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Review of the Bruce Mini Rabbit – Wondertoys Collection by Passage du Désir

bruce mini rabbit vibrator

This little one is struggling to get to the finishing line .

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First impressions of the Bruce Mini Rabbit Vibrator

Score: 2 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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We are very fortunate to work in partnership with Passage du Désir, and they always know how to spoil us. This time, I was contacted by an independent salesman working for Passage du Desir and Lelo. He offered me to test a new vibrator: the Bruce Mini Rabbit of the Wondertoys collection created by Passage du Desir. It is a collection of small and affordable sex toys, ideal for beginners or people who need a small light vibrator.

When I recieved it, I must say that I wasn’t very impressed by the packaging: the combination of pink / green / white is frankly not my cup of tea and it lacked elegance. But the name… I totally see the fun side of “the Wondertoys collection” and calling sex toys by super hero names, but frankly … Bruce? I think if Bruce Wayne discovered that a sextoy was named after him, he would be damn vexed to see the toy in question: neon pink, chubby and small. But let’s not be slanderous, some might appreciate the  bright pop art design.

Now that we talked of the packaging, let’s get to the content: the Bruce is a mini vibrator. Small, cute and discreet. It appeared to me as an ideal sex toy for transportation. The handle is made of white plastic, and the body of the toy is made of bright pink silicone. It is quite pleasant in hand and very light. It runs on batteries and is waterproof. I was pretty sure it would not be a revolutionary sex toy because of its small size, price and design, but I was still curious and enthusiastic.

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Experience using the Bruce Mini Rabbit

The Orgasm (solo play – Eve)

The first time I used the Bruce, I admit that I was in a state of intense excitement and I did not take long before reaching orgasm. It was not an overwhelming orgasm but it did the job. The grip of the Bruce is very easy, it’s quite nice to handle.

Adam was quite surprised  that this little toy that does not look like much could make me go over the edge so quickly. He had found the vibrations pretty mediocre, especially in comparison with the very powerful vibrators I own (the Lady Bi of Fun Factory, or the Loïca of Passage du Désir). So I decided to test it again without being particularly excited, to verify the Bruce’s efficiency. And indeed, the second attempt was not a success.

The Bruce has 10 modes of vibration, random and constant. The vibrations are rather shy and are unfortunately more powerful in the hand than on the clitoris. The rounded head is very comfortable, but the weakness of the vibrations quickly turns patience into frustration and despite my determination, I finally let go of the Bruce to grab the Womanizer Pro40 and put an end to my suffering. What a disappointment! And the third attempt was no more successful than the second.

To be honest, I haven’t even tried penetration because it’s pretty obvious that if my clit didn’t think much of the Bruce, my vagina would just laugh at it.

Partner Play with the Bruce of Wondertoys

I won’t dwell on the subject. Based on my solo experiences with the Bruce, I was not expecting much from it for our couple games. And as a result of my various disappointments, I admit that it’s really not my go-to toy when I want  to spice up our playtime together. Adam was not impressed either, especially because he could feel my frustration with it.

Cleaning the Bruce Mini Rabbit

Cleaning the Bruce is simple enough. A basic cleaning spray will do the trick. However, be sure to clean the folds. Like all his fellow silicone buddies, it attracts dust  so try to keep it in a pouch or a box.


A basic toy that might please beginners. Yet overall I don’t recommend it and find it a bad vibrator.

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Passage du Desir Bruce Mini Rabbit

Score: 2 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

Performance Scoring


1 / 10


9 / 10

Desire to use again

1 / 10


Please note, we don’t update the price listed here. This was the price at the time we wrote this article.

Hey english speakers!! Passage du Désir is a french website. Never fear! We have you covered 😉 follow our instructions below to get yourself a Bruce of the Wondertoys Collection.

European flag34,90€ – Passage du Désir

Ordering the Bruce for english speakers:

  1. Go to the link above and add the Bruce to your basket ‘Ajouter au panier’.
  2. Go to the basket page ‘Mon panier’.
  3. Under ‘Modes de livraison’ select either ‘À domicile Colissimo 48H’ or ‘À domicile Express 24H’. This means you want it delivered to your home address in either 48 or 24 hours.
  4. Click ‘Passer votre commande’.
  5. Create a new Passage du Désir account under ‘C’est ma première commande, je crée mon compte’.
  6. The next page is self explanatory, you just enter your delivery details. Under ‘Pays’ select your country, for example ‘Grande Bretagne’ for Great Britain.
  7. ‘Date de naissance’ is for your date of birth. ‘Date d’anniversaire de rencontre, mariage, pacs’ is the date of your anniversary as a couple.
  8. Wait while it says ‘Merci de patienter quelques instants…’.
  9. Check your address and order details on the next page, then click ‘Procéder au paiement.
  10. On the next page you can use one of several methods to pay.
  11. That’s it enjoy!!

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