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Review of the Womanizer Classic 2

Womanizer Classic 2 size

My Womanizer collection is growing with the arrival of the Womanizer Classic 2. Does it have the slightest chance of getting out of the shadow of my other favourites by the same brand? We’ll see in my review of the Womanizer Classic 2!

The Womanizer Classic 2 was sent to me for free by Wow Tech in exchange for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links and if you use them it costs you nothing but helps you support this blog.

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First impressions of the Womanizer Classic 2

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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For me, the Womanizer brand is the surest in terms of quality and pleasure. If I was abandoned on a desert island and asked to choose a single sex toy, it would definitely be a product from the Womanizer range. Which ? The choice is not easy! And the arrival of the Womanizer Classic 2 does not make the decision any easier.

I was immediately seduced by its color (I got the “bordeaux” coloured one). Far from the flashy pink and white of the Womanizer Pro40 (my very first Womanizer!), from the couture black and gold of the Premium, the Classic 2 is entirely purple. A very beautiful shade, elegant and deep, which gives a very chic look to the toy. In general, I love contrasts of colour, textured finishes etc but I must admit that I like this uniformity of colour a lot too.

Womanizer Classic 2 packaging
Classic 2 packaging
Womanizer Classic 2 what's included
What’s included with the Classic 2

The Classic 2 is ultra light! It weighs exactly 112g. The body of the sex toy is made of a very smooth plastic (ABS), it’s phthalate-free, bisphenol A-free and latex-free also, so body-safe. The head and buttons are made of hypoallergenic medical silicone. The Classic 2 comes with 2 head sizes, to adapt to everyone’s morphology. It is 100% waterproof, and recharges using a USB cable (included). The battery life is 180 minutes, which is enough to trigger an avalanche of orgasms, believe me !

Womanizer Classic 2 charging
A magnetic charging point is located on the back of the toy.

So, nothing to complain about on the design of the Classic 2. Now let’s review its efficacy in pleasure!

The last price of the Classic 2

Experience with Womanizer Classic 2

I probably don’t need to introduce Pleasure Air technology to you, a patent for which was filed by Womanizer. This technological prowess creates stimulation of the clitoris, not by vibrations, but by the movements of air which are created around the clitoris. An innovation for which I will be eternally grateful, because it made me discover the most beautiful orgasms. The Classic 2, like all Womanizer products, is obviously equipped with this technology.

Womanizer Classic 2 controls
Toy control buttons.

So what makes the difference between one Womanizer sex toy and another? At this stage: the details of the features. The Classic 2 is equipped with 3 buttons: an on/off button, a + button and a – button. These allow you to control the 10 levels of stimulation intensity. The Womanizer Premium has 12, in addition to the Smart Silence function which activates the sex toy only when in contact with the skin. The Classic 2 does not have this feature. But it must be said that it is not particularly noisy anyway (after it contacts your skin). As for the 10 levels of intensity, they are numerous and varied enough to allow each person to find their rhythm.

Solo experience

Womanizer Classic 2

I love using my sex toys in a hot bath. And in particular Womanizer products. On the one hand, because they are 100% waterproof, and on the other hand because the Pleasure Air technology works very well in water. It creates small waves in the water that envelop and stimulate the clitoris. It’s wildly sensual, and almost hypnotic. You almost feel like you’re in a trance, and all the senses are aroused by the combination of heat, humidity, scents of bath salts, and clitoral stimulation.

In the water I tend to use a bit more intensity than usual, as the water also has a slightly numbing effect. So if I use intensities 4/5 in my bed, I will rather use levels 6/7 in my bath.

For my part, I think that 10 levels of intensities is more than enough to adapt to each situation, each mood, each desire, and each sensitivity. Unlike some other models of the Womanizer toys, the Classic 2 doesn’t have an Autopilot feature, so change of intensity is done manually only.

Some won’t take more than levels 1 to 3, others won’t feel anything below level 6. Still others, and I am one of them, will like to gradually increase the intensity, until they reach orgasm.

