Kiiroo Feel Strokers Reviewed (12 of them)

Kiiroo feestars feel strokers review

Kiiroo decided to send me some of their Feel Strokers for me to review. I had already tested the default stroker that comes with the Keon (a masturbation machine). I wasn’t such a fan of that default stroker that came with the Keon, so I was a little worried about these new strokers. The four I’m mentioning on this page are all based on the genitals of porn stars. Each has a different texture and comes with different characteristics. They can all be used inside the Keon too. So read on for my review of the Kiiroo Feel Strokers!

The Kiiroo Feel Strokers were sent to me for free by Kiiroo for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links and if you use them, it costs you nothing but it helps my website out.

The Kiiroo Feel Strokers reviewed on this page are (click to skip):

  1. The FeelAlexis *
  2. The FeelNicolette
  3. The FeelRae
  4. The FeelVictoria
  5. The FeelSeptember
  6. The FeelLauren
  7. The FeelRomi
  8. The FeelAshley
  9. The FeelMolly
  10. The FeelLeigh
  11. The FeelSkyler Lo
  12. The FeelReya *

I’ve put stars next to my favourite strokers above, so click those ones if you just want to know which ones are best.

Overall comments on the Kiiroo Feel Strokers

The Kiiroo Feel Strokers are quite reminiscent of Fleshlights. They are a similar size and actually, the Fleshlight sleeves fit into the Feel Stroker cases. The material feels quite similar to Fleshlight’s too, however across the board I find the material Kiiroo uses to be slightly more dense. Kiiroo’s material creates more tightness than Fleshlight’s does and it isn’t quite as soft (at least to my touch). It’s a very subtle difference though. I don’t think you’d notice very much if you haven’t used Fleshlights a lot before.

Despite the criticisms I have about the Feel Strokers in the review, they are in fairness far better than the default Feel Stroker that comes with the Keon, which I have previously reviewed here. I recommend you buy the Keon with the FeelAlexa because that has been my favourite masturbator for it overall.


All of these Feel Strokers are compatible with the Keon (reviewed here), so if you’re intention is to buy them for that, they’ll fit perfectly. If you’re just buying these Feel Strokers as normal masturbators that’s fine too though. I actually tested these mostly outside out the Keon. The only thing to be aware of if you’re using them outside of the machine is that the sides are kind of smooth, so they can slip a little bit if your hands are covered in lube.

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Penis size guidelines for the Kiiroo Feel Strokers

Kiiroo does state the diameters inside each of their Feel Strokers however I think most people don’t know how that translates to compatibility with penis size, particularly because it’s difficult to know how much each masturbator can stretch. Below I’m doing my best to give you an idea based on my own experience. My circumference is larger (6.3 inches) and so many of the strokers are too tight for me, which is how I came up with these values. These are based on my own opinion rather than Kiiroo’s.

Circumference compatibility: Up to 5.7 inches in circumference – I don’t recommend the masturbators to anyone above this size, with the exceptions of the FeelAlexa and FeelReya.

Length compatibility: Up to 7 inches (18 cm). The sleeves themselves are about 8.6 inches long (22 cm), however they compress at the front and are very narrow at the back, so expect only 7 inches.

If you have an erect penis circumference below about 5.7 inches, you’ll enjoy all of these strokers in my opinion. I’m 6.3 inches and I don’t recommend these strokers to anybody my size or above 6 inches in circumference. Kiiroo have made these masturbators for what they consider the average size girth and unfortunately, my size isn’t within that range. For people like me, Kiiroo needs to make all of their masturbators looser because I find most of them too tight. The Alexa and Reya masturbators are the only ones that I enjoy using without a condom and so they’re the only ones I’d recommend if you’re around 6 inches in circumference.

Some of the Kiiroo Feel Strokers are so tight that they caused me friction burns (and yes I was using plenty of lube). I did use them several times, however had to use condoms to avoid more friction burns – not ideal. I have to report this to you but bare in mind that I’m quite girthy. If you’re below 5.7 inches in circumference, it’s unlikely you’ll have this issue.

To figure out your erect circumference, just use a bendy ruler or wrap paper around your penis, then measure the paper flat.

Cleaning and drying the Feel Strokers

Like Fleshlights, the Feel Strokers take a very long time to dry (sometimes over 24 hours). You can speed this up if you dry the outside of them with a towel afterwards and then blast the interior with a hair dryer. I actually recommend that because leaving water drying for too long can reduce the lifespan of the sleeves.

In my opinion, there has been an error in design with some of the FeelStrokers because the front of some close shut when at rest. This means that there is no air-flow through those sleeves while they’re drying, which results in bad drying times. Seeing as the sleeves are made from a porous material called TPE, this is quite undesirable. Again, a way around this is to use a hairdryer on the sleeves after you clean them. Still – I think Kiiroo should make sure their sleeves have better airflow in future to improve natural drying times.

