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Review: The Pocket Pulse, a compact penis vibrator

pocket pulse review

The Pocket Pulse has been out for some time and I’ve tested a lot of Hot Octopuss since it began being sold. Although I loved the bigger Pulse toys, will this more compact version impress me as much? Let’s find out in my review of the Pocket Pulse by Hot Octopuss!

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First Impressions of the Pocket Pulse

Score: 5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The Pocket Pulse isn’t that much smaller than the full-size Pulse toys really, which surprised me, yet that small difference means that this version of the toy fits inside clothing. We’ll get to how the Pocket Pulse performs while in clothing later, yet that’s the main utility of it being that small for me. The toy I tested just before this, the Lovense Gush, is a very similar size and is also a serious competitor to the Pocket Pulse.

The Pocket Pulse works differently to the other Pulse toys because it has a traditional vibration motor inside whereas the other Pulse toys has oscillation technology, which works with a vibrating plate instead of a spinning motor. All you really need to know about that technical aspect is that the Pocket Pulse’s vibration motor isn’t nearly as strong as the full-size Pulse motors are. The Pocket Pulse feels moderate in comparison to the other Pulse toys and the vibrations are felt equally on the bottom of the toy as they are in the penis holder which, in my opinion, is a design problem.

gush vs pocket pulse vs pulse solo
Pocket Pulse (middle) in comparison to the Gush (left) and full size Pulse (right). Click to view larger.

My version of the Pocket Pulse came without a remote but you can buy one with a remote (which I strongly recommend if you’re getting one at all). The Pocket Pulse has 6 vibration modes and they’re all more or less constant, meaning there isn’t much variety.

pocket pulse charging
Pocket Pulse charging

The toy’s rechargeable battery lasts for about an hour depending on usage and takes 2 hours to charge back up. Not bad battery life considering the cost and more than enough for most playtimes. The Pocket Pulse is NOT waterproof, so don’t submerge it or take it into the bath.

pocket pulse packaging
pocket pulse what's included
What’s included.

Like a lot of Hot Octopuss’ other toys, the Pocket Pulse comes in really nice packaging and they include a small satin storage bag with it to keep dust away from it. It also comes with the usb charging cable.

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Experience with the Pocket Pulse

pocket pulse review

To be honest, I need more power than this toy gives to get me off. It’s not that the Pocket Pulse is weak but it’s nowhere near the earth-shattering power of the full-size Pulse toys. The fact that Lovense just came out with the Gush too doesn’t help the Pocket Pulse, because although the Gush is also a bit weak in strength for me, its design is better and the vibrations are distrubted in a more sensible way.

pocket pulse button
Controls are on the side of the toy (two buttons).

The disappointing thing with the Pocket Pulse isn’t just that the power isn’t what I was expecting either. The entire toy vibrates and there isn’t really much difference in intensity between how the bottom of the toy feels and how the toy feels inside the penis holder. I think it’s a shame that the vibrations are not focussed more intensely inside the glans part of the toy. The arm that wraps over the top of the penis while it’s inside the Pocket Pulse is also very thick, so doesn’t vibrate as much as the wings on the full-size Pulse toys. The design of this toy isn’t at the height of what I expect.

Can the Pocket Pulse get me off? Yes sometimes but not always. The vibrations are a little stronger than those in the Lovense Gush, yet the noise of the Pocket Pulse is a problem for me. It makes a LOT of noise for a vibrator that is only medium in strength. The larger Pulse toys are even noisier, yet I can tolerate those because the vibrations are so intense. The strength vs noise of the Pocket Pulse is unjustifiable. The fact that the vibrations travel through the entire toy also makes the Pocket Pulse unpleasant to hold for very long.

If it sounds like I’m critiquing the Pocket Pulse harshly, it’s because I know Hot Octopuss is capable of far better. The toy does have some merits, however. The controls of the toy are very simple (just the plus and minus buttons) and as long as I’m in the mood, the Pocket Pulse does a reasonably good job. It’s just a bit too subtle in vibration intensity, so it often takes me too long to get to climax. Not necessarily a bad thing for everybody… but in my busy life I usually want toys to work on me quicker. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am is how I like it, because if toys take a longer time to get me off than I have to give, it’s frustrating. The Pocket Pulse isn’t a toy I reach for if I’m in a rush.

