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Review: Satisfyer Lolli 1

Satisfyer Lolli 1 review

Lolli? Like Lollipop? I’m not so high and mighty that I don’t still like a nice lollipop. The Satisfyer Lolli 1 is a butt plug designed for all genders. This little thing packs two different motors and the price is extremely low… like shockingly low. So is this thing any good? Let’s find out in my review of the Satisfyer Lolli 1!

The Satisfyer Lolli 1 was sent for me for free by Rue des Plaisirs in return for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links and if you use them it costs you nothing but it helps the running costs of this website. Thanks for the support!

Before we get into the review… about the new Satisfyer branding

You know that plain old friend you haven’t seen for a few years, then one day they turn up with a surprising modern style that transforms them? For me that’s Satisfyer right now. Seriously… this new stuff they have has style! I love this new graphic design, all the colours, illustrations and the new logo.

Before this review, I only reviewed one Satisfyer toy, the Men Vibration back in 2018. Just look at the difference in branding between then and now with that same toy:

Satisfyer 2018 vs 2021
The branding difference between 2018 and 2021 (same toy).

The new branding is sexy as hell! Just thought I’d give credit where it’s due, because many companies stick stubbornly to the same branding, to the detriment of modern style. Satisfyer has made a lot of effort with their design, which makes me quite curious about their future.

If I might recommend one last change… get rid of the genders. On the Lolli plug that I’m going to be reviewing, we read “suitable for all genders” yet on the same page we have “butt plug for men and women”. Plus Satisfyer is still categorising toys under “men” and “women” too. Seeing as Satisfyer has already gone so far with their branding, I really hope to see them focus on body parts instead of genders. “Penis toys, anal toys, prostate toys, clit toys, vagina toys, couple toys” are all perfectly good categories that will help more people find what they’re looking for.

I don’t usually leave that recommendation for companies but as I said… Satisfyer seems to be modernising themselves. Modernising the way they catagorise sex toys will really make a difference. Anyway on with the review of the Satisfyer Lolli 1…

First Impressions of the Satisfyer Lolli 1

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Satisfyer Lolli 1 packaging

As I’m writing this review, the price of the Satisfyer Lolli 1 is under €30 ($40). That’s an insanely good price for a toy with body-safe materials (silicone / abs plastic) and dual vibration motors. I know I’ve already mentioned the new Satisfyer packaging but if I were a customer looking at this box in a shop, I’d probably assume the cost to be at least double. Satisfyer gives the impression of underpromising and overdelivering. Let’s continue to see if that’s really the case.

The Satisfyer Lolli 1 is a fairly long butt plug having about 11.5cm (4.5 inches) in insertable length and three different diameter beads/bumps. The largest bump is 3cm in diameter (1.18 inches), so at that size this is a toy very suitable for beginners.

The Satisfyer Lolli 1 is completely waterproof, with a rating of IPX7 (which means it’s submersible as well as splash proof). It’s got a rechargeable battery, however there is no guidance in the marketing as to how long the battery is meant to last before recharging. I haven’t needed to recharge mine during testing however and it only takes 1.5 hours to charge anyway, so I don’t think this is something to worry about much.

Satisfyer Lolli 1 button and charging port
Base of the Lolli 1 Plug

The Lolli 1 by Satisfyer has 12 different vibration modes. There is only one button for the toy (on the base of the plug). While I like the simplicity of only having one button, there will obviously be some people who will wish it was possible to change the vibration intensity or isolate the vibration motors for certain patterns. In my opinion though, we can’t really complain about that very much considering the affordable price of this toy.

I’ll talk about the quality of the vibrations in the next section on my experience with the toy.

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A tip from my girlfriend

In this review, it is me (Adam) reviewing. My girlfriend Eve had something to say about this design however, because she used to own something very similar.

Eve actually had a similar butt plug to this several years ago and really loved it. She doesn’t have it anymore (it was made by Adrien Lastic) and we never reviewed it here because that was all before this website existed! Eve’s Adrien Lastic plug wasn’t as well designed as this plug by Satisfyer but my point with mentioning this anyway is that the Lolli 1 really is a toy good for beginners to anal play. Eve used to enjoy playing with her plug because of the graduated bumps on it, which enabled her to build herself up to the larger sizes.

When Eve owned a similar design to this, she couldn’t take the largest bump on her plug straight away. Because of this design however (and the vibrator inside), Eve was able to enjoy using just the smaller bumps at first, before progressing to the larger ones. It took her a couple of weeks to have the confidence to insert the entire plug she owned. What she appreciates about the design is that even before she was able to take it all, she could still enjoy it.

