Review: Njoy Pure Wand as a Prostate Massager?

review Njoy Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand is a steel sex toy that I’ve seen many of my G spot climaxing blogging peers review. More recently, I heard that the Njoy Pure Wand can also be used as a P Spot massager. In fact, some people have said it’s their favourite prostate toy. So… is this all hype or is there actually something to it? Read my Njoy Pure Wand review to find out!

The Njoy Pure Wand was sent to me for free by Peepshow Toys in return for an honest and unbiased review. This page contains affiliate links and if you click on them, it helps me and my blog out!

First Impressions of the Njoy Pure Wand

Score: 10 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Alright, let’s get one thing straight… the Njoy Pure Wand is the most beautiful sex toy I’ve received to date. This thing is gorgeous. I could annoy you with yet more excessive descriptive words such as “amazing”, “awesome” and “dazzling”… but I’ll instead pretend to be a better writer than that. Seriously though, this stainless steel wand is extremely reflective and its shape is very distinctive and graphic. The case it comes in looks like a little treasure box when you open it, with all the pink satin and the black edges. The Njoy Pure Wand was designed to impress… and impress me it does.

The first thing I did with the Njoy Pure Wand was pick it up and imagine what it would be like to use as a weapon. I could do some serious damage with this. I can use it as a hammer, spin it like a weird nunchuck, throw it like a steel frisbee at someone’s head. This thing is ready to kick some ass in more ways than one. So burglars beware… I have a heavy steel toy and I’m ready to knock you to the ground with it.

njoy wand review
Click to enlarge.

Being made from pure stainless steel, the Njoy Pure Wand is more weighty than other toys would be, however it isn’t so heavy that it’s unpleasant. Its weight is 1.51 lbs (0.68 kg). It feels ergonomic at the same time though and has great balance in my hand. It’s really easy to handle and the weight that either end gives the toy a seesaw effect in usage (which I’ll get to later). The toy can be used hands free or very easily with one hand. Because the Pure Wand doesn’t go all the way inside, it is very easy to control it with one hand.

In case you weren’t aware, stainless steel is totally body-safe and the steel used by Njoy is of a premium quality suitable for body use (316 graded alloy stainless steel). The toys contain a small amount of nickel, however not on the surface of the toy. If you have a nickel allergy, it is best to use no stainless steel toys, though according to Njoy unless the toy becomes corroded somehow, all of the nickel is trapped within the toy instead of on top anyway.

Dimensions of the Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy Pure Wand dimensions
Njoy Pure Wand dimensions (click to enlarge).

The size of the Njoy Pure Wand makes it suitable for both beginners and advanced users of prostate toys. The smallest end of the toy is manageable for most people, especially because the steel slides inside so easily. If you’re a beginner you’ll just wand to take things slowly that’s all. The largest end of the toy isn’t unmanageable and can be used by any intermediate users or those with a little p spot / anal toy experience already.

Size of the largest end to the Njoy Pure Wand: 1.5 inches diameter (4.7 inches circumference).

Size of the smallest end to the Njoy Pure Wand: 1 inches diameter (3.1 inches circumference).

Length of the Njoy Pure Wand: 8 inches

Temperature change and suitable for all genders

Being steel, the Njoy Pure Wand reacts to hot and cold more intensely than other materials do. During my testing of this toy, I’ve found steel reacts even more to cold than glass toys do. I should have expected that seeing as I actually own steel sauce pans. I’ll get more to temperature play during my experience section.

The best thing about the Njoy Pure Wand is that it is utterly genderless. Anyone can use this toy. Whether you have a G spot, a P spot or you just want a weapon to put beside your bed, the Njoy Pure Wand has some serious appeal for you. As I mentioned in the opening of this article, I mostly see articles of people reviewing the Njoy Pure Wand as a G spot toy. In my own review of the Pure Wand, I have realised that this toy is so much more than just a G Spot toy. This has turned into one of my favourite toys. I know I’m ruining the rest of the review by telling you that already but it really is. Anyway let’s move onto that experience section…

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Experiencing P Spot Orgasms with the Njoy Pure Wand

After Eve left home one day, I set about my morning, had my 8am cup of coffee and then realised… “hey I have that steel sex toy I could try”. I woke up horny that morning you understand…

Anyway, I prepped up as I usually do. Took a quick shower, laid down a towel on the bed, got the lube, tissues and bar of chocolate ready. You know… normal multi orgasmic essentials. Absolutely essential to eat some sugar after that much intensity.