How well does the Pocket Pulse work under clothing?

With a small penis vibrator like this, that doesn’t have a huge amount of power, it should work well under clothing. If I wear tight underpants, the Pocket Pulse stays in place better than the large Pulse toys. Even with looser underpants, the Pocket Pulse still stays in place fairly well if I have a semi-erection or full erection. The toy slips out of place easily if my penis is flaccid, because the fitting of the toy isn’t very tight. 

I can wear the Pocket Pulse while sitting down with my clothes on and didn’t have a problem using it while sat down in my jeans in the living room. The big problem with the Pocket Pulse is that it’s too damn loud for using in public, so even if it stayed in place better I wouldn’t be able to use it in a restaurant without people over-hearing the vibration motor. On top of that, my version of the Pocket Pulse doesn’t have any way to remote control it. Overall, it’s a disappointment for this test too.

You should get the Pocket Pulse with the remote

I don’t have the remote with my Pocket Pulse, so I can’t use it for public play with my girlfriend or have her remote control me, which is always a fun thing to do. The Pocket Pulse is also sold with a remote control, so I recommend you get that version rather than the version I have. In my opinion, Hot Octopuss should have made the Pocket Pulse a toy that by default came with a remote, because without one it just isn’t an interesting toy.

The Pocket Pulse doesn’t have any advanced smart features, so doesn’t connect to a remote control app or anything. That’s another area where the Lovense Gush (reviewed here) does a bit better.

The Pocket Pulse with a remote

Video and noise level of the Pocket Pulse

If you live alone or with your partner, you probably won’t care about noise but I know some people do. The Pocket Pulse is loud despite its vibration intensity being moderate. It isn’t as loud as the full-size Pulse toys but it’s still louder than I’d personally like. You can judge for yourself in this little unboxing / demonstration of the toy below.

Cleaning the Pocket Pulse

Despite not being waterproof, the Pocket Pulse is very easy to clean. It’s splash proof so I’m able to run it under a bit of water and wash it with soap. You can use sex toy cleaning spray or wipes if you like but it isn’t necessary. The Pocket Pulse dries very fast, so it can be used, cleaned, dried and stored away fairly quickly.

In conclusion of my review of the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse

pocket pulse review

Sorry but I’m not a fan of the Pocket Pulse. Unfortunately, it’s a toy that disappointed me at almost every test. It’s by no means a bad toy but buying it just doesn’t make sense to me because there are way too many stronger competing toys. The price point of the Pocket Pulse doesn’t help either, because in my opinion, it’s too expensive for what it is. It lacks features, it lacks power, it’s too noisy and it doesn’t really do anything exceptionally well. It’s an OK toy with a luxury price tag, rather than an OK toy with an OK price tag. I’d recommend that you take the Solo Lux or Interactive over this toy… or even the Gush by Lovense.

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve already been spoiled by incredibly strong penis vibrators. I’m used to having stronger stimulation. However even considering that, I just can’t say that the Pocket Pulse gives an exceptional experience and I can’t recommend it even over Hot Octopuss’s competing products.

If there is ever another version of the Pocket Pulse, the two biggest things it needs are more power and less noise. It also needs to come with a remote control by default and it needs to fix onto the penis more securely. Right now the Pocket Pulse fails to stand up to competitors like the Pulse Solo Essential, the Lovense Gush and even the Blowmotion toy I reviewed a while ago.

The reason the Pocket Pulse doesn’t get completely slaughtered in this review is because it still does OK. It’s an ok toy to own and some people who buy it will be happy with the stimulation. Objectively I can see why some people would enjoy the vibrations of the Pocket Pulse and not mind the subtlety or noise. For me though, this toy doesn’t convince me.

Thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Pocket Pulse! If our readers want to buy the Pocket Pulse or the version that comes with the remote, they can do so by clicking one of the buttons below!

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Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse

Score: 5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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