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Ecological Sex Toys

10 Tips for Ecologically Friendly Sex

We don’t consider ourselves environmental experts, warriors or champions but we care about our planet. With all of the hype at the moment around things like the Extinction Rebellion and David Attenborough’s ‘Our Planet’, we thought we would do our bit and write an article about how you can reduce your environmental footprint while still enjoying sex.

Here is a list of guidelines you can follow to enjoy sex in a more environmentally sustainable way. We researched these tips from people and organisations who know better than us (such as Greenpeace).

Too exhausted for sex

10 Things To Do When You Are Frequently Too Exhausted For Sex

Everyone has periods in their lives where things get so exhausting that they can no longer make time or even think about sex. For some it’s a simple matter of time and for others, the deluge of life’s burdens become so heavy that fatigue deprives them of a sex life. The most important thing is how people deal with these periods of exhaustion. In this article we hope to explore the different ways you can help yourself.

Sexy Jack the Lantern Halloween Illustration

12 Ideas for a Naughty and Erotic Halloween

That scary, creepy, horrifying time of the year is almost upon us. Halloween doesn’t HAVE to be that way though. Let’s do away with the lame cheap thrills Halloween experience this year. Let’s do something sensual. Let’s make Halloween naughty and sexy. Here are some ideas for a naughty Halloween with your partner(s).

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Top 10 Sexy Artists on Instagram

We love art, especially when it’s sexy, sensual or erotic. Lately we’ve been enjoying the good work of these artists and illustrators on Instagram! This is in no particular order. We tend to admire artists who avoid the porn image trap. While some of these artists illustrate sex acts, the result still feels like art.