Womanizer Classic 2

I’ve already talked about it in my other tests of Womanizer sex toys: the quality of orgasm that I discovered thanks to Pleasure Air technology is unmatched. I love classic vibrators. Like the majority, I enjoy almost exclusively through clitoral stimulation. So I need to pamper this clitoris, and it’s not always easy to find THE sex toy that will make me take off, without “stealing” my orgasm. Let me explain: a few years ago, we were invited by the Passage du Désir (a chain of sex toy stores in France) to “a conference on the Female Orgasm” on the occasion of the release of the Womanizer Liberty. In the audience, there was a sex therapist who touched on a crucial subject, which I had never thought about before: orgasm theft. She explained that some sex toys seemed designed to force orgasm, to the point that barely reached, it was followed by a kind of frustration, because it could not be anticipated or savored. She was just praising this Pleasure Air technology that allowed someone to regain control of their pleasure and their orgasm.

Her words made a deep impression on me, and every time I test a sex toy, I do so with this idea in mind: does this sex toy give me control or does it have control over my pleasure?

Womanizer Classic 2 in hand

The Classic 2 definitely empowers its user, from start to finish. And even after the end! Because by pressing the on/off button, the Classic 2 returns to a very gentle intensity. This allows the user to finish their orgasm gently, without the risk of being overstimulated (which is a horrible feeling, which for me is like pain).  This feature is new, and only exists on the Classic 2. For me, it’s proof that Womanizer is constantly improving and that each new improvement is dedicated to promoting pleasure and giving back control of pleasure.

The last price of the Classic 2


Here is a video unboxing and demonstration of the Womanizer Classic 2. Keep in mind that the noise the toy makes is much lower when in contact with the skin.

Couple play with the Classic 2

Like all the products in the Womanizer range, the Classic 2 is a sextoy that I prefer to use solo. On the one hand, for the reasons I mentioned above, i.e. that this type of toy is rather intended for exploring one’s own pleasure. On the other hand, because it’s not really practical to use on another person, and not really as erotic to look at as something like a dildo. I know Adam would rather use a dildo or vibrator on me during our play than a Womanizer, which has to be placed precisely and then not moved. It’s not the most fun toy for a partner. 

And I don’t say that as a criticism. Each sex toy has its uses. Womanizer sex toys are more designed for solo pleasure, for a moment to yourself. And it’s very good for that. Because it also contributes to education on sexual pleasure. It is important that each person learns to have fun, to know themselves. And for that, you need time for yourself. After learning so much about one’s own pleasure, it makes sex as two (or more 😉) even better.

Cleaning the Womanizer Classic 2

The Classic 2 is very easy to clean. The head is removable, so just rinse it off, then apply a sex toy cleaning spray. I advise you to dry it quickly, and not to let moisture stagnate in the curves, as this promotes the proliferation of bacteria. As soon as it is dry, put the Classic 2 back in its storage pouch (provided!) to avoid the deposit of dust and particles, which are attracted by the silicone.

Conclusion of my test of the Womanizer Classic 2

Womanizer Classic 2

The Classic 2 does not disappoint! Its sleek, elegant design goes hand in hand with its great lightness and maneuverability. The sex toy is 100% waterproof and works wonders in a hot bath. Its 10 intensity levels and 2 sizes of silicone heads guarantee that everyone can find the rhythm and stimulation that suits them and will allow them to achieve high quality orgasms.

The Classic 2 doesn’t have the Smart Silence technology or Autopilot mode that I’ve enjoyed on other Womanizer products but on the other hand, it does have the After Glow function, which allows you to switch back to a gentle intensity with a simple press of the on/off button to prolong the orgasm without rushing it. It’s a great toy and despite it not having all of the features other toys like the Premium 2 has, it’s still totally worth having.

Thanks to Wow Tech for sending us the Classic 2! If our readers want to get one, they can buy it from Womanizer by clicking the button below.

The last price of the Classic 2

Womanizer Classic 2

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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8 / 10


8 / 10


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8 / 10


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