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Review of Melt Clitoris Massager by We-Vibe

Melt by We-Vibe Clitoral Stimulator

You want pleasure? Well here you go!

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First impressions of the Melt by We-Vibe

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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After my review of the We-Vibe Moxie, it was time for me to try the Melt! Frankly, I was looking forward to it. Being a big fan of the pleasure air technology that I discovered thanks to the Womanizer Pro40, I was eager to discover this latest addition to We Vibe.

My first impression by receiving it? Wow. The design is stunning. Sleek, fully covered with silicone (a bonus compared to the WominzerPro40 and Liberty which are essentially plastic). The Melt is pink, yet more an elegant shade, less flashy. The toy comes with a satin storage pouch (yay!), a USB charging cable, and a We Vibe Lube sample.

The silicone used is very soft and gentle. Very important for a toy like this! The Moxie is also easy to handle, very ergonomic. So if you have any wrist or finger problems it could be an option for you.

Importantly for some, the toy is also quite silent. You don’t have to worry about other people in the house hearing it. Personally I don’t mind but it’s always nicer when a toy doesn’t rattle my room down!

And that’s not all! It is 100% waterpoof so you can have fun with it in the bath.

The We Vibe Melt has 10 intensity modes, controlled either by the buttons on the handle or by settings on the phone. And yes, the Melt is a connected toy! Meaning you can connect it to the We-Vibe app on your smartphone. A big innovation compared to the Womanizers I have tried as this means that your partner can play with you remotely too 😉

In short, at first glance, nothing negative to say about my first impressions of the Melt. Let’s see how it performs …

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Experience using Melt by We-Vibe

The use of Melt is very simple and the grip very comfortable. The 10 modes of intensity are sufficiently nuanced not to go suddenly from “I do not feel anything” to “my clitoris is on fire”, which, believe me, can be extremely unpleasant, even painful.

The beauty of this “contactless” pressure wave technology is that the stimulation is close to suction. It’s a crazy sensuality. No aggression of movement, no vibration so strong that it anaesthetises your clitoris. No, the Melt tickles, massages, envelopes, caresses, with gentleness and talent.

Melt by We-Vibe Clitoral Stimulator

The only difficulty you could encounter is the geo-location of the clitoris (partners, I’m talking mainly about you!). Indeed, as with the Womanizer, the Melt is used by placing the hollow head of the toy on the clitoris. As a result, there may be a moment of trial and error for setting up, but once well positioned, the Melt does wonders. Be careful though, if your hand slips a little, and the head of Melt disengages from the clitoris, it creates a little moment of frustration.

The noise is multiplied when it isn’t in contact with your skin and you struggle to put the Melt back in place. That can break a little magic but I reassure you that you will find the path of pleasure again very quickly.

Partner Play with the We Vibe Melt

The innovation of Melt compared to the Womanizer is that it is a connected toy. Therefore, you can download the We Vibe app to your phone and have your partner control the toy from a distance.

Your partner can therefore control the intensity, which is usually a big turn-on for me. However with this toy, I dislike having my partner controling the intensity. Why? Because the clitoris is so sensitive and delicate, that increasing the intensity of Melt without warning can really spoil the pleasure and can even be painful.

It isn’t a toy with modes of vibrations, but with modes of intensities. That is, there are no different rhythms or patterns. You can only control the intensity, by increasing and decreasing it. As a result, I do not find the connectivity very relevant. For me, there is no surprise or possibility of teasing.

This toy is designed to be held by the person using it and not by an outside hand. So this greatly reduces the ability of your partner to use it.

Cleaning the Melt

Because of its shape, Melt is not the simplest toy to clean. I regret that the hollow head is not detachable like the Womanizer, which greatly facilitates cleaning. The fact that the head is hollow requires it to be rinsed thoroughly inside. Then let it dry upside down to avoid stagnant water. The advantage is that We Vibe provides a storage bag which, after the Melt dries, keeps it protected from dust.


A great premium quality toy. It doesn’t need the connectivity really but hey… it’s got it if you want it! The name ‘melt’ is definitely apt for this toy. It gives me a lot of pleasure during solo masturbation.

It is a toy that, for me, is extremely personal and intuitive and requires a real moment of connection with one’s own body. That does not mean that it can not be used in a couple game, it is excellent in foreplay, but in my opinion it is a toy more effective in solo use, or while warming up with your partner while he / she uses their own toy. So if you want to use a toy with your partner, I suggest you use a different toy. The We-Vibe Verge or Moxie are interesting for couple play.

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We-Vibe Melt

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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