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Review: Lux Active Throb Butt Plug & Revolve Prostate Massager

Lux Active Throb and Revolve Review

The Lux Active Throb is a thrusting / pulsating Butt Plug and I also have the Prostate Massager by the same toy line. The toy’s small sizes mean that they could be for everyone… but are these Lux Active toys any good? I spent a month testing them both, so now it’s time for me to spill the beans. Read on for my Lux Active Throb Thrusting Butt Plug review and my Lux Active Revolve review!

The Lux Active Throb butt plug and Revolve prostate toy were sent to me for free by Peepshow Toys in return for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links and if you use them, it doesn’t change the price for you but it does help me support this blog!

First Impressions on the Lux Active Sex Toys

The Throb

The Lux Active Throb is a thrusting butt plug, so when Peepshow Toys offered to send it to me, I was of course intrigued because I’ve never personally owned any toys like that for myself. My girlfriend tested the Stronic G by Fun Factory a few years ago, which featured similar technology, so I was quite excited to try the Lux Active Throb.

The Lux Active Throb is a good sized toy for either beginners or intermediate users. Its size is very accessible, having 3.4 inches of insertable length and a 4 inch circumference (1.25 inch diameter). For the sake of comparison, the first anal toy I ever used was 1.2 inches in diameter and that was absolutely fine for me.

The Throb has 7 thrusting modes and apparently the motor inside it is driven by a magnetic system.

The Revolve

The Lux Active Revolve is a toy like several others I’ve reviewed before (most notably Nexus toys, like the Revo Stealth which I reviewed here). Like the Lux Active Throb, the Revolve is quite accessible in size. It’s under 4 inches in insertable length and only 1.2 inches in diameter, which is a size I often recommend for beginners to prostate play.

The revolve has 7 vibration modes and 3 speeds for the rotating head. There are two different vibration motors, one in the perineum arm of the toy and another just under the insertable shaft. Using the remote the vibration motor and rotational tip can be isolated.

Things in common with both toys

lux active throb butt plug review
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lux active revolve review
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Both Lux Active toys I have come with storage pouches and physical remote controls, which will make storing them easy and give you the ability to have some fun with public play or teasing. Remote controls are good for anal toys because it makes controlling them a bit easier. Both toys are also waterproof.

lux active throb packaging
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lux active revolve packaging
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Both toys come in nice packaging but as I’ll explain a bit later, I was actually a bit confused by the branding, particularly when I started trying to look more into the company.

Experience with the Lux Active Throb Butt Plug

lux active throb remote

Score: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The Lux Active Throb Butt Plug is as I mentioned before, small enough for most people to feel comfortable with. It was very easy to insert with some water-based lube. The thrusting motor inside the toy is pretty good too. After being so concerned with the confusing company information, it was at least nice to learn that the thrusting motor inside the Lux Active Throb packs a punch in terms of power.

Where the Lux Active Throb falls down a bit is that apart from the initial vibration / thrust mode, the other modes are so rapid that they make me go a bit numb if I use them for too long. It’s a powerful toy but I want some additional slow patterns. That’s not to take away from it being a fun butt plug, it’s just I think there needs to be more slow, random rhythm vibration modes. The first vibration mode of the plug feels quite nice though.

Because the Lux Active Throb works from pulsation / thrusting rather than traditional vibrations, the sensation is stronger than with traditional vibration motors. The pulsation from the Lux Active Throb feels kind of like vibration, though you can feel it moving back and forth too. Before I tested the toy in my hand, I was concerned that maybe the thrusting would move the toy too much and push it out of my body. The thrusting only moves the toy a small amount though, so you needn’t worry about that.

The Lux Active Throb can’t give me prostate orgasms because it isn’t large enough or powerful enough to effect the prostate so much. Honestly it’s mainly a fun little butt plug and for people who want to get into butt plugs, I think they’ll enjoy it.

lux active revolve remote
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The remote control of the toy is fun and works well. I think the design of the remote itself could be improved to make it look less ‘plastic’. It’s not shown in the image but a few weeks after the photo session I found that the middle seam you see there sometimes detaches. It’s the same with the Revolve. It feels a bit cheap but to be fair… apart from that, it’s a nice addition to the toy. It gives people the ability to do some teasing and just enjoy the simplicity of a remote to control the toy inside them.

The Lux Active Throb does stay in place pretty well, for example I can walk with it just fine. It isn’t the most secure butt plug in the world though so personally I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it in public while the thrusting motion is switched on. During sex I would have to press it in every now and again because when I make big body movements, it does slip a little bit. In general though, it will stay in place pretty well for average use.

