This is a gender-specific page written for those who search for ‘top rated male sex toys’, ‘sex toys for men’ and other gender-specific terms. This page lists such toys but part of it also explains why people should use more specific, gender-neutral language in future searches. The language I use here won’t be gender inclusive at all because I want to capture the attention of people using these terms. The rest of my website uses gender-neutral language,. You should visit my best penis and prostate pages if gender inclusivity is important to you (and also if you want more specific info on those kinds of toys)!

Welcome! There is a lot of rubbish online and you need to be careful about which sex toys you buy. Sometimes materials are bad or toxic. Other times it can be the build quality, features or texture that isn’t nice. Sometimes toys just don’t work as well as you had hoped. I only test sex toys from companies that I can trust. Occasionally I don’t even like those toys but the ones on this page are my personal top male sex toys. I have tried lots and so know what I’m talking about when it comes to pleasuring my penis, prostate and my partner!

Stop searching for Male Sex Toys

Whether your searching for toys to use on yourself or you are a partner looking for sex toys for your boyfriend, it is better to stop using “Male Sex Toys” as a search query. You can skip this section if you wish and get straight to my recommendations, however I encourage you to read my reasons why. It’s important!

Being specific = more pleasure and choice

You guys that search for “male sex toys” would be better off searching for more specific kinds of sex toys for your body. It will save you time and bring up more recommendations. Nevertheless, I wanted to still write you a page full of my favourites because I know a lot of you online are searching for male sex toys, male masturbators etc. I don’t use this terminology elsewhere on my website but am using it here to draw you in, dear visitor!

I understand why you search for male sex toys because before I was a writer on this website, that was how I too searched for information. So I know first hand why it is better to be specific. Right now you could be looking for a penis toy or prostate toy, both of which I have specific pages for, where you’ll get better information.

Another thing to stop wasting time with is searching for ‘male masturbators’. I use that term on this page to get you here and tell you this. I encourage you to stop using the ‘male’ modifier. There are no other kinds of masturbators, therefore you don’t need any other words!

Untrustworthy websites target ‘Male Sex Toys’

You should know that there are a lot of real shitty websites that target the phrases ‘male sex toys’ and ‘sex toys for men’. This means that you aren’t getting the most trustworthy advice. How do you know whether a resource should be trusted? Well you should check to see if the reviewers have actually reviewed the majority of products themselves. Most list style websites you find will have people pretending to have reviewed products. The easiest way to detect whether a reviewer is genuine or not is to look at their photos. If it is clear that they have taken them from a catalogue or marketing pack, don’t trust them. Another way to check is to look at how specific their writing is. Are they just saying everything is awesome or are they actually making specific comments?

On this website, I test everything myself. All of the colourful backgrounds I use are proof that I took the pictures because as far as I’m aware, nobody else takes pictures like me! For the rare occasion that I recommend something that I didn’t test, I have at least done a lot of research into the product or handled it myself at a shop. But again, almost everything on this website has been tested by either me or my girlfriend.

We’re excluding people by saying Male Sex Toys

There are many extremely knowledgable sex toy reviewers that you aren’t seeing because they don’t specify gender in their writing. Like them, I usually describe sex toys by area of body rather than gender. We do this because otherwise we exclude a lot of people who don’t feel comfortable with being called a man or male. These people may be trans, non-binary or might identify with a different gender. While you may not personally know people who feel this way, they exist in large numbers!

Personally, I don’t know what it feels like to not associate myself with my born gender. I was born a male and haven’t ever had a problem with that. If you’re like me then you may not understand either. All I’d say is try to think of a situation where you felt excluded. That’s how some of these people feel and that’s why so many of us sex bloggers don’t use the phrase ‘Male Sex Toys’.

Anyway, lecture over. Let’s show you how to get some pleasure!

What are the different kinds of Male Sex Toys?

The category of men’s sex toys is HUGE. There was a time when there weren’t so many good sex toys for men around. That has now changed and often my girlfriend is jealous of my sex toys because of how pleasurable and different they are. Men have two areas of the body that respond achingly well to stimulation. The first is the penis, the second is the prostate gland (accessed via the butt). Men can get orgasms from either of these erogenous zones independently of one another.