Njoy Pure Wand p spot curve

I began by lubing myself up with some water-based anal lube and put a modest amount on the small end of the Njoy Pure Wand. I decided to use the small end first because I wanted to warm myself up for the bigger end. It was SO easy to insert, it’s ridiculous. It slid in even more easily than my Aneros Prograsm, which I’ve often raved about as being easy to insert (the Progasm is ABS plastic).

The icing on the cake is that even at room temperature, I felt how cold the steel was while I was inserting the Njoy Pure Wand. I’m doing this review of the Pure Wand in summer so that coldness is very welcome! It’s an extra layer of stimulation to have my temperature played with on insertion. It was only a brief time that the initial coldness lasted but I really enjoyed it while it was there. Later on, after having the Pure Wand inside me for awhile, I took it partway out and felt how hot the end was (it heated up while inside me). That’s right, I’m hot enough to warm steel. Nice.

The curvature of the Njoy Pure Wand

The curvature of the Njoy Pure Wand is perfect for P Spot stimulation. I’m not over-exaggerating, it really is. You of course can’t wear the Pure Wand, it isn’t designed for that. While lying down normally though, the pivot that the curvature of the Pure Wand gives makes it very easy for me to stimulate my P Spot. I can locate the spot easily and bring intensity to that area very quickly with this toy.

The orgasm – supernova level strength

The first time I used the Njoy Pure Wand it only took me about 25 minutes to reach my first orgasm. It was one of those “holy fucking hell” hold your breath afterwards kind of orgasms. P Spot orgasms are amazing, I just love them. The Njoy Pure Wand gave me a very intense experience and as usual, my climax lasted quite a long time. With P Spot orgasms, you reach the point of no return but it takes a while for the full intensity of the orgasm to build. So with the Njoy Pure Wand, I started ejaculating well before the full orgasm hit me. It’s actually a crazy experience because you see your penis ejaculating, feel only a subtle sensation of an orgasm, yet you know that a huge orgasm is about to hit you like a tidal wave.

I should add that unlike usual, my penis was hard for almost the entire time that I was using the Pure Wand. Usually I go soft while using P Spot toys. The Pure Wand feels so intense that it just keeps me turned on constantly, it’s a really great experience.

Multiple P Spot orgasms with the Njoy Pure Wand

After my first orgasm, I went for a second and reached it in about another 20 minutes. After that, I switched to another glass toy that I’m reviewing and went for a third with that one. I was feeling greedy you see… But this is just to say that the Njoy Pure Wand is a toy capable of giving multiple P-Spot orgasms. So long as only the prostate is being stimulated, it shouldn’t exhaust you like a normal penis orgasm would. Very impressive toy.

The last thing I’ll mention about it before getting into specifics is that I had to use barely any lube at all. After my first application of lube to myself and the toy, I didn’t need to reapply. Steel is so slippery and glides so easily. This is my first steel toy, so that’s why I’m making such a big deal of that aspect of the toy. One thing you’ll want to make sure of is that you keep a towel or something close by because you’ll wand to dry any lube on your hand or the end of the toy… because the steel slips in your hand otherwise.

Stimulation with the smaller end of the Pure Wand

Njoy wand p spot
Smaller end (click to enlarge).

The smallest end of the Njoy Pure Wand is good for warming up with. I found it incredibly easy to insert and because it increases in diameter gradually as you insert it further, it makes it an ideal way to train for bigger diameters.

To be honest, the smaller end of the wand doesn’t stimulate my P Spot enough when I use it, so I have to switch to the bigger end fairly soon afterwards. Another nice thing about the small end though is that it can be inserted deeper into the anus than the larger end. I hadn’t actually inserted anything as deeply as the Pure Wand before. It’s a new sensation for me to have the deeper parts of my anus stimulated and actually, it’s very pleasurable. Not as pleasurable as having my prostate stimulated but still… a new sensation that I appreciated.

One last thing about the smaller end of the wand. The Njoy wand is actually easiest to use when the smaller end is inserted, because that means I have the bigger end to hold onto and use as a control. Grabbing the big knob on the Pure Wand and using that to control it is easier than using the smaller end as a control. It’s just another example of why using the small end of the wand can be interesting.

