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Review: Nexus B Stroker

nexus b stroker review

The Nexus B Stroker is a good sized butt plug. Neither too big nor small for an intermediate user, it vibrates and it has beads that move up and down inside it. You can use it in anally or vaginally, though for this review I will test it anally because that’s the equipment I’m working with here y’all. I shouldn’t be saying y’all… I’m totally not a y’all person. Anyway, on with the review.

The Nexus B Stroker was sent to me for free by Nexus in return for an honest and unbiased review. This review contains affiliate links and if you use them, you support my website and help me keep funding it!

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First Impressions

The Nexus B Stroker is a little bigger than I thought it would be! Definitely not a butt plug for beginners though it wouldn’t take too much practice to get used to this size. Just be sure that this isn’t the first butt plug you or your partner ever uses.

Nexus B Stroker Packaging

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The packaging is nice, just like it has been with other Nexus toys I’ve tested. The packaging for this toy is a little more unisex in colour scheme though, meaning any gender would appreciate it.

The Nexus B Stroker has 6 vibration modes and 3 speeds for the stroking beads.

“What are the stroking beads?” I hear you ask. Well, they are very small beads inside the silicone of the toy. They run up and down near the base of the butt plug (see video below). So when the Nexus B Stroker is inside you, there will be a subtle sensation at the rim of your anus when these beads are switched on. You can find a video below where I show how the beads move.

Nexus B Stroker remote controlled butt plug
Click to enlarge.

The Nexus B Stroker has a remote control that works up to 8 metres away, which is fairly good compared to other remote toys I’ve tried actually. You could definitely get creative with remote control play using this toy. So long as you’re both in the same room it should be fine.

The B Stroker is also completely waterproof meaning you can use it in the shower or bath. You can use it in a swimming pool too but it is only designed to go 1 metre under water. Just don’t expect to use it under your swimming clothes because it is too bulky and people WILL notice! Under jeans or a skirt it would be fine.

The rechargeable battery in the Nexus B Stroker will give you 2.5 hours of play time, which is excellent. It takes 3.5 hours to charge it back up again.

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Video of the Nexus B Stroker

Experience with the Nexus B Stroker

Alright, it had been a little while since I used such a big butt toy so I had to go slow. It wasn’t painful at all though so I consider it quite comfortable. Use lots of water-based lube with when inserting it.

Walking around the apartment with the Nexus B Stoker in is fine, though I wouldn’t recommend going outside with it. The toy is a little too bulky to be worn while taking big strides and you’d have to clench your butt muscles pretty hard to stop it sliding out. Though like I said, it’s easy to keep in while walking around an apartment or house.

Nexus B Stroker Review

Wearing the Nexus B Stroker is also great during sex. I can be quite energetic while having sex with it. Sometimes I have to give it a small push back in but it stays in place well.

The vibrations that come from the B Stroker are very pleasant and strong. The pattern vibration modes are really well done and I enjoy cycling between those. The constant vibration speeds are great too but I have a preference for patterns with this toy. The remote control is super useful for controlling it.

The stroking beads at the base of the toy are a really great idea. I really enjoy the sensation from those, though it is a little more subtle than I thought it would be. I prefer to use the stroking beads alone for a while before I switch the vibration on. After the vibration motor starts up, it is difficult to distinguish the sensation of the stroking beads amongst the vibration. So I think a little more balance could be achieved there between the sensations. That’s nitpicking though, the average user won’t be bothered by that.

The shape and size of the Nexus B Stroker is that of a butt plug, not a prostate toy. So this toy doesn’t really press on my prostate like a specially designed prostate toy does. If you are more interested in prostate stimulation then you should check out my Nexus Revo Stealth review here (it’s a great prostate toy by the same brand).

Even though the B Stroker isn’t a prostate toy, I do still feel the vibration of the toy in my prostate. When I climax with the Nexus B Stroker, my orgasms are more intense because of that small amount of prostate stimulation. The sensations aren’t quite as mind blowing as a specially designed prostate toy like the one I just mentioned above though.

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Or… try the Nexus G Stroker

I tested the Nexus B Stroker which is a butt plug. If you would like to stimulate your prostate or G spot more directly then you could try a simular toy made by the same company. The Nexus G Stroker has a more curved design and is a little slimmer so will be better for butt play beginners.

Like the B Stroker, the Nexus G Stroker comes with a remote control, is waterproof and has a great battery life.

The Nexus G Stroker also has several other differences to the B Stroker. The G Stroker can be controlled up to 15 metres away (vs the B Stroker’s 8 metres). It also has 6 vibration modes (3 extra than the B Stroker). The downside is that the G Stroker has a 1 hour battery life (vs the B Stroker’s 2.5 hours). To be honest though, 1 hour of battery life in a toy like that is pretty good and more than enough for one session. You’ll likely get several sessions out of 1 hour.

The Nexus G Stroker has the same beads inside the toy, same bead settings and it is the same insertable length (11cm).

So yeah like I mentioned, it’s the B Stroker I tried rather than the G Stroker. Yet the two toys are so close in function that I feel comfortable enough mentioning the G Stroker here. Again I’ll mention if you really just want a prostate vibrator, you should go for the Stealth by the same brand.

Cleaning the Nexus B Stroker

The butt plug portion of the toy is completely waterproof and therefore it’s very easy to clean. Just rinse it with water and use some sex toy cleaner on it.

The remote of the toy isn’t waterproof, so be more careful with that. If you get lube etc on it then wipe it off with a damp cloth.


If you’re looking for some fun butt play then the Nexus B Stroker could be a good choice for you. It is suitable for any gender which is a big advantage over some other kinds of toys. It’s not for a beginner so if you buy this butt plug then make sure you get a simple smaller one to train with first.

The stroking beads inside the toy are certainly a novelty and it’s those for me that give this toy its edge. I would prefer the beads to be a little bigger and I’d certainly enjoy it if they had more range in movement (perhaps if they moved further up and down the toy).

I have to be honest and say I prefer Nexus Prostate toys, however I’m really happy to have reviewed a butt plug for a change because I don’t tend to review them as often. It’s great to have such a good one. But yeah again, if your goal is prostate play you should get the Revo Stealth.

So I can fully recommend the Nexus B Stroker to you. It’s a great butt plug and I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with it, no matter your gender. Do check out the Nexus G Stroker too just in case that looks like a better choice for you.

You can check a price list for different countries below (all taken at the time of this review).

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Nexus B Stroker

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Vibration power

8 / 10

Bead stimulation power

6 / 10

Size, fit and comfort

10 / 10

Desire to use again in future

7 / 10


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