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Review: Womanizer Duo – The Rabbit of PleasureAir Tech

review of womanizer duo

With its double stimulation of the clitoris and the G spot, the Womanizer Duo places itself at the summit of pleasure. All the sensuality of the Pleasure Air Tech combined with a vibrating dildo… get ready for some seriously intense orgasms. Read on for my full review of the Womanizer Duo!

The Womanizer Duo was sent to me for free by Sinful in return for an honest review. This page may contain affiliate links. If you use them, it really helps us continue providing these reviews for you.

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First Impressions of the Womanizer Duo

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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I’ve been a big fan of Womanizer ever since Adam surprised me with the Womanizer Pro40 for valentines day 4 years ago. Pleasure Air technology, which they specialise in, is unmatched in terms of stimulation in my opinion. And so far, despite all the sex toys I’ve known since, the Pro40 remains my favorite. It’s difficult to imagine that another toy could dethrone it. And now, I’ve received the Womanizer Duo.

I admit that when I first received it, I was kind of put off by its appearance. It looks like some kind of StarWars spaceship, so not too sexy. My first time holding the toy didn’t give me the best impression either because the Womanizer Duo is pretty large and a bit heavy too, so not the best start. I place a lot of importance on the manipulation and ergonomy of sex toys because for me, their use is ultimately linked to pleasure and relaxation. If a sex toy is too heavy, I know that eventually it will tire my wrist or arm. If it’s too large in diameter I also risk cramping my fingers or struggling to find a comfortable position.

womaniser duo what's in the box
What’s in the box. Click to enlarge.

I didn’t therefore begin my love-affair with the Womanizer Duo with the best impression. I still appreciated that this sex toy is provided with a very chic storage pouch, slightly satin with a detachable small shiny charm! It’s a good effort in style and also an essential accessory for any sex toy in silicone! The Womanizer Duo also comes with a charging cable and different sized spare PleasureAir head. You therefore get a medium and large sized PleasureAir head (the silicone bit that fits on the air vent), which is very useful because we all have different sized clitorises.

Despite my apprehension about the weight and shape of the Womanizer Duo, I was still very eager to try it out, as I knew the orgasmic magic that Womanizer brand sex toys are capable of. And that double stimulation of the clitoris and G spot makes one dream doesn’t it…

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Experience with the Womanizer Duo

womaniser duo controls

On closer inspection, the shape of the Womanizer Duo is actually well thought out for its use. In fact, the widest part (the bit I was worried about) allows very easy access to the control buttons of the 2 motors. There are SIX different buttons. The four buttons to control the intensity of the toy are separated by an oblique line, which makes it easy to distinguish between the 2 buttons that control the PleasureAir (clitoris) and the vibrator (G spot). The buttons are discrete, easy to press and the icons allow us to understand easily what each does. There is a button underneath the toy to switch it on and another above the intensity controls that changes the vibration modes. In my opinion, that could have been simplified. Six buttons is A LOT.

The two motors of the toy are completely independant of one another. You can therefore use one without the other, as well as change the intensity of one motor without impacting the other. On top of that, the Womanizer Duo has 12 different intensities for the PleasureAir motor (clitoris) and another 12 different intensities in 10 vibration rhythms for the vibrator (G spot). I’m no professor of math… but that makes LOTS of combinations to try. It will therefore be necessary to test the Womanizer Duo numerous times to find the ultimate combination… there are worse fates 😉 I’m certainly happy with that because this sextoy is a jewel of pleasure.

Like for rabbit style vibrators, this sex toy will fit some people better than others. It’s normal because there are two different points of stimulation that need to line up and fit into place. For me, the Womanizer Duo fits my body well, I think they did a good job of positioning the dildo and clit stimulator. The dildo of the toy is also slightly flexible, which allows this toy to fit most people’s bodies.

Solo experience

womanizer duo

The first time I used the Wominzer Duo, I was lying on my bed, alone and I wanted to relax. I applied a water-based lube to the vibrator and switched the sextoy to the lowest level of the 2 motors. The curved shape and rounded head of the vibrator is perfectly designed to reach and stimulate the G-spot.

Initially, I struggled a bit to position the Womanier Duo correctly because of its Smart Silence technology. The sextoy is only activated by contact with the skin, so as soon as you move a little, or remove it to reposition the toy, it stops. It was a little confusing at first, because I wanted to move the hollow head until I found the perfect spot, and it’s much easier to do that when the motor of a sex toy like this runs continually without stopping. But whenever the PleasureAir vent lost contact with my skin, it stopped, which I actually found a bit frustrating. Finally I finished by finding a technique of gliding the PleasureAir vent into place without taking it away to reposition. Once in the right spot, the Womanizer Duo makes miracles!

I later learned that it should be possible to disactivate the Smart Silence mode by pressing the C+ and C- (clitoris instensity) buttons for 2 – 3 seconds. However, that didn’t work for me even after several attempts, which I found frustrating. My boyfriend also didn’t succeed in disactivating the Smart Silence mode, so I’ve only used the Womanizer Duo with the SmartSilence mode activated.