The smallest end of the wand is too much of a small surface area for me to enjoy pressing on my prostate with for too long. You can certainly stimulate the prostate that way, it’s just because the toy is obviously so rigid, the small surface area stabs rather than presses. It isn’t painful but I wouldn’t press on my prostate with the small end as much as I would with the big end.

Stimulation with the bigger end of the Pure Wand

Njoy Pure Wand big end

The big end of the Njoy Pure Wand is where the magic is at in my opinion! I was actually surprised at how easy it was to insert the big end. I’m an advanced user of prostate toys but I still don’t play with big toys very often. The larger end of the Pure Wand certainly requires a small push but the shiny steel surface glides so easily inside that I didn’t find it painful at all.

The largest end of the Pure Wand is the perfect size for me to press against my prostate. I immediately started groaning as soon as I started putting pressure on my prostate with this larger end. Usually it takes me about 10 minutes to get some initial build up of pressure in my prostate. With the Njoy Pure Wand I feel like I skip that 10 minutes, it feels good straight away (particularly this larger end).

The slight disadvantage to inserting the larger end of the toy is that it’s more difficult to grip the smaller end to control it. It’s by no means ‘difficult’ to grip the smaller end, yet whereas I can use my whole hand to control via the larger end, the smaller end is more a finger-tip affair. That’s a very minor gripe though because even holding the Pure Wand at its smallest end, the toy is very easy to manoeuvre and manipulate.

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Prostate Massage Techniques with the Njoy Pure Wand

I don’t usually do a ‘technique’ section for sex toys because most people know how to use them. I’ll be honest though, I wasn’t sure how I was going to use the Njoy Pure Wand when I first heard I’d be receiving it. I’m going to spend some time describing the different ways I use it during prostate stimulation so that hopefully you’ll understand why the toy is so effective at P Spot Massage.

For your info, most of these techniques also work if you’re trying to stimulate your G spot. The reason I know is because I used some of these techniques while using the Pure Wand on my girlfriend.

Njoy Pure Wand prostate wand review

Lying down on back Njoy Pure Wand techniques

In my opinion, the Njoy Pure Wand is best used when lying down on your back or sitting very far back on some pillows. Here are some of the techniques I use in that position, all of them help me achieve P Spot orgasm with the Njoy Pure Wand very quickly.

Just for clarity, you have to insert the wand with it curving up towards your navel, because that’s where your prostate is located.

Tapping the end of the wand

The Njoy Pure Wand has quite an extreme curvature so simply tapping it with my fingertips gives a lot of stimulation to my prostate. This is just a steel toy and not a vibrator, yet if I tap the end of the Njoy Pure Wand rapidly enough, it kind of feels like vibration. It’s more than vibration though, because the other end of the wand (inside me) is pressing on my prostate hard at the same time. This is my absolute favourite technique with the wand at the moment because it enables me to get so much speed out of the stimulation… far more speed than I can get with other toys.

Pressing the end of the wand downwards

For a more intense but slower prostate stimulation, you can actually press the Njoy Pure Wand down. This causes the end inside you to press really hard against your prostate and you can make that as intense as you like. I do this to tease myself and build an orgasm more slowly, because the rapid tapping motions get me to orgasm quickest.

Lifting the wand upwards

Apart from tapping the wand, you can also lift the whole wand upwards while it’s inside you. This is a little similar to the pressing motion I mentioned above in terms of intensity. The difference is that by lifting it over and over, I can go faster than if I just press it. So this lifting technique is also good for getting me to orgasm quickly.


I don’t thrust very much with my toys but the larger end of the Njoy Pure Wand is actually very nice to thrust because it causes the bulb on the end of the toy to hit my P Spot over and over. Again, because of that curvature a lot of pressure is being added doing this. I only need to thrust a tiny amount to get that huge amount of stimulation and I can make it quite fast, so it agin gives me an orgasm quickly when I do this.

Rocking the wand side to side

A more experimental way of using the Njoy Pure Wand but one which feels really good is rocking it from side to side. So instead of pressing on the end of the wand, you rotate it instead. This causes the end inserted into you to swipe your prostate from left to right and back repeatedly. It feels good… more subtle than the other techniques but I still enjoy using it this way sometimes.

