Review: Fair Squared Vegan Condoms and Lube

fair squared vegan condoms

Cruelty free condoms and lube? And massage oil? Yes please…

We reached out to a German company called Fair Squared, who manufacture vegan condoms (as well as a lot of other vegan products). After offering them a review, they sent us their condoms, lube and one of their massage oils. All of these products were sent freely to us for an honest, unbiased review.

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First impressions of Fair Squared Products

We like the simple packaging of all the Fair Squared products. The design and branding is quite minimal and unassuming. For us this is always better because we dislike having to hide away bottles and boxes in case people visiting us see. It’s not so much a problem that people see bottles of lube, it’s just nice when those bottles look classy and simple. Rather than bold and vulgar.

The packaging of the products we received from Fair Squared contains no plastic. Their bottle of lube and massage oil are in plastic containers, though I understand that the company is concerned about plastic waste and are experimenting with glass containers for some of their other products.

Most of all it’s great to see the Fair Trade and Vegan society logos on all of the packaging for Fair Squared. These two societies have certified Fair Squared, which for us makes them an ethical choice. We also notice that Fair Squared is ‘Halal’ certified, if you are concerned about that. The condoms also come with a ‘Fair Rubber’ certification.

My only criticism of the Fair Squared packaging is with the condoms. The packets of individual condoms are all coloured the same. There is some small text on the underside of the condom to say which kind of condom it is. Yet when I was testing the different kinds of condoms, I would sometimes find it difficult to see which condom I was opening (bad eyesight). This is obviously only a problem if you buy different kinds of condoms from Fair Squared.

The condoms we were sent were:

  • Original – width 54mm
  • XL (larger size) – width 60mm
  • Ultra Thin (for extra sensation) – width 50mm
  • Max Perform (with a cock ring to help maintain erection) – width 52mm
  • Sensitive Dry (condoms without lubricant) – width 52mm

Experience using Fair Squared Vegan Condoms

Fair Squared condoms are made from fair trade natural rubber. They come in five different varieties which we review here. All of the condoms Fair Squared makes have been certified by the Vegan society.

Another good bonus to using Fair Squared condoms is that they donate more than 10,000 condoms per year for sexual education at schools around the North Rhine-Westphalia (a part of Germany).

Original condoms (54mm)

fair squared vegan original condoms

The width of the original condoms are slightly too small for me. Though they still fit if I take my time to slowly put them on. They are lubricated modestly and didn’t break for us even though we tried several different positions while having sex.

They are lubricated enough for us, yet I think adding a more lubricant could still improve the experience a lot.

XL condoms (60mm)

fair squared vegan XL condoms

For me the XL condoms are a perfect size. I like how comfortable they feel. Like the original condoms, they are modestly lubricated and last for a good amount of time. We had to change condoms occasionally during sex but only because we changed positions a lot.

Ultra Thin (50mm)

fair squared ultra thin vegan preservatifs

Unfortunately these condoms are far too small in width to fit me. The theory of these condoms is that the rubber is slightly thinner than with the other kinds, so your sensation will be less impacted by the condom. I would really like to see a bigger size for this condom.

Max Perform (52mm)

fair squared vegan max perform condoms

I love the idea of these condoms. Unfortunately the width of the condoms is too small for me, so they are very uncomfortable for me to put on and take off. There is a tight ring at the bottom that helps maintain an erection. However I can’t really test the condoms properly because the whole condom feels too tight. I’d really love to see a bigger version of this condom.

Sensitive Dry (52mm)

fair squared sensitive dry vegan preservatifs

Like the Max Perform condom, these were too small to be comfortable for me. I like the concept though because it means that for people with extreme sensitivities, they can choose their own lube or avoid lube completely. As someone who suffers with eczema, I can appreciate how important this is.

Summary: Condoms

As you can gather, I would love it if Fair Squared made a wider selection of condoms for larger penises (in girth specifically). I feel like most of their condoms could be a little wider. 50mm and 52mm would be better as 54mm in my opinion.

Overall though I’m impressed with Fair Squared condoms and would recommend them to anyone who is interested in buying vegan condoms. Just check your size or compare the width of these condoms to those you already use first.

Experience: Fair Squared Green Tea Lube

fair squared vegan green tea flavoured lube

If you want a short read, let me tell you, we really like the Green Tea lube Fair Squared sent us. It tastes great, it’s body safe and it’s water based. We tested this lube with Fair Squared condoms, other condoms, no condoms and with sex toys. In all cases, the lube works great.

For oral sex, this lube excels because it tastes so damn good. It’s sweet and tastes of green tea with a hint of lemon.

The lube gets a little sticky when it dries (I suspect due to the cane sugar in it). It lasts a reasonable amount of time, though I have used several water-based lubes that last longer (SLiquid comes to mind). I would say it lasts around the same amount of time as Yes lube (also vegan). Yes lube is organic whereas Fair Squared isn’t. Fair Squared is fair trade certified though, which Yes isn’t. Personally I prefer the Fair Squared lube purely because it has a flavour.

You can also use Fair Squared Green Tea lube as a massage gel. However I prefer not to because like I already mentioned, it gets sticky when dry.

Experience: Fair Squared Argan Massage Oil

fair squared vegan argan massage oil

We used the Argan massage oil that Fair Squared sent us a few times. It smells great, feels great and lasts a long time during massages. Like the other products, it is vegan and fair trade certified (as well as Halal certified).

This makes for the perfect foreplay to sex. Give your partner a massage with this and then finish with oral sex using the Green Tea lube. Trust us, this combination works well 😉

Fair Squared also do vegan massage candles, which we might try out in the future. Eve’s only wish is that Fair Squared start making a rose scented oil sometime in the future!


So there we have it, a large selection of sensual vegan products all from one company. It is rare to be able to find just one vegan company that manufactures all of these different kinds of products. We really appreciated Fair Squared giving us the opportunity to test their products and hope to work with them again some time in the future when they bring out other sexual products.

Everything we tested (condoms, lube and massage oil) impressed us. As I mentioned above, I just wish that the condoms had a larger size (I’m talking of all the condoms except the XL size). If like me your penis has a larger girth, make sure to measure yourself or check other condoms you have used to see which width would be comfortable for you.

I would personally love to see more flavours of lubricant from Fair Squared. Their green tea flavour is so good that I want more. Likewise, the scent of their massage oil is excellent and I hope they continue to expand this range.

Thank you to Fair Squared for sending us your products!

Fair Squared also make a wide range of other vegan cosmetic products. I recommend you take a look on their website to view their catalogue.

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

How to buy

Just head on over to the Fair Squared website to buy what you need.

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