Attention to detail in the Feel Strokers

Some of the earliest Feel Stroker sleeves arrived with creases in the front of the orifices because whoever is responsible for putting the sleeves in the cases was being clumsy and not allowing the sleeves to sit properly at the edge of the case before closing the lid. The creases do go away after they have been left to rest for awhile, so don’t worry too much. In any case, this problem was corrected in the most recent versions of the FeelStars sleeves I received, so I don’t believe it’ll be an issue in future!

You’ll see more about the mould quality below but basically some of the earliest FeelStar strokers weren’t amazing. I believe the moulds taken of the labia etc were scaled down to fit on the smaller orifice of the Feel Strokers. Scaling them down was fine but in some cases there were details lost. Again, the latest Feel Stars strokers are of a much better standard than the first ones I received, so you should be fine if you order those. I list the strokers on this page in the order that I received them 😉

feelrae feel stroker Kiiroo
Straggly bits on the FeelRae.

As you can see in the above image, the FeelRae stroker had “straggly bits” on it. What it looks like to me is someone at the factory has been clumsy when taking the sleeve out of its mould and caused the edges to rip. Kiiroo seems to have spoken to their supplier since I took that image above. Whoever is doing the sleeves now is doing a better job.

FeelReya stretched
FeelReya stretched open

The latest moulds are high quality and can be stretched etc without them losing their original form. I haven’t noticed any straggly bits on the newest sleeves either, so that’s really good to see. The image above is of me stretching open the FeelReya (Reya Sunshine), notice how good the quality of the orifice mould is even when stretched.

The Feel Strokers are good

I’ve been criticising the Feel Strokers a little but in all honesty, they’re good. In fact, some of the newest ones are great. If you’re 5.7 inches in circumference or below, you will get a lot of enjoyment out of them. My point of view is a little bit more particular because first of all, my size isn’t fully compatible with some of them and secondly, I’m a toy reviewer and so when I’m looking at these, I’m comparing them in my head to all of the other masturbators I’ve ever tried.

The Feel Strokers have gotten much better over the years and now the ones Kiiroo has been sending me are of a very good quality.

Scoring criteria

I’ll give each masturbator an overall score, starting with the highest and ending with the lowest.

There are three criteria for each masturbator and I’m scoring them as follows.

Realism – This is a score of how realistic the masturbator feels on a scale of 1 – 10. 1 being the least realistic and 10 being the most realistic. Not being realistic isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that some people prefer realistic textures to complex ones. I prefer complex textures personally, so the lower this score the better usually.

Tightness – This is a score of how tight I find each masturbator. 1 = Loose and 10 = Very tight. For tightness, assume that “5” is my sweet spot. If the number goes above 5, it gets too tight for me. That isn’t going to be the case for everyone.

Complexity of texture – This is how varied and textured I find the interior of the masturbators to be. 1 = plain and 10 = very complex texture. You should ignore the visual cross section of the texture really because the way they look in the diagrams can be misleading (particularly if your girth is wider like mine and pushes all the texture away).

Mould quality – Mould quality is how well I think the orifice is moulded. This has nothing to do with how each vagina looks. It’s more to do with how well I think the toys are moulded. 1 = Basic appearance and 10 = Realistic appearance. For my own scoring, appearance ranks lowest among all criteria, I’m only putting it up for those who care about it.

FeelAlexis – Based on Alexis Fawx

Kiiroo feelalexa feel stroker
Kiiroo feelalexa feelstroker
Close up of Kiiroo FeelAlexa.

Overall Score: 7 / 10

Realism: 5 / 10

Tightness: 5 / 10

Complexity of texture: 6 / 10

Mould quality: 6 / 10

Interior crossection of the FeelAlexis:

Kiiroo feelalexa crossection
Crossection of the FeelAlexis (click to enlarge).

The FeelAlexa Kiiroo masturbator is my favourite of all the Feel Strokers. It isn’t the most real feeling of them all but it’s far less tight than the others I tried. It has a pleasant texture inside too. What I like about this one is that the first inch or two are very wide before it narrows. That creates a nice double insertion feeling.

The FeelAlexa is the only Kiiroo Feel Stroker that I can use without a condom. This is also the only Feel Stroker I’ll be keeping, because the others aren’t suitable for my size. 7/10 overall.

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FeelNicolette – Based on Nicolette Shea

feelnicoletta Kiiroo feel stroker
feelnicoletta Kiiroo stroker
Close up of Kiiroo FeelNicoletta.

Score: 6 / 10

Realism: 6 / 10

Tightness: 6 / 10 (a bit too tight)

Complexity of texture: 5 / 10

Mould Quality: 4 / 10

Interior crossection of the FeelNicoletta:

Kiiroo feelnicoletta
Click to enlarge.

