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Review: Lelo F1S V2 Penis Vibrator / Masturbator

lelo f1s v2 review

Lelo’s F1S V2 is a penis vibrator and masturbator, so I of course had to try it when Lelo offered to send it in. Read on for my review of the Lelo F1S V2!

Lelo sent me the F1S V2 for free in return for an honest and unbiased review. This page contains affiliate links and if you use them, it helps me continue writing articles like this for you all! Reviewing this product, does not dismiss the ethical concerns I’ve had with Lelo in the past.

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First Impressions of the Lelo F1S V2

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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I’ll be honest, I was initially a little hesitant about reviewing the Lelo F1S V2 because it has a maximum circumference of 5.9 inches inside and my penis is about 6.2 inches. I decided to review this toy anyway because I knew I’d still be able to fit inside when I’m not 100% hard. My review and scoring reflect my own ability to use this toy but please keep in mind that I’m larger than average in girth, so most people will enjoy this toy more than me.

Those with an erect penis circumference over 5.9 inches shouldn’t buy this toy however because it isn’t designed for that size. To figure out your own circumference you can use a bendy ruler, tape measure or wrap a string around your erect penis and then measure the length of where the string meets.

lelo f1s v2 masturbator
Click to enlarge.

The Lelo F1S V2 is a very beautiful toy. Mine is grey / metallic on the outside and has a vibrant blue colour on the inside. I was mesmerised by the way the silicone interior of the toy ripples inside when I look at the toy with the vibration motors switched on. A nice feature of this toy is that we can see the inside mechanics of the toy through a little window. It does give a feeling of car mechanics and pistons, which is what I think Lelo were going for with the branding of this toy. What impresses me is that they’ve managed to get a car engine type feeling without actually making the toy black, which is really nice. The toy isn’t overly masculine, so I think anybody could appreciate its appearance.

The F1S V2 can be used both as a masturbator and vibrator. There are four memory slots on the toy for vibration patterns, which you can cycle between by clicking the power button. You can change the toy’s built-in vibration patterns via the F1S mobile app (available on Android and iPhone). There are seven individual vibration patterns available through the app and you can mix and match them between the two vibration motors, giving you a grand total of 14 different vibration pattern combinations. Just remember that you can only save four vibration patterns at a time to the memory slots of the device. There are 8 levels of vibration intensity (controllable with the plus / minus buttons.

lelo f1s v2 controls review
The F1S V2’s controls – click to enlarge.

You can control the F1S V2 via the buttons at the back of the masturbator or the mobile app. I personally always prefer using toys via the manual buttons. I have a small gripe with the controls on the F1S V2; they are hard to see in dim lighting. Usually when I masturbate, I close the curtains to my room. Because none of the buttons on the F1S V2 light up, I can’t see them in the dark and so I have to guess which ones do what. It’s a very minor thing though because after I’ve found the first button, I know more or less where the others are and what they do.

As I mentioned, the inside circumference of the toy is 5.9 inches. The length of the inside sleeve is 4.3 inches. If you’re over 4.3 inches in length then you can still use the toy, it just won’t cover your entire penis (not a big deal in my opinion).

lelo f1s v2 charge
Click to enlarge.

The toy is completely waterproof, making cleaning a breeze and it also dries pretty quickly. The battery lasts for 1.5 hours depending on usage and it takes the same amount of time to charge. You can remote control the toy via the phone app but this can’t be used for long distance control (it connects via bluetooth).

lelo f1s v2 packaging
Packaging of the F1S V2.

Now let’s move on to discuss how the F1S V2 performs!

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Experience with the Lelo F1S V2

The first time I used the Lelo F1S V2 was in combination with the Lelo Loki Wave, which I reviewed a few weeks ago. The two toys play together perfectly and I love using them together. The Lelo F1S V2 is quite subtle in comparison to other penis vibrations, so that makes it perfect for prostate massage where I absolutely do not want a penis toy to overstimulate me and distract me from the prostate stimulation I have going on. So for combining with a good prostate toy, the F1S V2 is good. I can even use the F1S V2 while flaccid, which is again a big bonus when using it at the same time as a prostate massager.

Too thick in girth for the toy

lelo f1s v2 review

Click to enlarge.

If I enter the F1S V2 already hard, my penis gets stuck slightly above midway because it’s too thick for the toy. The maximum circumference of the F1S V2 is 5.9 inches and I’m 6.2 inches. The only way I can reach the tip of the toy is if I enter the F1S V2 partially hard and only let my penis get fully hard after it’s inside.