Trapping the wand with your thighs

This is a hands-free method. For this one, you insert the toy as usual and then close your thighs together firmly. By trapping the end of the wand between your toys, you can move your hips back and forth to cause the toy to rock inside you. It can feel quite intense depending on how hard you’re gripping with your thighs and how much you’re moving your hips. It’s a good lazy way to use the Njoy Pure Wand.

Rubbing between the balls with the handle

This technique gives more subtle stimulation to the prostate but it combines perineum / testicle stimulation too. For this, you insert the wand deep enough so that the handle end of the toy is resting on top of your scrotum. Your balls will usually be out of the way if you’re lying down, so by rubbing the wand in that area you can give quite an intense stimulation to top of the perineum / scrotum at the same time as you’re receiving prostate massage. It feels so good!

Bending over techniques for the Njoy Pure Wand

njoy wand reversed

I prefer using the Njoy Pure Wand lying down on my back, even when my girlfriend uses it on me. Another great way to use it is if you’re bending over in doggy style. I know some of you prefer that position when receiving prostate massages from a partner.

I didn’t use the wand with Eve in this position but I did try this position on my own while masturbating so that I could tell you how it feels to use it in this way. One added bonus is that because the penis is hanging down in this position, if you reach back under your penis, your arm brushes against it as you use the Pure Wand, which is a nice added bonus.

In a doggy style position, the Njoy Pure Wand’s arms are facing downwards rather than upwards like in the previous techniques I gave. Many of the same techniques work but because of gravity and the position of your hips, you’ll need to adjust things a little.

Rocking the Pure Wand Up And Down

This first technique is similar to the pushing down technique when you’re lying down. When you’re bent over, you push the toy upwards instead. It actually works a little better because gravity brings the toy back down more nicely. I can actually push the toy up and down faster when bent over than when I’m lying down. The sensation is the same, very intense and because I can move it quicker it brings me to climax sooner too.

Pulling The Wand Downwards

This feels exactly like lifting the whole Pure Wand up when you’re lying down. Again, because of gravity, it’s easier to achieve the same sensation when bent over. When bent over, you instead pull the whole toy downwards. It gives a lot of stimulation to the prostate.

Let Gravity Pull The Toy Part-way Out

A slower sensation is to push the wand in as far as you feel comfortable and then let it go. Because the steel is so slippery, the weight of the wand’s end causes the toy to slowly slide out of you, stimulating your anus as it goes. This wouldn’t bring me to orgasm but it could be a good way to tease while building up to climax.

Tapping and thrusting

Using the tapping and thrusting techniques that I described when lying down work well for when you’re bent over in doggy style position too. The only difference is that when tapping the toy upwards, it slips out of my fingers a little more easily than when I’m lying on my back.

Temperature play with the Njoy Pure Wand

The final technique you might want to use with the Njoy Pure Wand is to play with its temperature. As I mentioned already, the steel used by Njoy reacts very quickly to changes in temperature. Even if I don’t cool down the wand first, it feels cold going in at room temperature. I personally really enjoyed that cold sensation, so I decided to try using the wand at different temperatures.

Cooling the Njoy Pure Wand down

I love using the pure wand while it’s a little cold because at the moment it’s summer here in France. It depends on how much you cool the wand down first but it doesn’t take too long for it to warm up once it’s inside my body.

The best way I found to cool the wand down (even after I’ve been using it for awhile) is to put it in cold water. I put an ice pack in a small bowl of water and just dropped the Pure Wand into it. I really enjoy the sensation of having the wand cool, so I dipped it in the cold water a couple of times while playing with it before keeping it in and going for orgasm.

I also had some fun with Eve while cooling the wand down. The second time I used the wand on her, I placed it in front of our air conditioner for a while first. When I picked it up to insert it into her, it was pretty cold but not too much. She really enjoyed the sensation and after about 10 minutes she sent me to go get a bowl of cold water for her to do it again.

The wand really adapts to temperature changes rapidly so I wouldn’t recommend taking it straight off of an ice cube and putting it inside you… that might be too much.

Heating the Njoy Pure Wand up

As I’m writing this, it’s summer in France so I haven’t played as much with heating the Njoy Wand up. I did try with a bowl of warm water and found the extra heat nice though. I also tried using the wand while in the bath and combined with the warm water, the wand feels great. The mild heat that I’ve been using feels more relaxing than the cooling sensation I was playing with by making it cold.

