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Review: Lovehoney Ignite Penis Sleeve

Lovehoney ignite review

This toy promises to turn my penis into a vibrator. That’s an exciting idea… but can this budget sex toy pull it off? Read on for my review of the Lovehoney Ignite vibrating penis sleeve!

The Lovehoney Ignite was sent to me for free by Lovehoney in return for an honest review. This page may contain affiliate links and if you use them, it really helps us continue providing you with these reviews!

First Impressions of the Lovehoney Ignite

Score: 4 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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My main concern with this toy when receiving it was that it could possibly be too small in diameter for my penis. Unfortunately the toy doesn’t come with any guidance for the internal circumference recommended, so like with many penis toys, I was walking into this blind. The toy itself is 5.5 inches in circumference but what isn’t in the product information is that the silicone doesn’t stretch comfortably a whole lot beyond that. The silicone does stretch of course but it still has a definite limit. Not to spoil the rest of the review but to be frank, this toy is too narrow for me. I’m about 6.3 inches in circumference, so if you are that wide yourself I don’t recommend the Ignite. If you are average in circumference (4.5 – 5.5 inches) then you will be fine with this toy.

Lovehoney ignite review

Another thing on sizing, the toy is 4 inches long but don’t imagine that you can use it if you have a 4 inch penis. You need to be at least 5.5 inches long in my opinion, because what you want is for the bottom ring to be around your penis base and the top ring to be just behind the penis gland. This combined with the last comment I had about circumference does mean that this toy is quite particular. It will fit some people well but for others it won’t fit at all. I hope my guidance on the sizing helps you decide somewhat if it is suitable for you.

There is one button for this toy, which I really appreciate because there’s nothing worse than an insertable toy with millions of buttons for me to remember the location and function of. Pressing the button turns the Lovehoney Ignite on and changes the vibration mode.

The vibration motor in the toy is very small because it has to fit into the penis sheath itself. The Lovehoney Ignite therefore doesn’t give the strongest vibrations. The vibrations are quite buzzy, which means this motor isn’t going to be my favourite… but I’m willing to accept it from this toy just because the motor has to be so small. The vibrator has 17 modes and three intensities, which gives you a lot of options. While we’re on the subject of the vibration motor, it’s also worth mentioning that the noise that this toy makes is very minimal. I’d be happy to use it even if there were people in a different room to my house for example.

Lovehoney ignite review
Recharge port of the toy (click to enlarge).

The battery of the Lovehoney Ignite lasts up to 5 hours, which is really amazing for a vibrating toy. It’s rechargeable and comes with a charging cable. I haven’t actually had to test how long it takes to recharge yet because it lasts such a long time that the battery hasn’t died yet!

Another small thing, this toy comes with a storage pouch! Pretty surprising considering the low price of the Ignite. Very useful for keeping dust off it.

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Experience with the Lovehoney Ignite

Lovehoney ignite review
Wearing the Lovehoney Ignite makes your penis look a bit like it has a backpack.

I’m afraid this is the point where my compliments to the Lovehoney Ignite have to end. Unfortunately, despite me wanting to like this toy, it didn’t work for me or my partner at all.

The first issue is the circumference of the toy. It has two silicone rings that need to fit around the penis and as I’m larger in size, I had difficulty putting it on even with a lot of lube. I did eventually get the sleeve on but it took me several minutes and it wasn’t very comfortable. This is definitely not a toy for those with larger girths.

To add to this already awkward start with the toy was that when I tried to penetrate my girlfriend with the Lovehoney Ignite on, she started flinching. Again, I had a lot of lube on… so did she, yet she found the experience very uncomfortable. She said that it makes my penis too wide and the silicone feels like it drags too much, causing a ‘pulling’ sensation. Eve also didn’t like the vibrations, which she simply described as ‘unpleasant’.

Evidently, I had to remove the toy because my partner clearly couldn’t enjoy sex while I was wearing this. It’s the first time I’ve had to abandon a couples’ toy so quickly after beginning to use it.

Solo experience

Lovehoney ignite review
The Ignite is quite flexible and bends despite having a vibration motor inside.

I didn’t want to put Eve through another session with the Lovehoney Ignite because she was that uncomfortable that there just wasn’t any point in me trying again. What I did instead is try the toy while on my own and using a Fleshlight.

Using the toy inside a Fleshlight, I was again confronted with the fact that this isn’t a toy for larger girths. Wearing the toy makes inserting my penis into a masturbator a little uncomfortable because it causes far more tightness and drag inside.

The vibrations from the Lovehoney Ignite also don’t do much for me. I can certainly feel the vibrations but they only really go skin deep, so wouldn’t be enough to make me orgasm on their own. The buzzy nature of the vibrations would probably make me go numb before making me climax.

I did give this toy a few extra weeks for me to try it out a few more times before writing this review but unfortunately that hasn’t helped matters. This toy just doesn’t work for me.


The Lovehoney Ignite is an easy toy to clean and is completely waterproof, so just using soap and water will get it clean in minutes.

Concluding my review of the Lovehoney Ignite

Lovehoney ignite review

Unfortunately I can’t recommend this toy very highly. I really wanted to like it but in the end I just can’t use it. If you’re between 4.5 – 5.5 inches in circumference then you will probably enjoy it more (that’s why this product got a score of 4 and not lower). I know there are customer comments on the Lovehoney website that say that they enjoyed it a lot. One other saving grace of the toy is that it’s quite inexpensive in comparison to most couples’ toys (currently $34.99 / £29.99 / €39.95).

The vibrations from the Ignite are buzzy in nature so won’t provide a massive amount of intensity, however if you fit into it, the Ignite will likely give you an extra layer of stimulation. My girlfriend found my penis too wide and didn’t appreciate the dragging nature of the silicone.

In my opinion, there needs to be a little more information about sizing with toys like the Lovehoney Ignite. It states in the product info that it is 5.5 inches in circumference but that doesn’t tell me a lot about what sizes it is recommended for. I’m about 6.3 inches so assumed this toy would be ok but unfortunately it was too tight.

Thank you to Lovehoney for sending this to us. I’m sorry that we couldn’t rate it very highly this time! For our readers, I still highly recommend you check out Lovehoney and consider some of their other toys, such as the Blowmotion Warming Masturbator, which I reviewed a short time ago. They also sell a lot of other good products, many of which I’ve reviewed on this website.

Lovehoney Ignite

Score: 4 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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