I recommend this toy mainly to beginners who want a small enough butt plug but with the extra excitement of the vibration/thrusting of the internal motor. The Lux Active Throb will certainly be fun toy for beginners to anal play because it has a decent vibrator and doesn’t cost as much as some of the luxury brands.

As for me, it was fun to use this toy but I consider it more of a novelty. The toy doesn’t do much to my orgasm strength. It isn’t designed to stimulate the prostate of course, though when I compare it to other butt plugs I’ve used, it doesn’t quite tick all of my boxes because some of the others do increase my orgasm strength. Like I mentioned already, this is toy beginners will really enjoy. For anybody else, I feel like it’s a novelty.

Do I recommend it to beginners though? Absolutely. I’m giving it a 6/10 despite the limitations I found with it because I can’t deny that beginners who buy this will probably really enjoy it.

See the Lux Active Throb

Experience with the Lux Active Revolve

lux active revolve remote

Score: 4 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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To be honest, I wasn’t as impressed by the Lux Active Revolve as much I was by the butt plug above. Unlike the Throb, the Lux Active Revolve’s vibration is more traditional. The Lux Active Revolve’s vibration motor is still called “PowerBullet” but in this case, the name doesn’t suit the toy.

Buzzy vibrations

The main complaint I have for the vibration motor in the Lux Active Revolve is that it’s buzzy. We reviewers usually describe vibrations as either ‘buzzy’ or ‘rumbly’. Rumbly vibrations are better because they penetrate the body more deeply and stimulate a larger area. Buzzy vibrations aren’t as good because they don’t penetrate as deeply and they’re so bright and fast that after a short time, they can cause numbness.

Unfortunately, the Lux Active Revolve is powerful but it’s also buzzy, which means it makes me go numb faster than it stimulates me. There isn’t much subtlety to the vibration motor, which is a shame.

The Lux Active Throb has a thrusting motor rather than a vibration motor, so that’s why I’m not describing the butt plug above as buzzy. The butt plug doesn’t have the same issue as the Revolve.

The shaft is too straight

Another unfortunate thing about the design of the Lux Active Revolve is the fact that its shaft is very straight. This is a criticism I also have with some of the Nexus Revo toys, however in the Lux Active Revolve, the problem is worse because the shaft is also smoother and doesn’t taper in at the bottom enough. Having a straight smooth shaft, with little tapering near the bottom means in practice is that the toy doesn’t stay in place very well.

When the shaft is as straight as this, I can’t keep the toy in easily. Even when I’m lying down and not moving, I have to keep pushing the toy inside if I want it to stay all the way in. This isn’t a problem with my body, it’s a problem in toy design. I have lots of prostate massagers and this only happens with those designed with straight shafts like this. Again, this is quite unfortunate because the Lux Active Revolve has taken one of the Nexus Revo’s biggest weaknesses and made it worse by eliminating the little curvature and tapering that saved those other toys.

Straight shafts aren’t only bad for keeping the toy in place either. The fact that this toy has a straight shaft means that it doesn’t put enough pressure on the prostate. Prostate massagers are better when they are slightly hooked or arched. This toy being so straight means that it just doesn’t hit the magic spot so well… not for me anyway.

I can’t feel the rotating head of the toy

The rotating head sounded great. I enjoy that aspect in toys like the Revo Stealth. However in the Lux Active Revolve, I find it very difficult to feel the rotating head. The rotating head is too small and with the vibration switched on, I can’t feel it at all.

With the remote, I can isolate the rotating head of the Lux Active Revolve, however it still doesn’t feel very strong. They didn’t quite get the shape and angle right in my opinion. The rotating head in the Revo toys are still usually quite subtle but in models like the Stealth, Intense and Extreme, the larger rotational heads help them feel more present in the sensation. With the Lux Active Revolve, it’s just not adding enough sensation.

The strongest vibrations are located at the perineum

Another weird design choice in the Lux Active Revolve is that the strongest vibration motor seems to be located at the perineum (bridge between the anus and balls) and not in the insertable part of the toy. I don’t know if it’s just that the perineum arm is where the vibrations are felt strongest or whether the vibration motor is actually there… but the result is the same.

I’ve cycled through all of the vibration modes several times but in every case, the perineum arm vibrations are stronger than those in the insertable shaft.