I’ve tested different modes and intensities: the 2 motors on low, suction only, high suction and low vibration, low suction and random vibration… there are so many possibilities! I’m so glad Womanizer is thinking about designing sex toys that really have options for everyone’s tastes. Whether you are hyper sensitive or hyper demanding, the perfect combination exists with the Womanizer Duo.

womaniser duo pleasure air tech

My passion is really in PleasureAir technology when it comes to sex toys. It’s really incomparable for me, because it is so respectful of sensual pleasure. I’m not saying that vibrators are bad, on the contrary, there are some extraordinary ones. But for me, vibration to the clitoris very quickly encounters limits: 90% of the time, they end up causing me a hyper sensitivity or on the contrary a sensation of numbness. This is never the case with PleasureAir Technology, because there is no direct contact. It is the suction/blowing of the air that creates the stimulation. It’s the same difference between a tongue and a finger for me: I prefer cunnilingus to masturbation because the pressure of a tongue is much more sensual, round, enveloping. This is the feeling that PleasureAir tech, invented by Womanizer, is close to. And in my opinion, PleasureAir tech is the best invention to come to sex toys! Though make sure you buy a good one like this toy because even some of the cheaper Womanizer toys can be disappointing (for example I really didn’t enjoy the Liberty).

The advantage of the Womanizer Duo’s design is that once inserted into the vagina, it stays in place quite well, without the need to hold it firmly. I always keep a hand on it to maintain the angle of the suction, but there’s no need to hold it, no need to work the wrist with back and forth movements. And honestly, every time I use it I reach incredible orgasms, the kind that electrify from my toes to the roots of my hair. Womanizer actually touts the Womanizer Duo’s ability to generate multiple orgasms…and they don’t lie.

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Partner Play with the Womanizer Duo

For me, the Womanizer Duo isn’t a sex toy suitable for couple sex. Because of its design and function, I really think of it as an instrument for solitary pleasure. Because it’s designed to take time for oneself, to find the right combination, the right positioning. This is not the kind of sextoy that you grab in a hurry when you want a hot moment with your partner. It’s not a toy that can be slid over each other’s bodies, given its shape and the Smart Silence mode. And even visually, I don’t think it’s very exciting for the other person, unlike a classic vibrator, which when you play with the other person can enjoy seeing it go in and out of the vagina. There is no real excitement for the eye in my opinion.

As a result, I only use it solo, in bed or in a hot bath (since it is completely waterproof). And this is not at all a criticism, on the contrary, it feels good to have a sextoy just for you, that you use alone. Because it means that we take time and space to enjoy ourselves. It’s important.

Video unboxing and demo of the Womanizer Duo

Here is a small unpacking and demonstration of the Womanizer Duo. By the way, I don’t have hairy arms!! It’s Adam who kindly filmed this for me <3.

Cleaning the Womanizer Duo

womanizer duo pleasure air vent
The hollow head can be removed for easy cleaning.

The Womanizer Duo is fairly easy to clean. It is entirely covered with silicone so a sex toy cleaning spray is quite suitable or you can just use soap and water. The hollow head can be removed for easy cleaning. I advise you to dry it quickly and put it away as soon as it is dry in its storage bag, otherwise it will be covered with dust and particles in 2 seconds!

In conclusion of my review of the Womanizer Duo

review of womanizer duo

It’s a big “oh yes!” for the Womanizer Duo. If at first sight, it may seem too heavy and not very elegant, we quickly realise that its design is very well conceived to allow the double stimulation of the clitoris and G spot. The great variety of vibrations and air pleasure settings allows each person to find their pleasure, whatever their sensitivity. The sextoy comes with 2 sizes of hollow heads, which confirms Womanizer’s obvious desire to satisfy all owners.

So is it better than my Womanizer Pro40? It’s difficult to say. For many, the Womanizer Duo will be a more exciting sextoy because it has an insertable part and better smart technology. For my part, I still prefer the Pro40 because of its simplicity and ease of use. The Womanizer Duo has more buttons, more stimulation and more technology, but this complexity frustrated me at times. I prefer masturbation to be a simple affair.

It’s nice to have the Smart Silence feature for those who need discretion, but I for one would prefer not to have it at all, especially because I couldn’t get it to turn off. Designed for discretion, this touch lock system can cause some frustration in positioning the Womanizer Duo. But that’s just a detail, because this sextoy is truly a treasure that gives me high quality orgasms every time. This toy is undoubtedly an ode to pleasure.

Thank you Sinful for sending us the Womanizer Duo! If you want to buy the Womanizer Duo, consider Sinful, which, like us, has a site in English and French!

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Womanizer Duo

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

Performance Scoring


10 / 10

Simplicity and ease of use

7 / 10

Desire to use again

9 / 10

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