Review: Magic Touch Velvet Dildo by Passage du Desir

Double Density Suction Cup Dildo Passage Du Desir

Using this double density, suction cup base dildo together is HOT.

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The Magic Touch Velvet is a double density dildo made by Passage Du Desir. Our friends there decided to send us this toy to test out in exchange for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links. If you use them it supports our website, which we really appreciate! 🙂

This toy was tested by my partner in crime, Eve Rouge. She wrote her original article on Obsession French and you can read it by switching the site to french up top 😉
Rather than a direct translation, this article follows her experiences of the toy from my point of view!

First impressions of Magic Touch Velvet

Measuring 6.2 inches in length and 5 inches in girth, this purple dildo is certainly at the higher end of average penis size. Eve describes it as her ideal size. It’s a double density dildo, which Eve goes damn crazy for. Double density means that there is a core of silicone wrapped in another softer layer of silicone. The result is a more flexible, slightly more squishy and awesome feeling shaft. It’s by a brand called Passage du Desir, a popular French shop.

This dildo has a suction cup base which means it can be stuck to mirrors, shower tiles and your walls if they’re smooth enough. During testing we also stuck it to the fridge door. The suction cup works really well. It allows the dildo to stick to most smooth surfaces with a good grip. The only place the dildo wouldn’t stick to for long was our actual wall, which is smooth but not quite smooth enough.

Due to the double density silicone, the dildo’s flexibility and internal density reacts to temperature. Running the dildo under cold water will make it go rigid and running it under hot water makes it more malleable.

The base of the dildo is large enough for it to be compatible with strap-on harnesses. It comes in the colours purple and pink! Eve kind of hates pink so she was really happy that Passage du Desir sent us the purple one. The purple colour is really vibrant and beautiful.

Packaging of Magic Touch Velvet Dildo Passage Du Desir

The packaging of the dildo is quite standard yet elegant. It isn’t the most luxury looking in the world however it would still make a nice gift for example.

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Experience using the Magic Touch Velvet Dildo

Eve has an undying passion for vibrators. It’s been awhile since she last tested a dildo so she was afraid of not enjoying it. The first time she tested it was in bed with me.

After giving her a generous helping of oral sex, I reached for the new dildo and lubed it up with a water-based variety by SLiquid. Eve was lying down on her back. I nudged up beside her and slowly pushed the dildo into her vagina. She gently breathed out as I slid the dildo further in, telling me how full she felt. While the dildo is 5 inches in girth it still feels slightly more.

Using my hand to grip the base of the dildo, I started fucking her with it. She loved the dildo and climaxed after only 4 or 5 minutes. After another short spurt of oral sex, she tried the dildo again while she gave me oral sex. She was on her knees this time, sitting on the dildo. Again she went wild and it was really hot for me to watch. Eve told me later that having me use the dildo on her while she closes her eyes is a little like what she imagines it would be like to use a fucking machine. She enjoyed the dildo most when I was using it on her but still thought it was satisfying for solo use.

Purple Dildo Passage Du Desir

Partner Play

From my point of view, using the dildo on her is sexy as hell. I find it very easy to manipulate the dildo with the bottom of the suction base and sliding it into her is very satisfying. I can feel as I push it in that it’s completely filling her and it’s long enough that I have to pull it back out quite far. I actually enjoy using this dildo on her more than I enjoy using other toys like vibrators on her. With a vibrator, there isn’t a lot for me to do. With air suction toys there is even less to do. Using a dildo gives me the ability to be part of the process more and I LOVE that.

Normal silicone dildos and vibrators are far more rigid and can in some cases cause discomfort if used carelessly. A double density dildo like this one means that it not only more pleasurable but also that it is more difficult to hurt while using it. For this reason, double density dildos are better in situations where you’d like a partner to use the dildo on you. With double density there is slightly less chance of a harder thrust hurting you.

Solo Masturbation

Eve tested the dildo on her own a few times too. She took it with her once in the shower and enjoyed having some fun with the suction base on the shower wall. Apparently the dildo stayed stuck to the wall the entire time she was using it there. Eve’s favourite way to use the dildo in solo use is to combine it with a clit vibrator. This way she slides the dildo inside her vagina with one hand and uses either a vibrator or air suction toy to stimulate her clit with the Be One vibrator and once with the Womanizer Pro40. She prefers the combination of the dildo and the Pro40 but that’s no surprise to those of you who read this sex blog often 😉

One big disadvantage about this dildo for Eve is that it is not ergonomic when she uses it on herself. She says it is very uncomfortable to hold the flared base while using it lying down. This is because the base is down too low and she has to bend her wrist in an awkward way. She pointed out that while she could just hold the shaft instead, that would mean not getting as much length.

Double Density Dildo Passage Du Desir

Eve’s final comments about the silicone of the vibrator is that it feels far more pleasurable than standard silicone. She had a double density vibrator from Anne Summers in the past that broke and she always remembers how good its texture was. This dildo doesn’t quite have the same level of softness as the Anne Summer’s vibrator did however Eve says it’s still way nicer than normal silicone toys. Also, running the dildo under warm water does make it slightly softer. However it still isn’t quite as soft as Eve’s perfect idea of a double density dildo.

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Cleaning the Magic Touch Dildo

This is a silicone dildo, therefore it is very easy to clean. Always use both soap and water. Also use a sex toy cleaner.


Eve is thoroughly impressed with the Magic Touch Velvet Dildo by Passage Du Desir. So am I. It exceeded her expectations and has proven itself to be an extremely good quality dildo. It’s now a regular visitor to our nightstand. I also already used it once as a ‘stunt cock’ in a video I made for my review of The Handy.

Eve would prefer the outer layer of silicone on the toy to be slightly softer. She can get around this by running warm water on the toy (especially good when in the shower). Overall though, this dildo is still luxurious feeling and soft enough for most people. Eve still prefers for me to use the toy on her when we’re together rather than using it on her own. This is because having me use the dildo adds some spontaneity that she doesn’t get when using it on her own. Also, when I use it she gets to focus on her fantasies and worry less about the effort of moving the dildo in and out.

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Passage du desir Magic Touch Velvet

Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


10 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Partner play

9 / 10


10 / 10

Desire to use again

9 / 10

This toy was sent for free by Passage du Désir for an honest review and this page contains affiliate links. Thank you Passage du Désir!


Please note, we don’t update the price listed here. This was the price at the time we wrote this article.

Hey english speakers!! Passage du Désir is a french website. Never fear! We have you covered 😉 follow our instructions below to get yourself this toy.

European flag€49.90 – Buy at Passage du Desir

Ordering for english speakers:

  1. Go to the link above and add the item to your basket ‘Ajouter au panier’.
  2. Go to the basket page ‘Mon panier’.
  3. Under ‘Modes de livraison’ select either ‘À domicile Colissimo 48H’ or ‘À domicile Express 24H’. This means you want it delivered to your home address in either 48 or 24 hours.
  4. Click ‘Passer votre commande’.
  5. Create a new Passage du Désir account under ‘C’est ma première commande, je crée mon compte’.
  6. The next page is self explanatory, you just enter your delivery details. Under ‘Pays’ select your country, for example ‘Grande Bretagne’ for Great Britain.
  7. ‘Date de naissance’ is for your date of birth. ‘Date d’anniversaire de rencontre, mariage, pacs’ is the date of your anniversary as a couple.
  8. Wait while it says ‘Merci de patienter quelques instants…’.
  9. Check your address and order details on the next page, then click ‘Procéder au paiement.
  10. On the next page you can use one of several methods to pay.
  11. That’s it enjoy!!

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