Experience with the Satisfyer Lolli 1

Satisfyer Lolli 1

Unlike many of my other anal toys, the Satisfyer Lolli 1 requires no preparation time whatsoever. I’m quite used to anal play, so perhaps this won’t be the case for everyone. Still though, it’s very easy to use this toy. A good portion of water-based lube and a slight push… and we’re ready for the vibes!

The length is a bit long

Before I get to the vibrations of the Satisfyer Lolli 1, let’s look at the length. While 4.5 inches (11.5cm) of insertable length doesn’t sound too long, in practice it makes the toy more challenging to use. I personally would have preferred the Lolli 1 to be shorter in length because I believe its target audience is beginners to anal play.

While the length isn’t going to prevent beginners from using the toy, for me personally, this plug is just slightly too long. It fits inside me all the way however, I don’t feel comfortable when I sit down with this toy inside me. The rigid body of the Lolli 1 means that it doesn’t bend with my body, which makes the plug less versatile than it could be otherwise.

I understand that the toy is rigid because of the dual vibration motors. Personally I would have preferred removing one vibration motor and making the toy more bendy. In my opinion though, it’d benefit from being a bit shorter.

The vibrations

For an anal plug that costs under €30, the vibrations in this toy are decent. The vibration motors of the Lolli 1 aren’t going to win any awards but they will provide users with a good buzz. The vibration strength is about mid range… 5 if we’re talking about least powerful vibrators to most powerful. The vibration quality is buzzy rather than rumbly. The vibrations from this toy don’t make me go numb at all however because Satisfyer has played well with the balance between intensity of the motors vs frequency. If they had made the intensity of the Lolli 1’s motors too high, it’s possible this toy would have caused numbing. As it is, I don’t get any numbness with this toy.

How well the Satisfyer Lolli 1 stays in place

Any good butt plug needs to stay in place and I’m glad to announce that the Lolli 1 is quite stable. Even when I walk around my apartment or move energetically in missionary position, the Lolli 1 doesn’t fall out. I sometimes have to give the plug a slight push back in but that’s it. It stays in place well.

Video demo of the Satisfyer Lolli 1

The Satisfyer Lolli 1 isn’t very noisy at all. That’s another thing I like about it… I doubt someone in the next room would hear this. You’ll be able to hear the noise it makes in the video below (the demo comes just after the unboxing).

Cleaning the Lolli 1 by Satisfyer

Being completely waterproof, the Satisfyer Lolli 1 is very easy to clean and dry. I wash mine with mild soap and water. If you have sex toy wipes or spray you could finish it off with those… but it isn’t mandatory.

You may want to buy a small satin bag to place the Lolli 1 inside of while it’s in storage. This will help keep the dust etc off it. Satisfyer have done well with the colour of the Lolli 1 however because it doesn’t show dust quite as prominently as other colours like black etc.

In conclusion of my review of the Satisfyer Lolli 1

Low cost? Yes. Cheap? No.

The Satisfyer Lolli 1 is a good budget butt plug for beginners. Its quality is fairly high and the fact that you get two vibration motors and a 15 year guarantee is insane when the cost is under €30 ($40).

For someone like me with a lot of anal toy experience, this isn’t a toy that I would personally use much. It isn’t large enough or powerful enough to stimulate my prostate and if I was going to use a butt plug, I’d likely use a bigger one.

For beginners to anal play and those who just like dabbling in it occasionally, I’m convinced that the Satisfyer Lolli 1 will be a good toy for you. As I mentioned earlier in the review, my girlfriend Eve used to really enjoy playing with a similar anal toy design before she had any experience in anal play. The fact that the Satisfyer Lolli 1 has graduated beads/bumps means that someone with no experience can build themselves up over several weeks to get used to the entire length and full diameter of the toy. The fact that beginners will get a good buzz from the toy while doing this is going to make the initial steps into anal play all the more exciting.

The only thing I think this toy could do better is with the length. In my opinion, the length of the Lolli 1 is too long. It would be better to shorten the toy or make it more bendy so that sitting down with it is more comfortable. Other than that, it’s a good little toy.

I’m giving this toy 6.5 / 10. Bare in mind that I review toys on this website that cost upwards of €300. This little butt plug costs under €30 ($40), so for it to be scoring 6.5 is actually quite impressive.

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Thanks to Rue de Plaisirs for sending the Satisfyer Lolli 1 to me!

Satisfyer Lolli 1

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Satisfyer

Performance Scoring


6 / 10

Vibration intensity

5 / 10


5 / 10


10 / 10

Desire to use again (advanced user)

4 / 10

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