaisirs store, you can easily find their Bathmate pumps. You can read my full Bathmate review here.

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Male Edge Male Edge

Score: 3 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


6 / 10

Clarity of instructions

2 / 10

Satisfaction with customer support

4 / 10

Value for money

2 / 10


1 / 10

Desire to use again

1 / 10


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  • BFish says:

    Hello there,

    First of all could you please not approve the other comment (same as this one) because I’m using a name I do not wish to be published please? Please use this comment instead with my Bfish alias.

    I’m really loving your blog, and I appreciate the work you’re doing. I have a question about penis enlargement exercises/practices/devices.

    Have you heard/tried of penis hanging? If so is that something you would consider? I am really interested in knowing if hanging is just another fad or it really does work. I tried hanging for a month on a semi-consistent level but I didn’t notice any noticeable gains. Where as in with bathmate I notice volume gains immidietely after use if I use erect or almost-erect (I know it’s not a good idea).

    Also what would you recommend about penis size insecurities? I’m 28 an I’m about 5.2 inches measuring bone pressed.

    • Adam says:

      Hey thanks for your comment. As you say, Bathmate does make differences, especially if you use it over a long period of time like I did. Honestly, I’d encourage you to use it consistently over several months rather than enter it erect etc. For me, having to enter it erect made it tedious eventually because you have the extra time required to get an erection, plus Bathmate and others consider it dangerous. Even with Bathmate, the long-term results of use take a long time to show (as opposed to the short-term gains I think you’re referring to).

      I haven’t tried penis hanging yet. I’m a little reluctant to honestly because this test with the Male Edge ended up being so disappointing. For me, the mechanics of penis hanging sound similar to stretching. Stretching didn’t work as well as pumping, so I still always recommend pumping more. I’ll probably find time to try another stretching or hanging device eventually. It could just be that the Male Edge is a bad device.

      Onto your final question about penis size insecurities.

      I’ve always been of the opinion that using penis pumps etc should be treated more as a novelty than a lifelong dedication. Penis size is an age old insecurity among men, just like balding is. And just like balding, there are plenty of companies out there that are ready to profit off this insecurity. The reality is that you care far more about this personal issue than anybody else does. Almost nobody at all cares about the size of your dick. Sure, your partner might but who wants a partner who would leave because a 5 inch penis is too small? That’s big enough to please a partner and is more or less average. Think about it another way. It’s the same thing when some women worry if their breasts are big enough. What would you tell them? Would you tell them to worry about guys who stay or leave based on breast size alone? Fuck that shit, those people aren’t getting near me personally.

      There are lots of things we can dedicate ourselves to and lots of things we can change. Our bodies have some physical limitations and the reality is that penis size is one of those things. Devices like Bathmate have the potential to temporarily boost penis size in some people like us. Yet I would have to use the pump on a permanent basis to keep the gains. For me, it isn’t worth it. When I get bored between tests, I stop using the devices. I love the boost while it lasts but neither me nor my girlfriend are really thinking about it or missing it when I stop using the pumps.

      If you feel like you must impress people physically, getting ripped at the gym or becoming good at a sport is a far better use of your time. Plus, everyone can appreciate somebody else’s athleticism, not just sexual partners. Same thing with learning new skills (especially sexual skills). Reading books like ‘She Comes First’ and similar sex ed books is a great use of time. If you can do GREAT oral sex, you’re already ahead of the game.

      Finally, if you’re very concerned about your penis size be careful about what porn you’re watching. If you’re watching porn where guys are always there with big dicks, it probably isn’t going to help you. Try to find something else if that’s the case.

      So yeah I hope that helps a bit. I’d say just use the Bathmate you aleady own when you feel like it (seeing as it seems to work). Then try not to worry about your size so much. Easier said than done I know.. but in the end there really are better things to focus on.

  • Julius says:

    It’s a piece of crap, made of cheap plastic. Broke 2 weeks after using it.

  • User says:

    I tried Male-edge for 8 months every day and it is just a wast of money and bullsh-t. Zero improvement. This should be ban from selling.

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