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#SoSS Sex Blogger Roundup 4th Aug 2018

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Here are some sex bloggers I’ve been reading this week!

Tools & Tricks for organisation – Messy reviews


This is a great post about how this blogger organises their time. Despite finding it overwhelming to post very often, they have found a solution that works well for them. Mind dumping is a great idea that I’m personally going to start!

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Pussy Pump Review – Little Switch Bitch


Incredibly, this is the first in depth review I’ve read about a pussy pump. While this didn’t seem to be a positive review, it contained lots of important information. Such as the fact you should measure your size before buying a pump. The fact that it might be a mixture of pleasure and pain. This review didn’t inspire me to go out and buy a pump but it did inform me more about the experience!

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Lovehoney Humdinger Review – Coffee and Kink


It’s great to see a review of such an affordable yet impressive sounding toy. The writer is to the point and has a nice sense of humour in her writing. Go check it out and get one of those vibrators. At that price, can one afford not to try it? Hmm..

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How to enjoy sex during your period – Miss Jezebella


I love the little drawings this blogger puts at the start of their articles sometimes. This article is an interesting read for anyone who wants sex during their period. It’s very easy to read and split up under big headings with images. Especially like the suggestion to have sex in the shower!

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Fun with foreskin: tips, techniques and gifs – Super Smash Cache


Firstly, this post has some very sexy gifs of penis loving action. It’s also interesting to read about the differences between pleasuring an uncut vs circumcised penis. I didn’t realise circumcision is more common in the USA. As an uncircumcised guy I’m going to go ahead and say “yes” try these tips on your uncut guy. Great article!

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Pocket Pulse by Hot Octopuss Review – The Big Gay Review


I’ve been reading this blog for years. It’s still my go to place for reading about male sex toys. The author has reviewed so many products it’d be impossible not to find something of interest there. I absolutely love the graphics and design of the website. By far my favourite design of the blogs I browse.

I’ve been curious about the pocket pulse remote for awhile. Eve and I like to play with her remote toys and I get envious. Reading this article I discovered that it probably won’t offer me what I’m looking for. The toy still sounds great though and I question whether I would have chosen the Pulse III over this, if I had the choice at the time.

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