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#SoSS Sex Blogger Round Up

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Here are some bloggers we’ve been reading recently!

Phallophile Reviews

Phallophile Reviews has a great guide on self thrusting toys. We’re very curious about these ourselves which is why I stumbled upon it. Her guide is detailed yet to the point. I really want to check out one of the velvet thrusters now.

Le Journal

This week I found Le Journal, an english / french language sex toy blog. Their format is a little different to ours but it’s so nice to see another english / french blog! We’re looking for a good magic wand to try at the moment and this review on the Doxy Dye-cast Wand was an interesting read. The writer is very thorough and honest which I appreciated. It was especially interesting to hear about the downsides of using such a powerful vibrator. It’s also good to know about the difficulties cleaning this toy. The novelty of forced orgasms still interests us on this one!


I’ve been following the sex toy reviews by Scandarella for some time. Yet it was only recently I began reading her short erotic fiction. This recent story of her’s is a good and very hot example. I like the way she explains the story before and after to make sure everyone knows it’s just fantasy. It’s very well written. Very short but honestly that’s what I prefer from an erotic story. She doesn’t give a huge amount of detail, so you can play out the fantasy in your own head later and add to it.

Les Plaisir à deux

Le blog Plaisir est un blog en français! J’aime beaucoup le design de leur site internet. C’est très classe. J’ai lu la comparaison entre le Womanizer Classic et Womanizer Premium, c’est très honnête et maintenant je voudrais un Womanizer Premium. Je n’arrive pas à croire que Womanizer a arrêté la production du Pro40 !

Dangerous Lilly

You are perhaps already familiar with this blog. Lilly is a very to the point writer and has a take no prisoners style. That’s why we enjoy reading her! Recently I was reading through a lot of her writing on toxic sex toys. We were approached here by a company who sent us toys to review that were unclear with their materials. They were renaming materials and trying to make them sound different to the well known bad materials. So I was searching for information and even considered contacting Lilly at one stage. In the end though I found everything I needed to read on her blog. Her information helped us decide to bin the dodgy toys we’d been sent and prevented us from promoting something potentially dangerous. So thank you Dangerous Lilly.

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