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Review: Chrystalino Superior as a glass P Spot Toy

christalino superior double dildo review

I’ve wanted to try a glass toy for a long time. I wasn’t content just to get a glass butt plug though, I wanted something to stimulate my prostate. Luckily, the Chrystalino Superior popped up on my radar and I had to take the opportunity to test it. It’s described as a glass double dildo but it’s curved enough to hit the prostate. Read on for my review of the Chrystalino Superior Glass Double Dildo!

The Chrystalino Superior was sent to me for free by Peepshow Toys in return for an honest review. This page may contain affiliate links and if you use them it really helps me and my blog out!

First Impressions of the Chrystalino Superior

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The Chrystalino Superior is another very nice looking toy I’m reviewing today. It’s not quite as striking in beauty as the Njoy Pure Wand that I reviewed a few weeks ago but the blue glass (used in all the Christalino sex toys) is still quite stunning. If I put it down on a light coloured table or next to a wall, I can see the light shimmering through it. Light shining through this Chrystalino toy reacts as it would with any other glass object.

The Chrystalino Superior is lighter than I imagined it would be but it feels very solid. I imagine it would be difficult to break but I’m not going to test that by dropping it on the floor on purpose! It may be glass but I’d never be afraid of this breaking inside me because it’s so solid and well made.

The Chrystalino Superior is made of borosilicate glass, a term I didn’t really understand before I wrote this review. It means that this toy (and all of Chrystalino’s other glass toys) are made from a glass with excellent resistance to thermal shock. Apparently it can withstand very high temperatures and is more resistant than other glass to chemical corrosion, which will come in handy if you ever need to put it in the dishwasher. A lot of glass cookware is made from the same kind of glass, so it’s considered high quality.

christalino superior review

The box the Chrystalino Superior comes in makes a good storage container for keeping the toy in because it has a lot of padding on the inside. It’s a nice touch!

Dimensions of the Chrystalino Superior

Length: 7 inches (5.1 inches insertable)
Diameter: 1.3 inches

The Chrystalino Superior isn’t a huge toy, especially for vaginal use. However if you are going to use it as an anal toy, it might be good to have had experience with a smaller toy first. The handle of the toy can be inserted too but be careful when using it like that anally because there isn’t very much of a flared end to the thin side of the toy.

Experience with the Chrystalino Superior

christalino superior double dildo review

This is the first glass toy I’ve used, so I was expecting it to be as easy to insert as steel toys are. The Chrystalino Superior is easy to insert but this glass drags a little more than shiny metal does. This Chrystalino sex toy needs a little more lube than the Njoy Wand I tried for example. The glass in this toy drags about as much as the ABS plastic on my Aneros Progasm does, which isn’t a lot at all. Still much easier to insert than silicone toys are.

The Chrystalino Superior is thick enough and has enough ridges on both ends for me to get some decent prostate play out of it. My favourite ways to use it are thrusting and rocking it up/down. It gave me an orgasm fairly quickly but when I went for a second orgasm with it, I needed a bit more intensity that it was giving.

One thing to note about the design of the Chrystalino Superior is that it requires more work for me to reach orgasm with it. Not necessarily a bad thing, yet I need to move it with my hand/arm more than my fingers. For example with more curved toys, I can gently push or tap the handle of the toy and a movement as simple as that suffices. With the Chrystalino Superior, I need to grab hold of it and actually push and thrust it more. It needs a bit more elbow grease! If you like thrusting movements then this will likely be good thing for you. Myself, I prefer it when I can provoke stimulation with smaller movements (like taps to the handles of toys).

One thing that’s worth noting about the Chrystalino Superior is that if you’re using it for anal play, be aware that it isn’t super small at either end. The diameter of the toy is totally fine for me at either end but for beginners to anal play, the Chrystalino Superior might be a bit too much.

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The Chrystalino Superior is suitable for all genders

I’m reviewing this as a prostate toy but it is perhaps more commonly used as a G Spot toy or a vaginal dildo. My girlfriend Eve used the Chrystalino Superior on herself for solo play and said that the sensation of glass is very interesting (it was her first glass toy too).

Eve isn’t a huge user of dildos so this isn’t a toy that she would keep coming back to. The concept of glass dildos is very interesting to her but she says she wouldn’t automatically reach for this toy if she wanted to masturbate. She prefers silicone (particularly double density silicone) for dildo play, so the glass of the Chrystalino is obviously harder than what she is used to.