In winter time or whenever the weather cools down, I’ll try playing with a bit more heat because I believe the Pure Wand has a lot more to offer by heating it up more. For example it could be fun to warm up my hands in hot water before wrapping my hands around the wand while it’s in Eve. We haven’t tried it at the time of writing because the weather is just to warm.

Like with what I said about ice and that being too intense to cool the wand down, avoid using an open flame on the Pure Wand. Steel changes temperature very quickly and you could burn yourself if you’re not careful.

Partner Play with the Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy review

You remember what I said about this toy being suitable for any gender? Well I had to try this in bed with Eve. It was hot as hell, because I think it’s the first time we’ve shared an insertable toy like that one after the other.

I started by inserting the large end of the Njoy Pure Wand into her vagina and she helped me locate her G Spot. While giving her some oral stimulation to her clit, I rocked the Pure Wand back and forth for her as I had done for myself a few times already. Eve climaxed twice before asking me for a break. What was really sexy is that if I thrust the toy in her, I felt how hot the metal was from where it had been warmed up inside her. Eve is also hot enough to warm metal you see…

After Eve had her two orgasms with the Pure Wand, it was my turn. I inserted the large end first, which was still warm from Eve’s vagina. That was super sexy in and of itself. Then I showed Eve where to position the toy so that it would hit my prostate when she rocked it. She immediately set about rocking it back and forth, wiggling it around and tapping it as she was sucking me off. I have to tell you… I didn’t last very long. It felt too damn good.

Eve decided to carry on using the toy on me because she was determined to give me two orgasms as I had done to her. It took her a bit longer this time but she gave me another huge orgasm. I was a bit of a zombie for 5 or 10 minutes after that one.

The main takeaway from our experiences with the Njoy Pure Wand is that it’s just so damn easy to use on another person. I don’t think I’ve had another prostate toy that is so easy for Eve to use on me. It’s so simple for her to use the Pure Wand as she likes because it’s so slippery inside that nothing she does with it ever feels awkward. I wouldn’t personally be as comfortable with her inserting the smaller end of the wand into me and using that… but with the larger end of the wand, she is able to do with it as she likes.

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Video unboxing of the Njoy Pure Wand

Here’s a little video of me unboxing the Njoy Pure Wand. I also rock it back and forth at the end of the video to show how it is easy to use the curvature and weight of the toy to create stimulation.

How to clean the Njoy Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand is one of the easiest toys to clean that I have. It’s steel, so it really is super easy. I usually just rub some soap on my hands and wash it a few times in water. After rubbing the wand with a towel, it is dry. No messing around with airing it out or anything… it’s just dry. There is never any odour left after I’ve washed and dried it. It is really easy.

If you ever need to sterilise the wand it’s very easy. You can just put it in some boiling water and as it’s steel, it will be fine. If it gets a rainbow colour after doing that just put the wand in a dishwasher and that should remove any colouring.

Careful with chemical cleaners on the Njoy Wand

I sprayed some sex toy cleaner on the Njoy Pure Wand too but be careful with that because I started seeing rainbow colours on the steel from the chemicals in my cleaner. A rinse of water took the rainbow colouring away for me and it was all shiny and new again.

If you ever get rainbow colours on the steel that won’t go away, treat the Njoy Pure Wand as you would a steel saucepan. Whenever my saucepans get some rainbow colouring, I put them in the dishwasher and the marks go away. So if you ever get rainbow colouring on your Njoy Wand that won’t come off with water, just stick the toy in the dishwasher or use another technique people have written about online for steel saucepans. If it works for steel saucepans, it’ll probably work for the Njoy Wand too.

Concluding my review of the Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy Pure Wand case

As you can tell from the length and the amount of detail I’ve gone into with the Njoy Pure Wand, I really love this toy. Out of all the manual prostate massagers I’ve tried, this is the best. It gets me to P Spot heaven faster than others and my orgasms with this wand are so intense. On top of that, even my girlfriend can use the toy and it will never run out of batteries. Using the Njoy Pure Wand with Eve was one of the most intimate moments we’ve had with a toy, for that alone this toy is getting a top spot on my favourite list.