The good news is, I’m able to enjoy the vibrators of the toy. The bad news is, I can’t move the F1S V2 up and down without getting my penis stuck midway in the toy again. It means that if I want to reach the tip of the toy, I have to rely entirely on stimulation from the vibration motors in the toy. It’s a shame because I enjoy moving this type of toy up and down simultaneously with the vibrators.

The average erect penis circumference is somewhere between 5 and 5.5 inches. Most people will enjoy the F1S V2 without finding it too tight. If you’re more girthy like me though, you’ll face the same sort of issues.

Not a vibrator that rushes orgasms

As I just mentioned in the previous section, I have to rely entirely on the vibration motors inside the F1S V2. The vibrators inside the toy stimulate the whole shaft of my penis. The vibrations penetrate my penis deeply and even reach down near the perineum area (even though the base of my penis isn’t actually inside the toy). So in that sense, the stimulation experience with the F1S V2 is quite complete. No area of the penis is left unstimulated. It feels like a penis massage.

Despite the stimulation of the F1S V2 covering every area of my penis, the vibrators are too subtle for my taste. I can get to orgasm with the F1S V2 in about 25 minutes using the vibrators alone. For me that is too long for penis masturbation, I prefer for it to go faster. My orgasms with the toy are very satisfying because climaxes that build over time tend to be stronger, yet I often want my sessions with the F1S V2 to go faster.

Keep in mind that my complaint may be your compliment for the toy. Not everybody likes very strong vibrators as much as I do. If you like the idea of having a masturbation machine slowly stimulate / massage your entire penis until you climax, the F1S V2 will likely be a good toy for you. Another thing to remember is that I’m too thick for the toy, so can’t move it up and down. If I were moving the F1S V2 up and down, my orgasms would arrive faster.

The sensation of the vibrators and patterns

I still enjoy using the F1S V2 despite it being a little narrow for me. The sensations that the motors inside give are actually quite unique and I haven’t felt them in other toys before. I can feel things rotating around my penis and it almost feels like a tongue is licking the very tip. I actually feel the base of my penis vibrating quite strongly (despite it not being inside the toy), which is rare in penis vibrators.

To go back to my previous comment about the F1S V2’s branding, even the vibrations seem to be inspired by car mechanics. When I set the toy to intensity level 2 (of 8), the rhythm feels like an engine. I know it sounds a bit strange to say that but it really does. If you can imagine the engine sound that a lorry makes when it’s standing at rest, that’s the same rhythm that I feel at intensity level 2. It’s not hugely important for masturbation of course but I thought that was kind of quirky.

There are four main vibration patterns programmed into the F1S V2 when it arrives. These can be modified from the F1S app (Android / iPhone). Even when using the app to create new patterns, there are still only four ‘slots’ available. If you make a new vibration pattern, there will still only be four patterns in the toy. I’m slightly disappointed by this and I wish there were more slots available. I really enjoy vibration patterns and would prefer not to go to the app whenever I want more than the four I have programmed into the F1S.

All of the vibration patterns feel good. There are two that turn the vibration motors up and down abruptly (an on / off effect). Then there are some that are more like rollercoaster patterns, gradually increasing in intensity and then gradually decreasing again. There is of course a constant vibration mode too. Each of these patterns has 8 levels of intensity. I only ever use maximum intensity because even that feels subtle to me.

Using the F1S App with the toy

Connecting the F1S V2 to the Lelo app is very easy because it uses a bluetooth connection. The app tells you what to do at each step of connection, which is helpful. I think it took me 3 minutes to download the F1S app and get the toy connected, so it’s a nice and easy setup.

When the F1S is connected to the app, you can remote control it from your phone. Using the remote control option, you have the ability to mix vibration patterns between the two motors and control the F1S differently to how the pre-programmed vibration patterns do so. You can also enter ‘Creator mode’ and make new vibration patterns for the toy.

Creator mode is a little limited and personally, I would prefer to have seen some more advanced functionality in this area. Firstly, there are only four memory slots on the F1S so you can’t ever have more than four vibration patterns for the F1S without connecting it to the app. The second limiting factor of creator mode is that I have to select between seven pre-programmed patterns for each motor. It means I don’t really feel like I’m creating, I’m mixing and matching different vibration patterns.

Note that the F1S App does not currently offer long distance control or any other feature apart from those I mentioned. I would really like to see this change in the future. If consumers are downloading an app for a toy, they are more often than ever expecting to be able to allow long distance partners to control the toy from a different city or country. The fact that the F1S App doesn’t do this is a missed opportunity.