There are of course other areas of the body that men find pleasurable to have stimulated. The perineum is another area that is targeted by certain male sex toys. The perineum is the small and highly sensitive stretch of skin that runs between the testicles and anus. I will list some toys on this page that target the perineum. It isn’t a primary source of stimulation as the penis and prostate are, however it is a great ‘plus’ sensation. The perineum can also be a great part of the body to stimulate on men who are curious about prostate stimulation but don’t feel ready for it.

Categories of ‘Male Sex Toys’

  • Penis Vibrators / Male Vibrators
  • Male Masturbators
  • Prostate Massagers
  • Prostate Vibrators
  • Penis Pumps
  • Penis Traction Devices (penis extension)
  • Cock Rings
  • Cock and ball rings
  • Butt Plugs
  • Anal beads
  • Strap-on dildos
  • Chastity devices
  • Extension sleeves (hollow dildos you can put on your penis to make it bigger)
  • Vibrating wands
  • Smart sex toys
  • Urethra rods
  • Textured sleeves (same kind of idea as ribbed condoms)
  • Electro-stimulation (usually in the form of prostate and penis toys)
  • Sex dolls

I hope you now see why it will be more beneficial for you to be more specific when you think of buying a sex toy for men. Below you can find a list of the best male masturbation toys that I’ve tried.

Best Male Vibrators

Lovense Max 2 – Hands free vibrator

This is a smart sex toy, meaning that it has extra intelligent capabilities beyond just being a penis vibrator. It also has a contraction system inside the toy that feels like a vagina contracting on your penis. The Max 2 can also be remote controlled over distance by a partner. It’s a damn amazing toy, you don’t even have to hold it while it gets you off if you don’t want to. Definitely one of my top three.

Pulse Duo Lux by Hot Octopuss

If you’re searching for the most powerful penis vibrator available then look no further. The Pulse Duo Lux is the most powerful vibrator I’ve ever used on my penis. It is so powerful I don’t even use the highest setting. What’s more, this toy is great to use in sex and is even better to use while getting a blowjob. There is also a solo version of the toy without the extra clit vibrator. It’s slightly cheaper and known as the Pulse Solo Lux.

Cobra Libre II by Fun Factory

The Cobra Libre II has been one of my top male sex toys for a while now. Its vibrations completely surround my penis and I haven’t yet found a penis vibrator that has such unique vibration patterns. The Satisfyer Men Vibration got close but I still prefer the Cobra Libre’s deeper more rumbly vibrations. This toy is also sort of a hands-free vibrator. You can just leave it run by itself if you are lying down.


The Man.Wand is a wand vibrator with a fused penis holder. Its main advantage is that it is very ergonomic and can also by women. To turn it into a clit vibrator it just needs to be turned around. The vibrations from this penis toy are very powerful and

Best Male Masturbators

Whether you call them masturbators, strokers, pocket pussies or ‘Fleshlights’, this category of penis toy is very large. You need to be careful which masturbator you buy. There are a lot of very cheap toys on the market that shouldn’t be. These toys can be made of rubber and other toxic materials. You can trust all of the masturbators on this list and the brands I mention. Always do your research though.

Male Masturbators are almost always made of porous materials, so they aren’t the most durable sex toys available to you. Unlike silicone, the pores in the materials of masturbators will eventually cause the toy to degrade. Typically male masturbators last 2 – 5 years if taken care of properly. It will depend on a lot of other things like how often you use the masturbator, how hard you use it, what climate you live in and how well you clean. I live in France and it isn’t very warm here in winter. If I lived in a warmer climate then my masturbators might last longer.

Cleaning and drying is more important for masturbators than it is with any other toy. If you don’t clean and dry them properly, they will degrade very quickly. This is especially the case with large masturbators by Fleshlight which you can’t split open to dry. Also, if you don’t clean sex toys properly you can get an infection. All of the best brands use porous materials, Fleshlight and Tenga included. Don’t let this put you off, just know that it requires maintenance.

In the Fleshlight vs Tenga debate, Tenga wins for me purely on practicality. You can split many of Tenga’s best toys open into two halves. This means that they dry way faster. There are models of Fleshlight that dry faster but the best ones all take a long time.