It’s nice to have vibration at the perineum but the strongest vibration motor should always be in or under the insertable part of the prostate toy. I can feel a decent amount of vibration in the insertable bit of the toy, it’s just that I find it bizarre that vibration is stronger at the perineum. As I already mentioned, the vibrations are buzzy too, which isn’t helping matters.

This toy isn’t for me

What would have pleased me with the Lux Active Revolve is if BMS had taken the idea of a rotating and vibrating prostate shaft and improved the design. Nexus is the company that is most famous for this kind of toy and seeing as I’ve tested so many Nexus toys, I know their strengths and weaknesses well.

If BMS Factory had taken the Revo design and put a more rumbly vibrator in it and created a hook-like shaft that stays in place better, that would have been amazing. Disappointingly though, all they’ve done taken the Nexus weaknesses and made them worse.

So in short, this toy isn’t for me. If you’re interested in the Nexus Revos but find them unaffordable then maybe you’ll be interested in the Lux Active Revolve.

See the Lux Active Revolve

Confusion over where these toys come from

I’m going to interrupt the review here to draw attention to confusion I suffered with both Lux Active toys when I started researching the company behind them. Not so unreasonably, I expected the company name to be ‘Lux Active’. When I found out it wasn’t, I dug into the company information a little more to see who it is that makes these toys. This led to more confusion and to be honest… some frustration as well.

The power of the Lux Active Throb and Revolve comes from the PowerBullet (the trademarked name of the vibration motor) inside them. That’s the only other name on the front of the Lux Active boxes. A big deal is made about the toys being ‘powered by’ the PowerBullet, so my second thought was that maybe the company is called PowerBullet, which it isn’t. BMS Factory is the name of the company but unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of my confusion.

The PowerBullet (the vibration motor) has a separate website to BMS Factory, which again says that the company behind it is BMS factory. It also lists a lot of brands ‘powered by’ the PowerBullet, including the Lux Active toys. Each brand listed on the PowerBullet website has its own domain name, except some of those domain names (including the Lux Active one) redirects to the BMS Factory website. It seems to me (but again, it’s all very confusing) that some of those brands aren’t may just be toy lines by the same company… BMS Factory. Confusing? Yes…

Where are these toys from?

BMS Factory says on their website that they’re a Canadian company, which they are. They have employees there and in China, where most of the photographs on their website seem to have been taken. I think it’s a good thing that BMS Factory are showing pride for their Chinese workers. That’s more recognition than most companies would give. What confused me is that on the same website there is talk of “private label products”, which for awhile made me wonder whether Lux Active was or wasn’t a BMS original toy line.

In my opinion, BMS Factory needs to be more explicit on where their toys come from and where they are designed. This is worth doing mostly because they are adding too much confusion by talking about Chinese factories and private labelling. I now understand that the Canadian branch of the company designs some things too, however when I read lines like this on the website, it just confuses me:

“BMS can source anything in China.”

BMS Factory Website

I understand that this part of the website is intended for other companies but I don’t understand why BMS thinks it’s a good idea to make that the same website that customers might visit to find out about their brand. What lines like this imply (probably incorrectly) is that everything they sell was originally sourced or designed in China. I’m an educated guy and it even took me some time to digest all the information. Combined with all the different branding BMS Factory products have, this information confuses normal customers.

BMS Factory needs to simplify their brand information and if they do design all of their own toys, they need to make that clear so that when consumers go looking at them as a company, those consumers won’t be as confused as I have been.

Are all BMS toys body-safe?

Now to be fair, the Lux Active toys I reviewed in this article are both made of body-safe materials (silicone and ABS plastic). However I was very concerned by BMS Factory’s marketing around body-safety in their global collection of toys.

We understand that all products need to be made of the best possible body-safe materials

BMS Factory Website

BMS Factory has been in the industry for over 17 years developing high-quality, body-safe pleasure products

BMS Factory Website

If they “understand that all products need to be made of the best possible body-safe materials” and they have so many years of body-safe toy experience, why are there toys made of jelly on their website? I mean… I know a lot of this rubbish is still in sex toy shops (even popular ones) and that’s a shame. The problem I have with these claims is that BMS Factory is implying that all of their toys are body-safe, which they’re not.

BMS Factory Website
Click to enlarge.

Again, not all of their sex toys are made of jelly, only some. Most of BMS Factory’s products seem to be made from silicone. What annoys me is that they have boasted about their knowledge of body-safe materials while still having jelly toys in their catalogue. Again, this needs simplification. If a company’s toys aren’t all body safe, they should never imply that they are.

More confusion

I’m sorry to be spending so long dwelling on this. I don’t usually get so stuck on the company information and marketing, however BMS Factory’s information and marketing are genuinely quite confusing to me.