Using the F1S V2 in combination with prostate massage

What the F1S App does allow is some creative remote control play between couples who are physically together.

I already mentioned that I used the F1S V2 in combination with my Loki Wave and that feels really good. What also feels nice is to have Eve give me a manual prostate massage while holding the F1S V2 on me. Because the sensations from the F1S vibrators are subtle, I focus more on what Eve is doing to my prostate. The orgasm I had with her doing that was intense.

We didn’t use the F1S V2 in this next position but if you prefer to be in doggy-style while receiving a prostate massage, the F1S could work for you even better. If you’re in doggy style and your penis is hanging into the toy while it vibrates, you’ll get the sensation of being milked.

The silicone inside the F1S V2

lelo f1s v2 inside

One thing I really like about the F1S V2 is that the silicone inside it feels quite soft. Not as much as something like the Firefly Yoni but still enough to make the masturbator sleeve feel very pleasant. The ripples and ridges on the inside of the masturbation sleeve of the Lelo F1S V2 are very welcome too. Often silicone masturbation sleeves can feel a bit plain, so I appreciate the fact that the F1S V2 gives my penis a bit more of an interesting texture inside.

The only downside of course is that the internal circumference of the toy doesn’t give me personally a lot of room to move it. As I already mentioned a few times, I can’t move the toy up and down due to my girth. If you’re more average in girth, you will be able to enjoy using the F1S V2 as a masturbator as well as a vibrator.

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Video demo of the Lelo F1S V2

Here is a short unboxing and demo video of the F1S V2 (no nudity).

How to clean the Lelo F1S V2?

It’s very easy to clean the Lelo F1S V2. You just swill it out with water, rub some soap, rinse it and spray it with some sex toy cleaner (not necessary but I do it anyway). The toy dries out very quickly and I really appreciate that. Some masturbation sleeves take a lifetime to dry and thankfully the Lelo F1S V2 isn’t one of them.

The toy is completely waterproof so as well as you being able to use it inside a bath, you can wash it with as much water as you please.

Concluding my review of the Lelo F1S V2

lelo f1s v2 penis vibrator

So there we have it, my review of the Lelo F1S V2 is complete! The things I like about it are that it massages the entire penis with vibration. The vibrations penetrate so deeply into the penis tissue that I can feel them at the base of my penis, near the perineum. The vibration experience is unique because it’s unusual for toys to vibrate across the whole penis. Despite that, the vibrations aren’t aggressive in nature and the build up to orgasm for me is too long.

It may be difficult for you to understand when I tell you that the vibrations of the F1S V2 penetrate deeply yet are also subtle. The vibrations are very rumbly and the frequency does penetrate deeply. It is the intensity that is lacking for my personal taste… I prefer vibrators to be more aggressive.

The biggest problem I have with this toy is obviously the 5.9 inch maximum internal circumference. I’m above average in girth, so this won’t effect the majority of people. However you really need to measure your erect circumference before buying the F1S V2. If you’re too big for it then your penis may get trapped before it reaches the top of the toy (this happened to me). I was able to get to the top of the toy only when entering flaccid first, which meant after I became hard inside the toy I couldn’t move it or else my penis wouldn’t be able to get back to the top.

To measure your circumference, wrap a string or piece of paper around the thickest part of your erect penis, then mark where the string/paper meets. After that you just measure the paper/string with a ruler. If you are below 5.9 inches in circumference, the F1S V2 will work well for you. If you are above 5.9, it won’t work as well.

Where the Lelo F1S V2 really shines is when it is combined with prostate massage. I enjoy using the F1S V2 while I use prostate toys. Whenever I do prostate massage, I never want the sensation my penis gets to override what my prostate is getting. As I’ve mentioned, the F1S V2 is subtle, so it enables me to have a very nice penis massage while my prostate is being rocked. I reviewed the Lelo Loki Wave a few weeks ago and combined with that toy, the F1S V2 is amazing. It has the right level of intensity for me to get some tickling penis sensation while my prostate is being milked.

My Wishlist for the next version of the Lelo F1S V2:

  • Much stronger vibration motor at the tip of the toy (where the penis head sits).
  • More than 4 memory slots for vibration patterns.
  • Long distance remote control.
  • Larger circumference (or multiple versions of the toy with different circumferences).

Thanks to Lelo for sending me the F1S V2 to review! You can visit Lelo’s official shop by clicking one of the red buttons below.

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Lelo F1S V2

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


6 / 10


6 / 10

Vibration intensity

4 / 10


6 / 10

Desire to use again

5 / 10


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