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Lubes… which to choose?

Smiling lube

Let’s talk a little….. a little about LUBE. That wonderful bedroom elixir. That defender of all dryness. That delightful slippery substance-. -Ok… I’ll stop.

It exists in plentiful textures, perfumes and different effects that it is sometimes hard to decide which one to buy. That’s why we feel like it is so important to talk about our dear little friend lube. This isn’t necessarily to establish a ranking but more to describe our different experiences with the products we have tried. Feel free to make your opinion later but if this article allows you to make your decisions on lube more clear, we would be delighted. This list is non-exhaustive and we will probably add to it as we feel or when we try new products.


Flavoured lube – Fruity Love by Swede

Swede fruity love lube

We tested the dark chocolate and raspberry flavoured lubes. The tastes and smells are pleasant and natural. Fruity Love lubes by swede are waterbased. Meaning the texture is very nice and you can use them with silicone sex toys. Eve is a little sensitive to lube but this brand doesn’t hurt her and the lubrication it offers is great. The price is also reasonable and the design of the bottle is attractive. We don’t have a bad note for this product, although Adam has tired of the scents that we have by now.

Check it out at Passage du Desir here


Flavoured lube – ID Frutopia

Adam and I decided to try a scent a little more exotic… and so chose banana. You know the banana sweets by Haribo? That’s exactly the same flavour. Suffice to say, it’s not for us. The scent of banana is very present. It has been used once or twice and since then the bottle has been collecting dust at the bottom of the drawer. That said, the aroma is 100% natural, so it is still good quality. The texture is also pleasant, not overly sticky, water-based and non-aggressive. The look of the bottle I like a lot less, because it’s massive, with fluorescent colours and far less elegant than those of Swede. It is also a bit more expensive. Balanced lube on the whole, with a big minus for us not liking the taste.

Check it out at Passage du Desir here

Sensitive lube – Durex Play Gel

Durex sensitive lube

This lube works well, the texture is ok and it doesn’t irritate us. However it’s expensive for the tiny bottle it comes in so meh.

Aloe Vera lube – Durex Play Gel

We’re not huge regulars to the durex brand. We tried this lube once however and it was a great surprise. A little expensive considering the tiny bottle it comes in. However the texture and feel of the aloe vera lube is great.


Sliquid H2O lube

Sliquid H2O Lube


This is a non perfumed lube. It is also waterbased, without glycerine, without paraben and is supposed to activate natural lubrication. The advantage is that the smell is neutral and the texture is very fluid and it isn’t so sticky. My only personal complaint is that I once or twice felt a burning sensation. It is possible that these few times I was slightly irritated from the start and therefore any lubricant could have caused me this inconvenience. It is indicated hypoallergenic so do not be too influenced by my experience that was perhaps simply related to a disequilibrium of my flora. Adam hasn’t had any problems with it and likes it a lot. The bottle looks like a medicinal bottle: sober, transparent plastic, and discreet color. The price is quite affordable.

Check it out at Lovehoney UK here

Check out the Anal version here (also highly recommended)


Enjoy lube – Love Honey

Lovehoney enjoy lube

This lube by Love Honey was sent to us for free. We’ve used it on both solo missions and during sex. We’re unfortunately unimpressed. The lube is waterbased, so it has a nice texture. However it dries up too quickly. So if during sex you are feeling a little dry, this lube won’t help for very long. We’ve used it several times on such instances and it’s left me feeling irritated purely because the lubrication effect doesn’t last that long. For sex toys it is the same. It works but only for a short amount of time. On the other hand it is very affordable…


Water lube – Fleshlube / Fleshlight

Fleshlube water

Yeah… this lube wasn’t what we were expecting. Adam bought it to go with his Fleshlight. Yet he wasn’t expecting it to having the warming effect it has. At first we were both alarmed by the warming sensation, because it feels a little like burning. Never a good sign for your family jewels. Adam got used to it and occasionally uses it for his fleshlight. However I don’t like the lube at all and find the sensation a big turn-off.

You can buy some at the Fleshlight website

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