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Review: Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle

Anal toys from Lovehoney

A good beginner’s kit for anal sex.

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First Impressions of the Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle

Score: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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Our friends at Lovehoney sent us this box of beginner anal sex toys. We had been wanting to explore anal sex for some time, so the Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle seemed like a good place to start. Inside the box is a selection of basic yet important beginner toys. They are made from silky black silicone and feel firm in the hand, yet flexible enough to provide comfort. I really like the material they are made from.

Each of the anal toys inside the box has a hole at the base to fit the bullet vibrator (also included in the box). The bullet vibrator in the box is very weak and buzzy. Though for someone completely new to anal play, this vibrator might at least give a good introduction to what it is like to have an anal vibrator. We will probably replace the weak vibrator with something more powerful like the Loica however. Although the vibrator is weak, it’s nice that we can use our own.

It’s also great that an anal douche is included in the Bumper Booty Bundle. Make sure you read up on saftey instructions with this and all the other toys before using them. Personally we don’t like using anal douches but I think it’s good that Lovehoney included one for beginners who might get reassurance from using a douche.

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Experience with the Lovehoney Bumper Booty Anal Toys

As this is a bundle of sex toys, we will review each one individually first. It’s very important that you use a Waterbased Anal Lube with all of these toys. Lovehoney sells its own lube, however we used ‘SLiquid Sassy‘.

The small butt plug

Small Anal Butt Plug from the Lovehoney Bumper Booty Box

Digging into the Booty Box, the small anal plug is where we started. It’s very easy to slide inside the butt without experiencing any pain. The size is non-intimidating, so I found it easy to relax. Relaxed muscles are very important for anal play! This toy is so small that there is no hole to place the bullet vibrator inside. This makes the toy a little boring for me, so I quickly moved on to the next size.

Even if you want to use the vibrating bullet, wait until you are ready to use the bigger anal toys. DO NOT try to use the vibrating bullet in your butt on its own!!

Medium Anal Plug

Medium butt plug from Lovehoney

This toy is a little more intimidating. I had to take it slowly with this butt plug and make sure I had lots of lube. Having used a few butt plugs before, I was able to get this inside me on the first try. However if you haven’t used one before, don’t put any pressure on yourself. The bullet vibrator included feels very weak inside me. I tried replacing it with the Loica bullet and loved the sensation. The Loica bullet is a little bigger so sticks out of this toy a little, however it still works.

Ridged Anal Toy

Anal ridge toy from Lovehoney

This is a fun toy however I haven’t been able to fit it all inside me yet! It isn’t very wide so it is easy to slide into my butt. However the length is quite long and I can only take half of it. The feeling of the ridges sliding out of me is a surprisingly nice sensation, especially with the Loica bullet stuck inside it. This is a nice beginner version to what anal beads feel like. The sensation is far more mellow but again, this box is just for beginners!

Small Prostate Toy

Small prostate toy from Lovehoney

Adam used the small prostate toy and described it as very easy to use. A great toy to introduce your man to if he is completely new to the idea of prostate stimulation. Adam found the included vibrator very weak, so also opted for the Loica bullet. This toy is nothing compared to something like the Nexus Slim Prostate Massager but it’s still a great way to explore prostate play for the first time.

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Partner Play with the Bumper Booty Anal Plugs

Eve’s point of view

The medium sized anal plug is a great size for most beginners. I didn’t feel ready to have actual anal sex after just using the toys in this box. We would need to use bigger anal plugs to build me up for that. Right now I’m happy to use these toys occasionally just to spice up regular sex. If I’m lying down it’s fairly easy for me to keep the medium plug inside me. In doggy style Adam is able to keep it pressed inside me which is very hot.

I had one bad experience where I had INSANE abdominal pain after using these toys once. It was nothing to do with the toys themselves but I thought it worth mentioning if you are going to try anal sex. It’s not uncommon for air to get trapped inside the anus when toys or other things are placed inside it. Trapped air hurts like hell, it’s one of the worst pains I have ever experienced in sex. If you get it, just know that the pain goes away within hours. Be careful!

Adam’s point of view

It’s really hot to see Eve use these toys on herself and to hold them in her as she describes. Like she said, the toys won’t ready you for actual anal sex. The toys are too small for that. They are a great place to start however. We’ve had these toys for almost a year and only just got through them all. So for a beginner kit, it’s great.

I found the prostate toy very difficult to use during partner play. I definitely can’t use it during sex and it doesn’t do much for me when Eve gives me oral sex either. The prostate toy is a little too small for me.

Cleaning the Lovehoney Butt Plugs

All of the toys are very easy to clean however, they are dust magnets so you’ll need to keep them in a storage pouch or bag.

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Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle

Score: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material and Design

10 / 10


5 / 10

Partner play

6 / 10

Vibration strength

4 / 10


8 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

5 / 10


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