Male masturbators were a revolution to me when I first started using them. Despite the warning I gave you above, these toys feel so damn good. They are often made out of a weird cyber-skin material that neither feels like rubber, skin, nor plastic. It has a squishy, velvety and soft consistency. Often the material needs to be powdered in some way in order to prevent it from becoming sticky. Though this isn’t essential. Always make sure that the masturbator you choose is body-safe. All of my recommendations are.

The Handy

The cream of the crop in terms of masturbators is The Handy. It’s actually another smart sex toy that can be used with several different masturbators. The attachment mechanism (a velcro strap) means that unlike other smart sex toys like the Fleshlight Launch, The Handy can be used with many different brands. It’s one downside is that it needs to be plugged in via a power adapter to work. The toy also has the ability to sync to porn and mimic the on-screen action.

Fleshlight Mini-Lotus Sleeve

The Fleshlight Mini-Lotus is my all time favourite masturbation sleeve. It is often described as feeling like a real vagina however I wouldn’t go that far. The sensation I get from the Mini-Lotus sleeve is far more exaggerated and intense than a real vagina. I have tried other Fleshlights, including a Fleshlight Girls version by Angela White. None of them have been better than the Mini-Lotus so far.

The Mini Lotus sleeve is compatible with Fleshlight Classics and will also fit into a Fleshlight Girls holder. Like all other Fleshlight sleeves of this size, it is a pain in the ass to clean and dry. So be aware that it can take over 24 hours to dry completely sometimes. During that time it needs to be left out. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the process.

Tenga Flip Hole

The Tenga Flip Hole comes in four versions. I recommend the Flip Hole Black, which is the one I reviewed on this website. It feels amazing, it’s affordable and is quicker to dry than the Fleshlight Mini-Lotus. The reason it is easier to maintain and dry is because it flips open to allow for faster drying times. It is my second favourite masturbator at the time of writing.

Fleshlight Quickshot

The Fleshlight Quickshot comes in several different versions. I tested the Vantage. While these don’t feel anywhere near as good as the full size Fleshlights, they are better to use with a partner. Your partner can use the Quickshot on you while giving you a blowjob at the same time. The combination is reeeeeally good. Guy’s with thicker penises might want to skip this toy though. My girth is slightly above average and I can’t use the toy while it has the plastic holder on.

Honerable Mention:

The Fleshlight Launch is also known as a very good smart masturbator. Like the Handy, you can attach masturbators to it and it will move them up and down on your penis. It only works with Fleshlights though, so isn’t quite as versatile as The Handy. The launch also syncs with porn.

Best Vibrating Cock Rings

I could talk about non vibrating cock rings but let’s be honest, that’s not fun is it? What we really want is a vibrating cock ring. A cock ring vibrator so powerful that it can get both him and her off easily.

We-Vibe Verge

The We-Vibe Verge is the best vibrating cock ring I tried so far. It fits around both your balls and penis. While that sounds a little worrying at first, trust me that it feels amazing. The vibrator in the Verge is very powerful and it can be worn in several ways. You can point the main vibrating tip towards her clit, her perineum (between the vagina and butt) or you can also point it towards your own perineum (my personal favourite). If you have a very thick penis then this toy may be too awkward for you to put on comfortably. The silicone on this toy is fairly rigid, so be warned about that too. I love it but I can see why others might not like it.

We-Vibe Pivot

I don’t actually own the We-Vibe Pivot but have handled it in a trade show. I also feel qualified to talk about it because it is similar to its sister product, the Verge. The Pivot has a very powerful vibrator and unlike the Verge, it only fits around the penis. So if the We Vibe Verge sounds too awkward of a fit for you, the We-Vibe Pivot will be your best bet. The silicone on the We-Vibe Pivot also felt more soft and stretched far more than the We-Vibe Verge does. I really want one!

Ann Summers Couples Moregasm Ring

I bought my Ann Summers Moregasm ring a long time ago and the toy has since been upgraded. The vibrator in this cock ring is pleasingly rumbly though and I have no doubt that since it has been updated, the toy has only gotten better. This is more of a classic fit cock ring, meaning it just goes around the penis. My girlfriend comes very quickly when I wear it. I have thought about updating to the latest model but honestly my older one still works as good as new. The power of this cock ring feels comparable to the We-Vibe Vector. A bonus with this toy is that it is cheaper.