I don’t know if it’s just my version but the FeelNicolette’s orifice mould doesn’t look very realistic. I think something with the mould is off… like it must end immediately after the labia or something. Doesn’t look bad of course but still… I think a better job could have been done with the moulding.

Despite the fact that the FeelNicolette Kiiroo masturbator is still a little tight, I quite like it. This was the first one I climaxed inside… mainly because it feels very good and I couldn’t help but orgasm. It’s somewhat real in sensation and the texture isn’t quite as prominent as with the others. Even though I like it, I still have to wear a condom in order to avoid harsh friction on my skin. Too tight. 6/10 – it would have done better if it was wide enough for me.

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FeelRae – Based on Rae Lil Black

feelrae feel stroker kiiroo
Kiiroo feelrae feel stroker closeup

Score: 6 / 10

Realism: 8 / 10

Tightness: 7 / 10 (too tight for me)

Complexity of texture: 3 / 10

Mould Quality: 5 / 10

Interior crossection of the FeelRae:

Kiiroo feelrae crossection
Click to enlarge.

To me the FeelRae Kiiroo masturbator feels the most real because it doesn’t have a huge amount of texture inside. A possible reason for me not feeling much texture though is due to my girth. I find this masturbator very tight and so it’s possible that any texture inside is lost by how tight it is around me.

The FeelRae definitely doesn’t feel unpleasant, however I can’t use this masturbator without a condom on. When I use the Rae masturbator without a condom, it causes too much friction on my skin (even with a lot of lube). Overall I give this masturbator 5/10. It’s main weakness is that it’s too narrow.

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FeelVictoria – Based on Victoria June

feelvictoria feel stroker Kiiroo review
feelvictoria feel stroker Kiiroo
Close up of Kiiroo FeelVictoria

Score: 4 / 10

Realism: 6 / 10

Tightness: 8 / 10 (way too tight for me)

Complexity of texture: 6 / 10

Mould Quality: 7 / 10

Interior Crossection of the FeelVictoria:

Kiiroo feelvictoria crossection
Click to enlarge.

The mould quality of the FeelVictoria is actually the best of all four I tried, which is ironic because it’s also my least favourite for sensation.

The FeelVictoria Kiiroo masturbator was my least favourite of all because it’s just too tight and that combined with the quite prominent texture creates far too much friction on the skin of my penis. Even with a condom on this one is quite uncomfortable for me to use. Again, I’m 6.3″ around so if you’re 5.7″ or below in circumference, you’ll probably like this one more. I give it 4/10 though because honestly it’s unnecessarily tight.

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FeelSeptember – Based on September Reign

FeelSeptember September Reign review
FeelSeptember mould
Close up of Kiiroo FeelSeptember

Score: 6 / 10

Realism: 6 / 10

Tightness: 6 / 10

Complexity of texture: 5 / 10

Mould Quality: 9 / 10

Interior Crossection of the FeelSeptember:

FeelSeptember texture
Click to enlarge.

The mould quality of the September Reign stroker from Kiiroo marked a turning point in their masturbators for me. After I the September Reign, all of the strokers have had a very good mould quality.

The FeelSeptember is ribbed on the inside and is pleasingly tight without going to far. The texture inside feels a little repetitive, so that’s why I refer to it mainly as a ribbed sleeve. It does have some variation in it but if you want a very complex texture, this isn’t it. For me though I had some good orgasms with the FeelSeptember stroker.

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FeelLauren – Based on Lauren Phillips

FeelLauren Lauren Phillips Review
FeelLauren pussy mould
Close up of Kiiroo FeelLauren

Score: 6 / 10

Realism: 5 / 10

Tightness: 5 / 10

Complexity of texture: 5 / 10

Mould Quality: 7 / 10

Interior Crossection of the FeelLauren:

FeelLauren texture
Click to enlarge.

The mould quality of the Lauren Phillips is pretty good though the texture is a little bit too repetitive for me personally. It feels almost dotted inside rather than ribbed, which is surprising when you look at the cross-section. Still had some good orgasms with this stroker but it’s one I prefer using slowly. Repetitive textures often feel better to me when I use them slowly to build up orgasm rather than going fast and furious! The FeelLauren doesn’t feel very complex, so if you want something very layered and surprising, go for a different one. Of course maybe you just want it because of Lauren Phillips… I understand.

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FeelRomi – Based on Romi Chase

FeelRomi Romi Chase Review
FeelRomi mould
Close up of Kiiroo FeelRomi

Score: 7 / 10

Realism: 6 / 10

Tightness: 5 / 10

Complexity of texture: 5 / 10

Mould Quality: 6 / 10

Interior Crossection of the FeelRomi:

FeelRomi texture
Click to enlarge.