Awards in Europe and worldwide trust?

Some of BMS Factory’s products have apparently won European awards. I can’t find any info on those and the press packs I attempted to download from the BMS website didn’t work. I’m sure that the awards do exist but I question the relevance of them.

I’m a European sex blogger and I’ve never heard of this company or their products before. I’ve searched shops in France and the UK and only found one shop of the many I usually use that sold even one of the toys that BMS makes. To be fair to BMS, I’m also going to mention that on their website they do list four European distributors that they work with (including one in the UK).

My point is, I can’t believe that a brand is trusted worldwide if I can’t find or see them in barely any of the shops around me in Europe. When I then hear of European awards it confuses me. Sure, there are awards for ‘best in Europe’ but how relevant is that if so few Europeans have access to the toys. There is no way to justify that hype. I understand it’s a marketing thing that they want to boast about but I’m sorry… this breaks my trust a little bit.

What’s really going on with all the different branding?

BMS manufactures toys in Canada and China for other external companies but they also make their own toys under the BMS brand. However every BMS toy line has different branding (including the Lux Active line). I’d love to tell you why but I don’t know. BMS white labels toys for other external companies and I initially thought that perhaps they also white label Chinese toys for their BMS brand. It doesn’t look like it though and with all of the opposing branding going on, it’s not possible for me to tell what’s really going on with it.

Lux Active may be a toy line that BMS Factory designed from the ground up themselves but to be honest, I’ve been thinking about this for some time, rechecking their marketing info and I’m still not 100% sure about it. I don’t know if Lux Active is a brand, a toy line designed by BMS Factory or a toy designed somewhere else and white labeled by BMS. I could have asked… but I shouldn’t have to. This is basic information that should be crystal clear as soon as I start looking.

The final comment I have with regards to BMS branding is that it’s fine to be proud of the PowerBullet but it doesn’t need its own website, own branding and all the hype. From my experience with the Lux Active Revolve, the traditional style PowerBullet is fine but it’s no better than average. I don’t say that with any malice… it’s just not up to the hype. I saw the diagram on the website saying how much bigger and better the motor is, I saw all the toys saying “powered by PowerBullet”. I was expecting something fantastic. All I’ll say to conclude that is… it’s a bad idea to build things up too much.

I trust these Lux Active toys only because Peepshow Toys is selling them and because the toy materials listed are also safe. If it wasn’t for Peepshow endorsing them, there is no way that I would have evaluated these products. Whenever manufacturers confuse me with either information or marketing, I usually walk away.

If it seems like I’m being harsh, understand that I’m currently moderating my tone a lot. This could have been worse but I’ve chosen to be professional about this and give BMS Factory the benefit of the doubt. One of my goals in life is to not be confused. BMS Factory has confused me and that’s why I’ve been writing so much about that.

My view of the company BMS Factory is a little complicated but I haven’t let that get in the way of how I scored the products. What I wrote about the toys is my honest opinion on them.

In conclusion of my review of the Lux Active Revolve and Throb

lux active throb butt plug review

So there we have it, the Lux Active Throb is a fun little thrusting butt plug but I wasn’t impressed with the Lux Active Revolve. Of the two toys, I preferred the Lux Active Throb more just because it offers something different and I appreciated the accessible size of the butt plug. For someone looking for a fun beginner level butt plug, the Lux Active Throb would be a decent choice. The Lux Active Throb isn’t exactly cheap but in my opinion, it’s a fair price considering that it’s quite unique with the thrusting motor inside it.

lux active revolve prostate toy

I’m not a fan of the Lux Active Revolve at all. The vibration motor is buzzy and if I wear it too long, it makes me numb. Its form is too straight so doesn’t stay in well and the rotating head of the toy is difficult to perceive. If it were less expensive I’d go easier on it but at $84.99, it has too many outstanding competing products. I don’t recommend the Lux Active Revolve but understand that people on a budget may choose to go for that one despite the weaknesses I’ve pointed out.

The Lux Active toys I reviewed in this article are made from silicone and ABS plastic, which are safe sex toy materials. If you’re really interested in the Lux Active Throb, then I can vouch for that toy and say it’s decent. I don’t however rate the Lux Active Revolve, there are too many better options.

Thank you to Peepshow Toys for sending these two toys for evaluation. If any of my readers like the look of either toys, Peepshow Toys is a great place to buy them. Peepshow Toys only sells body-safe sex toys, so I fully recommend them as a shop.

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