Rocks Off Ro-Zen Pro

This cock ring is for experienced users of anal toys only. The Ro-Zen Pro has two stretchy silicone rings and a butt plug. The two stretchy rings fit around the base of the penis and around the balls. The butt plug is actually quite large and while I do use it, I personally find it too big to use regularly. For people more used to big anal toys though, you will love this cock ring. The vibration bullet is detachable and can be recharged. The vibrating bullet is also waterproof and pretty powerful.

Best Prostate Massagers

Prostate massage is a magic, forgotten form of masturbation. The prostate gland is located in the anus, meaning that many men don’t explore it. It really is a shame that some men choose to avoid the area because prostate milking has the potential to be even more powerful than penis masturbation. You can use your fingers to try to perform prostate massage on yourself but I recommend just buying a toy for it. Some of them really aren’t that expensive and they target the prostate far better than your amateur fingering will.

These are some of my favourite prostate toys.

We-Vibe Vector

The We-Vibe Vector is the best prostate toy I have used. It’s vibration patterns are perfect, its size is perfect, it can be used during sex and can be remote-controlled. It’s a more expensive toy but if you have this one, you won’t need another!

Desire Luxury P-Spot Massager

The Desire P-Spot Massager by Lovehoney is my second favourite prostate toy. It’s slightly girthier than the We-Vibe Vector above so also presses more buttons. Its disadvantages are that it can’t be used while you have sex and isn’t remote controlled. Other than that though, it’s a solid and affordable prostate vibrator.

Nexus Revo Stealth

Nexus is a brand famous for its prostate massagers. I have tried two prostate toys from their Revo collection and prefer the Stealth so far. The thing that makes these toys unique is that the tip of the prostate massager rotates. So as well as vibrating inside you, these will also move around and play with your prostate that way too. The Stealth is a managable size for most people but if you are a total beginner, start with the Revo Slim, which I also tested and liked.

You can find out more of my favourite prostate toys on this page, as well as a lot of other information on prostate massage.

Best Penis Extension Devices

I have a big section on penis pumps and penis extension, so I will keep this short. If you want to read a lot more information on penis extension and penis pumps, visit my article here.

The best penis pumps available to buy are all water pumps:

  • Bathmate HydroXtreme (the best)
  • Bathmate Hydromax (runner-up)
  • Penomet pump (also decent)

Only buy Bathmates from their official website, which you can find here.

The best other kinds of penis extension devices are:

  • The Male Edge Pro Traction Device, which I have personally tested.
  • Quick Extender Pro
  • Phallosan Forte

Best Male Enhancement Pills

Most male enhancement pills or ‘penis pills’ aren’t even worth me writing about. I’ve tried several over the years, some branded as male aphrodisiacs. They rarely work, however there are some that do have some affect.

Penis pills with Horny Goats Weed are often made of all natural ingredients and increase the erection quality of many users. The way they work is by increasing blood flow to the penis and reducing tension. Companies who make natural male ehancement pills often include many other nautral ingredients that they say has a positive affect on the male libedo. Horny Goats Weed is the main component though, so this is what most of the best pills have in common.

Max Performer

I tested Max Performer pills for two months and was sort of expecting it not to work. I approached the company myself to express interest in testing the pills. My skepticism continued for my first month of using the pills because I didn’t feel much of an affect at all. During the second month however I noticed that my morning wood was far stronger than usual and also lasted longer.

I also got erections through the day more frequently and found some challenging sex positions easier than usual. For example I find doggy-style taxing on my legs when I go extra rough. During the second month of testing I noticed my legs would still burn but my penis was still very hard. This is rare for me because when my muscles begin to ache during sex, my erections usually suffer.

It’s not a magic pill and won’t work for everyone but it is the only one that has worked for me.

VigRx Plus Pills

Pills from VigRx Plus is extremely similar to those from Max Performer. I haven’t tested these pills myself yet but VigRx is another well known brand for Horny Goats Weed pills. Their ingredients are slightly different but I have read several times that results are similar to Max Performer.