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Review: The Zumio X – Is it as good as they say?

Zumio X Review

My first encounter with the Zumio brand was through this clitoral stimulator, designed to provide an orgasm in less than 5 minutes. Does the Zumio X rise to the challenge? Read my review of the Zumio X to find out 😉

The Zumio X was sent to me for free by Sinful in exchange for an honest review. This article contains affiliate links. If you use them it doesn’t cost you anything but it helps support our website!

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First impressions of the Zumio X

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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I haven’t heard of the Zumio toys until now. Adam knew I hadn’t tried a toy like this before, so when he mentioned it to me I was very curious! While learning about Zumio X, I had the pleasure of reading that the materials used were hypoallergenic and phthalate free. It is an absolutely essential criterion in my eyes. It’s sad that something as important as a toy being “phthalate free” has to be marketed as a feature rather than just a standard and essential regulation for sex toys. Nevertherless, it’s good that Zumio are giving consumers this essential information.

Upon receiving it, I was immediately seduced by the design of the Zumio X. Almost looking like a stylus, it can easily pass for a trivial everyday object. I liked the elegant shade chosen, a dark purple which to my eyes helps it remain discreet. The charger is also well thought out: it works like the charging base of an electric toothbrush. I could leave it on top of my dresser / nightstand without arousing too much suspicion. Small, thin and very light, it’s the kind of toy that is easy to slip into the drawer of my bedside table. Although the handle is in plastic (which helps reduce the weight), I really loved the look of the Zumio X. Sometimes plastic handles etc can look a bit cheap but with the Zumio X I feel like I’m holding something of a higher quality.

Zumio X charging

The autonomy of the Zumio X’s battery varies according to the intensity used: from 75 minutes to 4 hours. It’s charging time is 16 hours maximum. The Zumio X is designed to provide orgasms in a few minutes, so you will not necessarily need to charge it very often, but it is clear that it is a VERY long charging time and that you will have to anticipate.

Zumio X Review
Packaging – (click to enlarge).
Zumio X what's included
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According to the manufacturer, the Zumio X is fully waterproof. On the other hand, on some shop websites, I could read that it was not 100% waterproof, but was splash resistant. I can confirm that I used it in my bath (my big passion), and it worked without a problem. So despite it working for me for now, I hope that the manufacturer is telling the truth about it being 100% waterproof, because it would be a shame to damage a sex toy of such value due to blurry communication on this aspect. There should be some correction to the specification that some shops give of the Zumio X, because clearly someone is wrong.

Getting started with the Zumio X is extremely easy. The cover is removed to reveal the spiraling rod and the control buttons. There is an on / off button, and 2 buttons that control the 8 stimulation levels. The advantage of the cover is that by fully covering the buttons, it allows the Zumio X to be transported in its bag or suitcase without risking the toy activating on its own. A very simple kind of locking system, which also helps protect the silicone from dust.

The lightness of the Zumio X immediately appealed to me, because there is nothing more frustrating than a sex toy that weighs a ton and tires your wrist after 2 minutes. No risk here! In addition, the plastic handle absorbs vibrations rather well, so I can keep it in hand for a while without having my knuckles disintegrate. I should add that this toy is pretty quiet, even set to the highest intensity – a bonus for anyone who that matters to (it’s not so much of a concern for me personally).

I was however very curious to test the effectiveness of the Zumio X’s spiraling rod, especially after hearing so much praise about it!

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My experience with the Zumio X

Zumio X Clit Stimulator

The Zumio X’s SpiroTip technology is the major asset of this sex toy. The SpiroTip does not just vibrate like a classic vibrator, it performs small rotational movements of 2 millimeters. A bit like a finger would. The combination of these 2 forms of stimulation (vibration and spiraling/rotation) creates intense and unique stimulation of the clitoris. The tip of the rod is slightly rounded, like a bud, and therefore adapts perfectly to the shape of the clitoris.

Solo experience

Zumio X clit stimulator

When I turn on the Zumio X, it is automatically programmed to the lowest intensity level so as not to rush the clitoris, which I particularly appreciate because it happens that some sex toys are programmed on an intermediate level, which can already be too intense for some people. I have already needed, for example, to quickly lower the intensity of certain other sex toys because the first vibration level felt too brutal. By contrary (and to my delight), the the first contact with the Zumio X is very subtle. The good thing with this is that it allows everyone to find the level that suits them best, rather than forcing level 2 on someone who might just need level 1! For my part, I like to progress slowly to level 6 by doing small back and forth around the clitoris, to get closer and closer to the glans.

