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12 Ideas for a Naughty and Erotic Halloween

Sexy Jack the Lantern Halloween Illustration

That scary, creepy, horrifying time of the year is almost upon us. Halloween doesn’t HAVE to be that way though. Let’s do away with the lame cheap thrills Halloween experience this year. Let’s do something sensual. Let’s make Halloween naughty and sexy. Here are some ideas for a naughty Halloween with your partner(s).

1. Play a game to find out what sexy horror fantasies turn each other on

You can use our fantasy finder here to find out what you or your partner find erotic. Some people’s fantasies lead them to horror fantasies. Think sexy vampires, sexy poltergeists, being taken by aliens or simply being kidnapped or forced. Everybody has their kinks. Playing this game over a bottle of wine at Halloween can be a major turn on. Our fantasy finder is broad but includes a lot of scary / Halloween themed suggestions too 🙂

2. Write (or find) sexy Halloween themed erotica to read to each other

Vampires can be sexy. The idea of being taken in a cult is a turn-on for some people. Read an erotic story to your partner that you think they’ll like. Or have them read it while you pleasure them. Some people might even be daring enough to record themselves reading out the story, then playing it on headphones to their partners while they pleasure them. Eve did this to me once and it was amazing.

3. Halloween Role-play

What kind of list would this be if we didn’t suggest you do some sexy roleplay this Halloween. This could be as simple as dressing up in a sexy Halloween costume. Or as advanced as role-playing out an actual erotic horror situation. Could you be the murderous psychopath whispering all of the despicable things you will do to your helpless partner, while holding a vibrator to them.

4. Bondage and BDSM

Why not try some bondage this Halloween? You could buy some nice bondage ropes and try some simple (or advanced) ties for your partner. Just be sure to read a guide on safety during rope play first. We’ve also tried BDSM candles in the past. These are low heat wax candles that are great fun. They don’t burn your skin but hurt just enough to make it exciting.

5. Blindfold play, Halloween style

Blindfold play is exciting at the best of times. Even better if you combine blindfold play with some of the other suggestions on this list for your next Halloween. Role-playing a scary character while your partner is blindfolded and tied with ropes could be a sexy idea for example.

6. Watch an erotic horror film

There are plenty of erotic horror films out there, why not try one? Just type erotic horror films into google and take your pick.

7. Mystery box game

Fill a box full of treats or toys. There should be two holes in the box for your arms but no way to see inside. Place aphrodisiacs, flavoured lubes, condoms, sex toys, erotica… whatever you want inside. The catch is that inside the box should also be some scary Halloween things. Maybe something that feels like spiderwebs, plastic bugs, squidgy eyeballs and slime. Maybe you could hide some BDSM candles inside the box then tell your partner it’s time for you to use them on him or her 😉

8. Naughty ducking apples or hanging apples

Some of you may remember the children’s Halloween game where you put a bunch of apples into water. Then the game is to use only your mouth to get the apples out of the water. Another similar game was to hang a string from the ceiling and attach a apple to the end. The game would then be for a blindfolded person to find and bite the apple.

We have several suggestions to make these classic games naughty!

  1. Play it strip style. So every time you miss, you have to take off a piece of clothing.
  2. Wear a remote controlled vibrator or sex toy. Your partner has the remote and decides how to use it. Maybe they will increase the intensity of your vibrator as you get closer. Or maybe they’ll cut the vibration if you miss.
  3. BDSM style. You get spanked and punished each time you miss.

9. Body painting

You and your partner can use an edible paint to paint scars, blood, scary creatures etc on your skin. Then you can lick it all off each other for fun or take a shower together. Alternatively you could use phosphorous body paint and make it all glow in the dark 😉

10. Strip Charades: Halloween theme!

This idea is to play a game of charades. Charades is a game where you get up in front of the other player(s) and act out a word you have in mind. If you can make the other person guess, you win. If they can’t guess, you lose. Here are our suggested rules for a naughty Halloween themed charades game:

  • Each person has to pick a Halloween themed word or thing (see below for examples)!
  • Then you take it in turns to act out what that thing is. Starting with simple mimes like if it is a film etc.
  • You cannot write anything down, draw anything, use words, sounds or even mouth words. Everything has to be mimed.
  • If your partner guesses correctly, you move on to your next mime. If they guess incorrectly. You have to take off a piece of your clothing in front of them. Then it’s their turn to mime their halloween object, person or word
  • The person who wins is the one who gets the other person to guess their word correctly.
  • OR the loser is the first person naked.
  • The winner is allowed to demand anything of the loser. You should decide your own sexy forfeit or reward!

The words used should be Halloween themed. For example you could ask the other player to guess the names of scary films, characters or monsters. You could extend this to murder weapons, murderers, types of executions or torture devices. Or objects like pumpkins, magic wands etc.

This could be super fun because there is no limit to the creativity you can extend to the game. For example you could act out the monster on the other player. Or mime using the murder weapon, execution device or torture device on them.

Some words will be easier than others to guess, so you should perhaps play several rounds of strip charades and decide gradually more intense forfeits or rewards!

11. “Who am I?” game

Instead of playing charades, you could play a game of “who am I?”. The rules change slightly.

  • Your partner picks a character, monster or murderer for you. You do the same for them
  • You try to guess who or what you are. If you guess right you carry on guessing and if you guess wrong, you take of a piece of clothing.
  • The person to win is allowed to demand a forfeit for the loser or a reward for themselves.

12. Would you rather? Halloween themed!

You could play a game of “Would you rather?” with Halloween themes. For example:

  1. Would you rather be taken sexually by a vampire or ravaged by a wear-wolf?
  2. Would you rather be abducted by aliens or taken to the underworld for abominable reproduction?
  3. Would you rather have sex in a cemetery or haunted house?
  4. Would you rather have your penis cut off or your nipples cut off?
  5. Would you rather be possessed by an insane lustful demon or a perverted murderer?
  6. You are to be fucked to death. Would you rather be choked or pounded so violently that your heart stops?
  7. A vampire is going to bite you. Would you rather be bitten on your genitals, your ass or your nipples?
  8. Would you rather be the slave to a lusty and sexual psychopath or be a mummy who is only woken for sex?

Voila! Have a good Halloween 😉

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