For temperature play, the Njoy Pure Wand’s steel is perfect. I have a glass toy that I’m currently reviewing and it isn’t quite as receptive to coldness as this steel one is. I haven’t played with temperature much before when using sex toys, so it was a novel experience to mess around with the Pure Wand in that way. I suppose you could hook up an electronic stimulation machine to the Pure Wand too but I don’t have one of those so I didn’t play with electrical conductivity.

As well as being a great sex toy, I can attack intruders with my Njoy Pure Wand and I can create silly self portraits by photographing myself in the reflective steel balls on either end of the toy. It’s really versatile and discrete. If I accidentally left the Njoy Pure Wand sitting somewhere I doubt people would be that suspicious. It looks more like a beautiful object than a sex toy. A work of art.

Whether you have a G Spot or a P Spot… you should buy this toy. I know it has a premium price tag and it’s just made of steel but seriously, that’s ALL you need. I often review vibrators and other electronic toys. Take it from me when I say that manual toys are almost always better in the long run. Vibration motors die, silicone and plastic isn’t good for the environment. Also, electronic toys are very hit and miss. Some are great and some are terrible, yet they still cost a lot of money. Premium manual toys like this Njoy Wand are so much more worthwhile having. This is a sex toy not to be missed.

Thanks again to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Njoy Pure Wand to review!
If you want to buy an Njoy sex toy or another body safe sex toy, make sure you check out Peepshow Toys. They only stock body safe toys, so you never have to worry when shopping with them.

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Njoy Pure Wand

Score: 10 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material and design

10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Desire to use again

10 / 10

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  • Andy says:

    I read your review and ordered one. Watched some videos and read the techniques section of this review a few more times while waiting for it. It arrived on Saturday, and I finally used it Wednesday. I like the small end better, and the big end took a while to get in. I’m not sure that I had a P-spot orgasm, and I couldn’t go hands free. But, holy $hit. This is amazing.

  • PS says:

    Hi, today I got it with the pure wand, hands free!!!!!
    It was incredible feeling, i lost my mind….I think I was somewhere with my mind in this time. You can not compare the p-orgasm with a penis orgasm. And it was very different to the orgasm using the pfun. I would say it was much better. Finally in the last few minutes of milking, i moved the plug in and out a little bit so every time i touched the prostate. The feeling of urgent to cum lasted quite long, then I exploded. I did not cum at all before the orgasm but then within the orgasm I had around 12 contractions where a lot of cum squirted out. By the way, I lied on my side and not on the back. This way it was much easy to manipulate the plug. I am not sure how deep I was with the plug but I would say about the half length was inside. Thanks for letting me know that hands free orgasms can work with the pure wand too.

    • Adam says:

      Awesome, I’m glad you figured it out! Yes it takes some manipulation and experimenting with different techniques, but the Pure Wand is a great toy for prostate orgasms!

  • PS says:

    Hi Adam,

    just wanted to mention, that now it works for me hands free every time I use it! Each time I learn ti sue different techniques. Last time I found out that putting and keeping little pressure on the prostate without moving the plug makes me crazy! It feels incredible good. Its a little bit like tickling the feet, the tension increases and if you dont release the pressure, you can not do anything and you must endure the groving pleasure. After few minutes with the pressure on my prostate I am so horny, that some little movements with the plug leads to ejaculation. And the best thing is, that I dont touch my penis at all! If I could, I would play with the toy every day, but unfortunately, thats impossible.

  • Ray says:

    Hello, I started experimenting with prostrate stuff and came across this site.

    I decided to check the nJoy wand and discovered that a Romi wand was at a quarter of the price. However it is not made out of stainless steel but solid zinc alloy. Do you know, if there is any potential issue I might have by buying this one instead?

    • Adam says:

      Hey, thanks for stopping by. I don’t recommend Zinc Alloy toys. Zinc alloy is cheaper to produce than stainless steel, so that’s one reason why the price of the wand you found is so inexpensive. Furthermore, zinc alloy is prone to corrosion and can turn the skin green (just check people’s experiences with zinc alloy jewellery and you’ll quickly see why it isn’t a good material for sex toys).

  • SM says:

    I’ve owned the Njoy for almost a year now…. experimented off and on…. the best I managed was to get some precum drops or minor trickle. Great review… and comments. I have some things to try…

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