What Eve did say after testing the Crystalino Superior is that it targets her G spot quite well and it’s easy for her to orgasm with it. It’s just she prefers other toys and isn’t convinced enough about this toy to use it further.

The curvature of the Chrystalino Superior for prostate play superior vs Njoy Pure Wand
The curvature of the Chrystalino Superior in comparison with the Njoy Pure Wand.

The curvature on the Chrystalino Superior isn’t quite extreme enough for me to stimulate my P Spot intensely with it. I can use it in almost all the same ways as the Njoy Pure Wand but it doesn’t hit my prostate as hard. That isn’t necessarily a deal breaker because some people might prefer to have a more subtle sensation than me. However advanced users will probably prefer a steeper curvature than this toy gives.

I don’t know if it is possible to achieve an extreme curvature with glass at this length. The Chrystalino Superior is very solid and won’t break on me… yet I just can’t help wanting a bit more of an angle in the toy so that it hits my prostate more easily.

Temperature change in the glass Chrystalino Superior

I thought that the glass of this toy would react as strongly to temperature as the steel wand I tested a few weeks ago. The glass still reacts to temperature changes of course, however it isn’t as quick to change as steel is. Therefore when putting the Chrystalino Superior inside myself after it sitting at room temperature, it doesn’t feel cold like steel does. I would need to put this glass toy into cold water to get the same effect. Likewise, it also doesn’t warm up as quickly as steel either. This slower change to temperature with glass might be preferable to some, though to be honest I like the novelty of fast temperature changes with steel.

Video Unboxing of the Chrystalino Superior

How to clean the Chrystalino Superior

The Chrystalino Superior is very easy to clean. Being made of pure glass, you can wash it with soap and water (the recommended way to clean it). You can put the Chrystalino Superior in your dishwasher seeing as it is glass and can withstand high temperatures. I used a simple sex toy spray cleaner on mine without any issue. As with metal toys, you’ll want to buff the Chrystalino Superior with a dry cloth when it dries so that you can return it to its natural shiny state.

The box that the Chrystalino Superior came in can be reused as the toy’s storage box. It’s quite a good idea because the box itself is quite nice and it is well padded inside, so can protect the glass better than if you just put it into your bedroom drawer without any padding.

Concluding my review of the Chrystalino Superior

christalino superior double dildo review

This was my first glass toy and I really enjoyed testing it. In my opinion it isn’t as well suited to prostate play as a toy like the Pure Wand or some of the more dedicated prostate massagers. The curvature of the Chrystalino Superior isn’t quite extreme enough for me. I can hit my prostate with this toy with very little problem. The toy is wide enough that if I thrust or rock it upwards, I can stimulate my prostate. The thing for me is that this toy feels more like a dildo than a prostate toy (and I prefer prostate play to pure anal). Ultimately, it’s difficult to argue with the price of the Chrystalino. It’s very reasonable for such good quality and that is contributing to my scoring of it.

If what you want is a dildo that has enough curvature to give you subtle prostate play, the Chrystalino Superior will be great for you. However for those looking for a more dedicated prostate toy that is designed to stimulate the P Spot well, you’ll want to consider other options first. If your budget is very low though, then I totally recommend that you get the Chrystalino Superior. Better to get this than a poor quality vibrating toy.

My girlfriend says that the Chrystalino Superior targeted her G spot well and recommends it to anybody with a G spot who likes the idea of owning a glass toy. There are several other Chrystalino toys that are suitable for vaginal use, so there is quite a lot of choice!

The main advantage with the Chrystalino Superior is that it is very inexpensive ($29.99 at the time of writing), so it doesn’t really hurt to add it to your toy collection. Being made out of solid glass, the toy can potentially last forever too (assuming you don’t smash or chip it). You’re also owning something historical by having a glass dildo. Glass dildos have existed from at least 1592 when a glass dildo was mentioned in a poem called “The Choise of Valentines”.

There is also an ecological advantage to Chrystalino’s glass toys because glass is easy to recycle and causes less emissions than plastics do.

Check Chrystalino Superior’s latest price

Thanks very much to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Chrystalino Superior to test, it was great to finally test a glass toy! If you need a sex toy I strongly recommend you go to shop at Peepshow because they only sell body-safe materials on their online store.

Chrystalino Superior

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material and design

7 / 10


7 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

6 / 10

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