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Review: Stronic G Pulsator Sex Toy by Fun Factory

stronic g sextoy test fun factory

An almost hands free toy… this sexy thing will take care of just about everything!

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First impressions of the Stronic G by Fun Factory

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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In order to usher in our new partnership, the Rue des Plaisirs team generously sent us the Stronic G Pulsator sex toy by Fun Factory to test. I had already seen this in a display at a Fun Factory shop and it caught my interest. All this to say… I was rather excited to try the Stronic G, because it is a toy which differs from those which I usually test.

The packaging of Fun Factory is, as usual, sober, modern and fun. The toy itself is very clean, the silicone is extremely soft and a pretty purple colour (although there are many other colours and I secretly want the blue sky colour). The handle is made of gray plastic, so the toy is elegant while keeping a touch of the fun branding. It has a certain weight, which gives an impression of solidity, has three buttons on the plastic handle: a Fun Factory button that turns on / off, a + button and a – button to change the 10 pulse modes. It is waterproof and can be used in a good hot bath. The insertion length is 14.5cm, and the head is slightly bent to reach and stimulate the G-spot. The toy comes with a USB charging cable but no pouch. The only thing that worried me at first was that I felt an internal movement, as if a part of the engine was a little loose. I was a little afraid that the toy was damaged, but fortunately it was not. It’s just the internal magnets that create the back-and-forth movement.

Needless to say, I was eagerly looking forward to testing the Stronic G Pulsator.

Oh… and a nice little touch from Rue des Plaisirs was that they included a little pack of heart shaped sweets in the delivery box ^^

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Experience using the Stronic G

The Pulsator Stronic-G is extremely easy to use. I confess that I was a little nervous before inserting it for the first time because I’m more used to vibrations than pulsations. I wondered if was going to hurt, be too aggressive, be uncomfortable. The only other toy I had tested with a back-and-forth system was the Happy Rabbit and I had the same fear at first use with that toy too. My worry was totally unjustified! Stronic-G is very simple to insert, it is simply important to apply a good dose of water-based lubricant before. I also recommend switching the Stronic G on only after inserting it, which is feels more comfortable. And there’s nothing more than that to do! The different pulse modes are all well designed, and it’s very simple to switch from one to the other, or to return to a mode that you have enjoyed more.

Most women are rather clitoral orientated when it comes to pleasure (me included). That is, they reach orgasm by stimulating their clitoris rather than their vagina. I was not sure, therefore, that Stronic-G, which is a vaginal toy, would be enough to make me cum. And I was very surprised! This is where the difference between vibration (excellent for the clitoris) and pulsation (which reproduces the movement of friction and back and forth that usually leads to orgasm) comes into play.

The Orgasm (solo play – Eve)

Being used to powerful toys, I quickly opted for the strongest pulse modes. I was slightly disappointed by the intensity. The toy is quite impressive while pulsating in the hand but it doesn’t feel as strong when the toy inserted into the vagina. However, the sensation is really very pleasant and even if it took me longer than usual to reach orgasm, it was a superb crescendo of pleasure. The real beauty of this toy is that unlike the powerful stimulators of the clitoris, it is that the Stronic-G makes you the complete mistress of your orgasm. Because yes, some sex toys, as powerful as they are, give you the sensation of tearing your orgasm out of you because they are so powerful. That kind of enjoyment seems almost mechanical, a simple biological reaction. With the Stronic-G it’s different, you take the time. Anyway I took a huge pleasure in focusing all my thoughts on the sensations created by the pulsations. A deep stimulation, subtle but assured. And you can intensify the fun by adding your own back-and-forth movement, though honestly the Stronic-G does very well on its own. It must still be held, otherwise it falls. So the toy is not completely hands free. Yet it would be possible to hold it in place with cushion I imagine. Just know that the only possible position to use it is with you lying on your back. That’s of course no problem solo, though it reduces the possibilities a little in couple play and sex .

Partner Play with the Stronic-G Vibrator

This is not my favorite toy for couples games. Of course, Adam was captivated by the show and was constantly whispering how exciting it was for him to see me using the Stronic-G. Combined with cunnilingus stimulation this toy is great. Yet it isn’t the most convenient for your partner who will hold the toy with one hand and balance themselves with the other hand… it can be a little dangerous. And as mentioned above, the only possible position to use the Stronic-G is with you lying down. It is too complicated to try doggy or to perform oral on your partner at the same time. Yet alas… there are worse fates than being forced to lie down and receive all of the attention of your other half 😉

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Cleaning the Stronic-G Vibrator

Stronic-G is very easy to clean, thanks to its simple and sleek shape. Just use a specialized sex toy spray or a cleaning wipe. It is however essential to keep the toy in a pocket or storage box to protect the silicone from the dust, which is very attracted by this material.

Fun Factory Stronic G Pulsator

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material and design

10 / 10


10 / 10


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9 / 10

Partner play

5 / 10

Desire to use again

8 / 10

This toy was sent for free by Rue des Plaisirs for an honest review. Thank you Rue des Plaisirs!

How to buy

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Hey english speakers!! Passage du Désir is a french website. Never fear! We have you covered 😉 follow our instructions below to get yourself this toy.

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Ordering the Stronic G for english speakers:

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  8. Voila! You are done.

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