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Review: Be One Mini-Vibrator by Fun Factory

Be One Vibrator by Fun Factory

What can we expect from such a small thing …?

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First impressions of Be One by Fun Factory

Score: 4 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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Our friends at Passage du Désir have spoiled me again. I had the pleasure of receiving Be One from Fun Factory, in exchange for an honest and impartial opinion.

I have always appreciated the elegance of the packaging of Fun Factory, and this one was no exception. The packaging is golden but sober, with no frills or unnecessary plastic. Inside the box, we discover the little Be One vibrator in its transparent case. It’s brilliant to have this case because it will facilitate maintenance and transport!

The Be One is like a little jewel in its box. And there’s a little bit of that idea in the design of the vibrator, which is almost used as a hand ornament.

The toy itself is very small, black and red. It feels very light and is hollowed out on the sides to match the space between the index and middle fingers. The mixture of plastic and silicone makes it pleasant to the touch and very maneuverable. This little vibrator doesn’t look like much, but it has a mischievous side that I like!

The Be One is also waterproof and comes with a USB charging cable. This vibrator is equipped with 2 motors and 4 modes of vibration.

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Now let’s get to practical work!

Experience using Be One by Fun Factory

Upon looking at this vibrator, I knew that it probably wasn’t synonymous with total ecstasy. Its size and its weight makes that obvious. It is rather a preliminary sex toy; a vibrator for teasing games rather than an express ticket to orgasm.

The vibrations are pleasant. The Be One provides beautiful sensations against the skin, especially in the hollow of the thighs, around the nipples, along the hips. The Be One’s Flirt mode is particularly interesting because it is random and this is the mode I prefer to stimulate the clitoris.

During solo masturbation, the Be On left me indifferent. Mainly because I did not find it practical to use in the position indicated by Fun Factory (between the index and the middle finger). The grip is simple, but the position of the vibe’s handle between my index and middle fingers is not very comfortable. For fear of dropping it, I tended to tighten my fingers, which is not ideal. This is probably normal however, because the vibrator was clearly designed for couple’s foreplay and not for solo pleasure. But I find it frustrating that a toy cannot adapt to our desires.

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However, I found the Be One quite fun in the bath! The Be One is completely waterproof, so it was too tempting. It was in this relaxing and sensual moment, without any particular expectations that I enjoyed it the most. Immersed in the water, it didn’t from my hands so I was able to relax and really have fun.

Partner Play with the Be One Vibrator

Fun Factory recommends the use of Be One for oral sex, because it can stimulate your partner’s penis more. However, again, I tended to tighten my hand because I felt it was going to fall. Changing the vibration mode is not easy, because you have to stop and use your other hand to press the button. So I ended up grabbing it with my thumb and forefinger, rather than between my index and middle fingers.

Sliding it against Adam’s skin, I lost it several times because I did not hold it firmly enough. This caused me frustration with the toy several times. Same for him, he was a bit confused by the feeling of having this tiny object pinched between his fingers.

Cleaning the Be One

The Be One is very easy to clean, just use a special sex toy wipe or spray. I recommend that you put it back in its shell to protect it from dust.


I’m a little disappointed … being a big fan of Fun Factory, I admit that I had certain expectations and that they were not met by this toy.

The main reason I didn’t like it is that I found the grip unpleasant. The position of this small toy between my index and middle finger is rather uncomfortable in my opinion. The fear of letting go of it and having my hand tighten up really limited my pleasure of the toy (Adam feels the same).

The Be One has potential: its size and its transport shell open the door to many fun and naughty scenarios. It will be easy for you to surprise your partner under the table at the restaurant, or to join him in the shower to make the steam rise. It is a vibrator that does not stand on its own and therefore calls upon your creativity. It will not be the key to your orgasms, it will not make your partner mad / crazy with pleasure but if you can show a little imagination and spontaneity, this little vibrator can bring a little touch of playfulness to your games.

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Fun Factory Be One

Score: 4 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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Partner play

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8 / 10

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3 / 10

This toy was sent for free by Passage du Désir for an honest review and this page contains affiliate links. Thank you Passage du Désir!


Please note, we don’t update the price listed here. This was the price at the time we wrote this article.

Hey english speakers!! Passage du Désir is a french website. Never fear! We have you covered 😉 follow our instructions below to get yourself this toy.

European flag€69.90 – Passage du Désir

Ordering for english speakers:

  1. Go to the link above and add the item to your basket ‘Ajouter au panier’.
  2. Go to the basket page ‘Mon panier’.
  3. Under ‘Modes de livraison’ select either ‘À domicile Colissimo 48H’ or ‘À domicile Express 24H’. This means you want it delivered to your home address in either 48 or 24 hours.
  4. Click ‘Passer votre commande’.
  5. Create a new Passage du Désir account under ‘C’est ma première commande, je crée mon compte’.
  6. The next page is self explanatory, you just enter your delivery details. Under ‘Pays’ select your country, for example ‘Grande Bretagne’ for Great Britain.
  7. ‘Date de naissance’ is for your date of birth. ‘Date d’anniversaire de rencontre, mariage, pacs’ is the date of your anniversary as a couple.
  8. Wait while it says ‘Merci de patienter quelques instants…’.
  9. Check your address and order details on the next page, then click ‘Procéder au paiement.
  10. On the next page you can use one of several methods to pay.
  11. That’s it enjoy!!

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