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Review: Hot Octopuss Jett Penis Vibrator

hot octopuss jett penis vibrator

The Hot Octopuss Jett is an affordable penis vibrator made by the same company as the amazingly powerful Pulse Duo Lux. The question is, at this affordable price (at the time of writing £69) is the Jett penis vibrator still good? In the name of science and orgasm, here is my Hot Octopuss Jett review and test!

The Hot Octopuss Jett was sent to me for free by Hot Octopuss in return for an honest review. There are affiliate links on this page. Please consider using them if you are interested in the Jett because it supports my website!

I asked to review the Hot Octopuss Jett because I wanted to evaluate a product for those of you on more of a budget. It’s definitely not ‘cheap’ but still more accessible than some of the other expensive toys I have been reviewing lately. The treble and bass vibration technology of the Jett also intrigued me because I’m a music fan and enjoyed the idea of being able to create an orgasmic mix of vibration.

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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First up, the packaging

hot octopuss jett packaging

The box of the Jett is very pretty. The silver, reflective design gives off the impression that there is a luxury toy inside. Inside you find the product in three pars. The bullets and electrical cords are all fused together. The silicone holder is to hold both the bullets and your penis. The remote control connects to the electrical cords coming from the bullets.

About the Jett’s vibrators

The Hot Octopuss Jett has two vibrators. The bass bullet vibrator is very rumbly and penetrates deep (low-frequency vibration). The treble bullet is also very powerful and penetrates, however it affects more the surface of the penis (high-frequency vibration).

Both bullet vibrators are very powerful and it is indeed very easy to feel the difference between the treble and bass. It has 5 vibration speeds for each bullet and also 5 vibration modes. All of the vibration modes are fun to use but as usual, the constant vibration mode is the one I find myself most drawn to!

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About the ‘cock ring’ part of the toy

hot octopuss jett ring

The holder / cock ring of the Jett is made of stretchy silicone and will fit most penises. The girth / circumference of my penis is currently 6.1 inches, which is slightly bigger than average. I mention that because for me the Jett is a little bit too tight, however I can still enjoy using it.

The Jett’s cock ring isn’t comparable with other cock rings and in fact, I hesitate to even use the word. That’s because the Hot Octopuss Jett fits around the top of the penis, just behind the penis’ head. It’s for this reason that I dislike the Jett being so tight. With a normal cock ring, it wouldn’t be an issue because they are designed to reduce blood flow and cause harder erections etc. Again though, only those with a bigger than average girth will notice this.

Two caveats you should know about this toy is that it is not waterproof and it is battery operated. It takes 4 AA batteries and lasts over an hour. On the positive side, I haven’t had to replace batteries yet and I’ve used the Jett at least six different times, which is fairly decent.

Experience using the Hot Octopuss Jett

hot octopuss jett penis vibrator
Hot Octopuss Jett demonstrated on a dildo

The Hot Octopuss Jett gives me great orgasms every time I use it. By now I have had the toy for several months and have used it in various situations and tested all of the intensities. At the lower power end of the scales, the vibrations are pleasant but still penetrate my penis enough to stimulate me. The highest vibration strength of the Jett doesn’t compare to a toy like the Pulse Duo Lux, however it will still seem powerful to most people.

When I first received the toy I thought I would have a massive preference for the bass bullet, because I prefer rumbly, low frequency vibrations. In fact, this toy works its magic when both vibrators are in operation. Either bullet vibrator feels good on its own but you really need to activate both of them to appreciate what the Jett is designed to do.

With both vibration bullets in the Jett active, you can lower or strengthen the power of them independently. The idea is that you can fine tune the vibrations to your liking and have more control than you would usually get with a penis vibrator.

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What does the Hot Octopuss Jett feel like?

The Jett is a powerful penis vibrator. With both bullet vibes active and at different settings, I get the sensation of waves coming in and out. It’s probably my awareness and focus switching between the different sensations delivered by the two vibrators.

When both vibrators are active and at full power the sensation becomes a little more unified and mixed together. Even when the sensation is unified, the Jett’s vibrations have something unique about them.

Upon orgasm, the Jett feels amazing. It almost forces me to orgasm near the end and I find that I ejaculate more while wearing it. I think it’s because I am able to keep the Jett active even after I begin climaxing, which lengthens the orgasm. This is an advantage the Jett has over the Pulse toys I’ve tried, because with those the vibration is too strong to keep on after climax.