The FeelRomi stroker from Kiiroo actually feels really nice. It’s kind of ribbed and dotted on the inside but I mostly feel the light ribs. It’s given me some pretty explosive slow built up orgasms. The mould quality is ok too. It’s not my favourite of the strokers but it’s certainly worth getting if you like ribbed textures and appreciate the star that this stroker is based on.

Latest Price for the FeelRomi Sleeve

FeelAshley – Based on Ashley Barbie

FeelAshley review Ashley Barbie
FeelAshley vagina mould
Close up of Kiiroo FeelAshley

Score: 7 / 10

Realism: 5 / 10

Tightness: 4 / 10

Complexity of texture: 6 / 10

Mould Quality: 7 / 10

Interior Crossection of the FeelAshley:

FeelAshley texture
Click to enlarge.

The FeelAshley is one of my favourites out of the Feel Stars Collection. It’s ribbed and dotted on the inside and more importantly (for me, being a larger size) it’s not as tight as most of the others I tried. The texture feels a little more complex than some of the other ribbed designs in the Kiiroo Feel Star Collection, so the FeelAshley stroker keeps it a bit more varied (which I like).

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FeelMolly – Based on Molly Stewart

FeelMolly Molly Stewart Review
FeelMolly mould
Close up of Kiiroo FeelMolly

Score: 7 / 10

Realism: 5 / 10

Tightness: 6 / 10

Complexity of texture: 6 / 10

Mould Quality: 7 / 10

Interior Crossection of the FeelMolly:

FeelSkyler Lo texture
Click to enlarge.

The FeelMolly is a little tight on me but I still enjoy using it because of all those delicious ribs on the inside. Unlike some of the ribbed strokers on this list, the ribs inside FeelMolly are a bit more pronounced and so give me the feeling that I’m pushing through multiple vagina openings. There is a larger chamber near the front of the stroker which I enjoyed too.

Latest Price for the FeelMolly Sleeve

FeelLeigh – Based on LeighRaven

FeelLeigh Leigh Raven Review
FeelLeigh mould
Close up of Kiiroo FeelLeigh

Score: 5 / 10

Realism: 5 / 10

Tightness: 7 / 10

Complexity of texture: 5 / 10

Mould Quality: 7 / 10

Interior Crossection of the FeelLeigh:

FeelLeigh texture
Click to enlarge.

The FeelLeigh stroker is one of the tighter masturbators in this list. Like the other tight masturbators from Kiiroo’s Feel Star Collection, I don’t like using this one as much (I’m a little larger in diameter than average). The texture and mould quality of the FeelLeigh is decent, though I find the repetitive nature of the texture is better for slow buildups. I prefer a bit more complexity.

Latest Price for the FeelLeigh Sleeve

FeelSkyler Lo – Based on Skyler Lo

FeelSkyler Skyler Lo review
FeelSkyler Lo pussy mould
Close up of Kiiroo FeelSkyler Lo

Score: 5 / 10

Realism: 5 / 10

Tightness: 8 / 10

Complexity of texture: 6 / 10

Mould Quality: 8 / 10

Interior Crossection of the FeelSkyler Lo:

FeelSkyler Lo texture
Click to enlarge.

Unfortunately for me, the FeelSkyler Lo stroker is tighter than some of the other Feel Star Strokers, so I don’t enjoy it as much (my size is a bit wider than average). The texture feels complex inside though and the mould quality is good, so if you’re an average circumference you’ll likely really enjoy the Feel Skyler Lo masturbator. For me though, it’s a bit like the FeelVictoria stroker where it’s a bit too tight for my penis. If you like tight masturbators then obviously this one might be a good one for you.

Latest Price for the FeelSkyler Lo Sleeve

FeelReya – Based on Reya Sunshine

FeelReya Reya Sunshine Review
FeelReya pussy mould
Close up of Kiiroo FeelReya

Score: 8 / 10

Realism: 4 / 10

Tightness: 6 / 10

Complexity of texture: 8 / 10

Mould Quality: 9 / 10

Interior Crossection of the FeelReya:

FeelReya texture
Click to enlarge.

The FeelReya stroker from Kiiroo is by far my favourite in the Feel Stars line up so far. It has a complex enough texture to keep using it interesting over a longer period and it also isn’t too tight for larger diameter penises (important for me). While the realism of the texture inside isn’t very high, the complexity of the texture makes up for that. I also like the larger chamber at the front portion of the texture, because it gives the feeling of entering a vagina twice (one time after the initial opening). I prefer having complex textures to realistic ones, so this is a good stroker for me. On top of that, the mould quality of this Feel Stars stroker is excellent.

Latest Price for the FeelReya Sleeve

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