Review: Yes Waterbased Organic Lubricant

Yes Personal Lubricant Review

Organic lube made in Great Britain. Now that’s what we like the sound of…

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First impressions of Yes Waterbased Lube

We bought a tube of Yes WB Lube after reading so many good things about it. It’s a certified organic product and contains no known skin irritants, which is great for us because both of us have sensitive skin.

The packaging and design of the Yes lube is very simple and light. It has a pharmacy air about it, kind of grown up and unassuming. The wording of their packaging and documentation is very timid. They say ‘personal lubricant’ rather than just lubricant or lube. How incredibly British. Would bring a tear to Al Murray’s eye.

The texture of the lube is neither very watery or very thick. It’s more on the light side though. The colour is semi-transparent. It has a white misty look to it, like semen if for some bizarre reason you watered it down… anyway. It’s nice. Its a tasteless lube and while you shouldn’t go spreading it all over your favourite food, it is safe to ingest.

Experience using Yes Waterbased Lubricant

The tube that the lube comes in is very easy to use. Just flip the cap and squeeze the amount of lube you need. Reminds me of using moisturising cream tubes.

The lube feels pleasant when putting it on and becomes transparent. Left in the air, the lube will dry quite quickly on your skin. However I have used the lube with my Fleshlight Classic and the lube lasted long enough inside that for me to not have to reapply. On vibrating toys like the Cobra Libra, I had to reapply the lube occasionally.

Sex with Yes Waterbased Lube

There isn’t much to say about the lube during sex other than it’s a good lube. We hesitate to say ‘great’ because we find the lube doesn’t last as long as SLiquid H20. However the comparison is very close. We had to reapply once with Yes waterbased lube however it lasted for a reasonable amount of time.

Neither of us had any allergic reactions to the lube which is great. Especially coming from me as I suffer from eczema.


We highly recommend this lube. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation, give Yes lube a try. Our only criticism is that it would be nice if the lube dried more slowly.

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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