Blowjobs while in the Hot Octopuss Jett


You know, what I love about all Hot Octopuss’ toys so far is that I can enjoy blowjobs while wearing them. Every single toy. These designers know the importance of blowjobs.

Indeed, the Jett is a fun toy to use with a partner in bed. Eve told me that it’s hot to watch me with it and she enjoys playing with the remote. In fact she enjoys this remote more than others because what she is doing with it is so clear. The big volume style buttons are unmistakable, so there is really no guesswork on her part. She can also hear what she is doing (the vibrations get louder and quieter).

But yes… blowjobs while inside the Hot Octopuss Jett are a worthwhile endeavor. Need I say more?

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Where the Hot Octupuss Jett could improve

hot octopuss jett penis vibrator

The Jett isn’t perfect for me. I find the fit of the silicone penis ring too tight, which means I have occasionally been uncomfortable while wearing it. As I mentioned above, my girth is slightly larger than average, though I’m by no means huge. In my opinion, the Jett would be better off if it came in different sizes so that more people can use it. I feel more comfortable when using the toy with lube, yet it still squeezes too much.

This might be related again to my girth but I also had a bit of trouble keeping the Jett on my penis. I’m uncircumcised and unless I purposefully move the Jett down while it is in use, it will creep up my penis and slip off. So for me, it definitely isn’t a hands-free vibrator.

Are these problems enough for me to avoid using the Jett? Hell no. It’s a great toy. Yet I do believe different sized silicone penis rings would be a good idea in future.

Does the Hot Octopuss Jett do anything with music?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Hot Octopuss Jett has something to do with music or uses it in some way. There is a lot of talk of bass and treble in the marketing. Understand though that the bass / treble terms relate only to the vibrations of the Jett. It doesn’t actually sync with music or anything like that. That would be great to see in a future model though!

How noisy is the Jett?

Like the Pulse toys, the Hot Octopuss Jett is definitely not a silent toy. They Jett is quieter than the Pulse III and Pulse Lux, however it still makes some noise. The vibration bullets themselves create buzzing sounds and they also knock together while they are side by side in the toy.

If silence is important to you then this could become an issue for you. Yet I think for most people, the noise of the Jett won’t be a huge hurdle. There are far more noisy toys out there than this.

How to clean the Hot Octopuss Jett

The Hot Octopuss Jett is not waterproof. You can rinse the bullets in water a little bit and also clean the silicone holder thoroughly. The parts that are more tricky are the cables and the remote control.

With the cables and remote, a damp wet cloth with work fine. You should use a cloth to wipe off any fluid and then use a sex toy cleaner on another cloth to disinfect them.

You’ll want to try keeping the Hot Octopuss Jett away from dust, which will stick to the black silicone easily.


The Hot Octopuss Jett is certainly a penis vibrator worth considering if you are on a budget. Even if you have more money to hand, the Jett could be worth considering. The vibrations it delivers are unique, it makes my ejaculation go on for longer and generally, it is a great sex toy.

Another affordable penis vibrator I reviewed is the Satisfyer Men Vibration. That toy also impressed me but its vibrations aren’t as strong as the Hot Octopuss Jett’s. One advantage the Satisfyer has is that it is both waterproof and rechargeable. It’s a close call but I would probably pick the Jett out of the two.

There are some downsides to the toy. While none of them are deal breakers for me, they are things you should at least consider. My main concern was that the silicone penis ring isn’t ideal for larger girth penises.

The main disadvantage for most people will be that the Jett is battery operated. I’ve had well over an hour of playtime on one set of rechargeable AA batteries, yet it’s always easier to have a toy that has a built in battery.

As I mentioned though, none of these downsides are deal breakers. The Hot Octopuss Jett is a great toy and I fully recommend it to people on a budget. If you can splash out more though, you should check out the Pulse Solo Lux or even better, the Pulse DUO Lux. The Pulse toys are really damn powerful and they are well worth the extra money you would put into them. You can read my Pulse Duo Lux review here.

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Hot Octopuss Jett

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Vibration power

7 / 10

Vibration modes

8 / 10

Design and fit

5 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

8 / 10

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