For the sake of the test and to satisfy my own curiosity, I timed 3 of my sessions with the Zumio X, to find out if I too reached orgasm in less than 5 minutes. The first time, I was already particularly horny, and it only took 3 minutes for me to reach orgasm. Not a firework display of an orgasm if I’m honest, but certainly satisfying enough. The Zumio X has quite a reputation online by people who have been impressed with the quality of the orgasms. So I must admit that I was a little disappointed that the Zumio X didn’t give me the huge orgasms I was expecting. Like I said, they weren’t bad orgasms by any means… it’s just I was expecting something more after the hype.

The second time around that I used the Zumio X, I was more in a pragmatic state of mind, focused on experience and time. It then took me about 6 minutes to climax. This orgasm was more intense, because it was progressive, and I was able to really play with the different levels of intensity and fully feel the tiny rotations of the rod. However, it was still far from the overwhelming type of orgasm I can have with Womanizer’s sex toys, for example. I think it’s because I prefer diffused vibrations rather than very focused vibrations, as is the case with this toy. The shaft is so thin that it focuses the stimulation on a very small and precise area, when I personally feel the need to be enveloped more in the sensation.

For my third experience with the Zumio X, Adam joined me …

Partner Play with the Zumio X

The Zumio X adapts quite well to couple play. Adam had no difficulty handling the Zumio X, and the shape of the toy allowed him to have fun tickling me by sliding the rod from the crook of my thighs to my clit. The visual stimulation was really erotic for him (as were my moans).

This time it took me longer to climax, but that also takes into account the foreplay where Adam was using the Zumio X around my thighs etc and not directly on my clit. Again, it wasn’t the most powerful orgasm of my life, but it was still unique in quality. The only precaution to take when it is your partner who uses the Zumio X on you is to guide them on the intensity and the pressure you need. It is indeed really unpleasant, even painful, when the rod vibrates directly on your engorged clitoris at too high an intensity. You must therefore listen to your body and its pleasure, and share that with your partner, who will hopefully be all the more excited!

Then again, I prefer it when Adam uses a vibrating wand on me during our couple games. The sensation is rounder, more sensual, more extensive. It’s easier for him to “get it right” with a larger toy like that. The Zumio X is stimulating, but it is not the sex toy that I would favor for foreplay with my partner.

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Here is a video demo just to show the noise that the Zumio X makes.

Cleaning the Zumio X

The Zumio X is very easy to clean. All you have to do is rinse the rod and the silicone. You can use soap if you like but I prefer to use a sex toy cleaning spray for this one. Dry well once it’s clean before putting the cover back on or charging it. It does not come with a storage pouch, but it isn’t essential for this toy anyway since it has the cover. After the toy is dry, put the cover back on to protect the silicone from dust.

In conclusion of my review of the Zumio X

Zumio X clitors stimulator

The Zumio X is certainly a good sex toy to have on your bedside table. Small, practical, light, it is easy to handle and its SpiroTip technology makes it possible to reach orgasm in just a few minutes. While these aren’t the best orgasms of my life, I’m still happy with every use. Its discreet design makes the Zumio X a very good sex toy to pack in your suitcase or (as I already mentioned a few times) – put on your bedside table.

The importance of this kind of sex toy, in my opinion, is that it really refocuses the attention on the sensations. It is the learning of pleasure: which vibration to use? Which part of the genitals to stimulate first? Lastly? It is these moments of exploration that allow you to get to know yourself and take control of your body and your orgasm. So just for that, I would recommend the Zumio X.

I must say, however, that I was disappointed with the intensity of the orgasms I had. I had heard so much that the Zumio X was extraordinary, that the enjoyment was crazy … It wasn’t really the case for me. Despite having very decent orgasms, I was far from the nirvana that Womanizer’s Air Pleasure technology can give me, for example. Indeed, I prefer round and diffuse stimulation rather than precise, a rounded head rather than a rod. This is proof that each person is unique and that it is important to know yourself and listen to your body. And also important to read more than one review!

Thanks again to Sinful for sending us the Zumio X!

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Zumio X

Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Eve Rouge

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