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Review: Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex

PleX with Flex review

A prostate toy by Hot Octopuss! I was so excited when I heard that I’d be testing one. Let’s see if it’s up to Hot Oct’s usual standards in my review of the PleX with Flex by Hot Octopuss!

The PleX with Flex was sent to me for free by Hot Octopuss in return for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links and if you use them it costs you nothing but really helps out with the ever increasing running costs of this blog!

First Impressions of the PleX with Flex

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Gotta be honest, I don’t like the name of this one. Three words is too much, especially when there is also a preposition in there “with”. It’s an unwise move in my opinion… would have been better as just Flex or Plex. Potential customers won’t remember it as well now and SEO wise it’s a bit complicated. ANYWAY, moving on…

The Flex with Plex… or is it Plex with Flex… Plex? PleX?… it looks good. It’s got Hot Octopuss’ usual sleek black design and the controllers etc look very familiar. It looks high end, which is what I always expect from Hot Oct! Like always, I’d prefer a different colour to black because dust is very visible on black silicone.

The Plex with Flex is a vibrating prostate toy that comes with a physical remote control. Unlike a lot of other prostate toys, the Plex with Flex can be thrusted as well as wiggled around and left in place. The thrusting action is quite nice because it’s a sensation we can’t often get from a prostate massager.

The Plex with Flex is rechargeable and takes 4 hours to fully charge. One full charge should last 1 hour, which is decent and enough…. but it’s not an amazing battery life considering how long it takes to charge up.

This butt toy has two different vibration motors and follow the same inspiration of Treble/Bass as the Jett, which I also reviewed before. It’s also a system Hot Oct put in the Kurve, which is a G spot vibrator that my GF has reviewed on this website too (she’s a fan of it). It’s also waterproof (except the remote, which isn’t).

PleX with Flex review
PleX with Flex by Hot Octopuss
Storage bag for the toy.

The PleX with Flex is delivered in Hot Octopuss’ usual sleek packaging, making it an interesting sexy gift. It also comes with a useful satin storage pouch to keep everything together and more importantly… to keep dust off that black silicone.

Video and noise demo of the PleX with Flex

One great thing about the PleX with Flex is that it’s not very loud. I’ve never felt worried that my neighbours can hear me with this (I live in an apartment block). I also don’t think people in the corridor of my home would hear me with it either, because the sound is fairly reasonable for a vibrator of this strength. Judge for yourself in the little video below.

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The Plex with Flex’s biggest weakness: Buttons

PleX with Flex controls Hot Octopuss
The buttons of the PleX with Flex (bottom of the toy).

I’ll start with one of the main things I disliked about the Plex with Flex, the buttons. It’ll be a big deal or not so big deal depending on how you like to masturbate. For me, the button design irritates me a bit.

There are five buttons on the Plex with Flex and then four buttons on the physical remote. Now already, that’s a lot of buttons to remember the functions of. They don’t light up and so in the dark, it’s difficult to tell what I’m doing. The grey button on the side of the Plex with Flex turns it on and the other controls are for the two different vibration motors. It’s also impossible to see the buttons of the toy when it’s inside me, so I can’t even see them in the first place.

The most annoying thing about the buttons on the Plex is that they mean I cannot sit down with the toy inside me. As soon as I sit down with the toy inside me, the buttons get clicked and the vibration motors will either start doing something I don’t want them to or the toy stops. So if I wanted to masturbate at my desk or on the sofa… I can’t sit up straight with the Plex. This will be a big frustration to anyone who likes to masturbate while at their computer.

Lying down in bed, or partially lying down, is when the Plex with Flex works best and I’ll get to that experience later. But yeah… I think the button design would have been better as they are on Hot Oct’s G Spot toy, the Kurve.

This remote control design makes it difficult to grip

PleX with Flex remote
Tiny remote control = me not being able to hold it well.

The second frustration I have with the Plex with Flex is the same as the one I had with the Atom Plus Lux… the remote control is a small and annoying shape. The first time I saw this remote control design it was in the wrist straps of the Pulse Duo Lux and in the wrist straps, this remote works well. The problem is, the Plex with Flex and Atom Plus Lux don’t come with wrist straps… so you just get this awkwardly shaped remote.

The remote is too small for my hands and I keep dropping it, particularly when I have lube on my fingers. It just isn’t practical and I hope Hot Octopuss changes it in the future. It’s not a huge issue but still… Hot Octopuss is a company that has usually put good design as priority and so it’s disappointing to see this remote again.

The remote control does its job but without any regard for how people hold things in their hands. Hot Octopuss needs to do better with remote control design, because this really isn’t working.

Why does the toy flex so much?

PleX with Flex
It bends a lot.

Ok on a positive note, the Plex with Flex really is very flexible! I can bend it A LOT without breaking the toy (as you may have seen in the video further above).

This is perhaps a minor thing but the I don’t really understand why this toy needs to flex so much in the first place. It’s basically a slightly curved vibrating dildo designed for the prostate and the pivot point of it will always be located at the anus. Whether it bends from just outside the anus or just inside the anus doesn’t make a lot of difference in real-world usage, because the result is pretty much the same.

With a wearable prostate toy like the Vector or Edge 2, it’s important that kind of shaped toy has a flexible neck because the perineum arm of the toy would cause the toy to feel too rigid otherwise. In my opinion it’s less important for a toy without the perineum arm to flex in the same way, so I’m a little puzzled that the Plex with Flex should Flex.

Example, I have the Njoy Pure Wand which is just a steel dildo that doesn’t bend in any way… and I can twist / bend it to go to where I want as easily as I can the Plex with Flex. So my conclusion is… the Plex with Flex doesn’t really need the Flex. The fact that it flexes is pretty meaningless to me, which makes me regret even more that the toy has the complicated naming “Plex with Flex”.

Perhaps Hot Octopuss made it flexible because the base of the Plex with Flex is still a bit large and would create some rigidity. I’m’ not really sure but yes, just to say… the flex part of the toy isn’t what makes it stand out for me! I understand why a small amount of flexibility would be good but I don’t see why being able to bend the toy back on itself is beneficial considering the usage of the toy.

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The vibration motors are great but the vibration modes aren’t

Alright, let’s get onto some better news. The vibration motors inside the Plex with Flex are actually really decent and give a very pleasant and strong rumbling sensation. I have no complaints about the quality of the vibrations themselves, they’re top notch.

The thing that annoys me with the vibration motors is that there are only five vibration modes, one constant mode and four patterns. It’s not a smart toy, so the vibration modes it comes with are all we get. It’s again a design choice that I find slightly puzzling when there is SO much competition in prostate massager design. If Hot Octopuss couldn’t make the toy smart, it would have been nice to see them add slightly more vibration modes than this or at least a vibration mode that really creates a lot of variation and cycles between different modes. As it is, I don’t find the vibration modes very surprising or unique, which is a bit of a missed opportunity.

The ability to thrust is a big selling point for Plex with Flex

PleX with Flex review
Being able to thrust the toy = big bonus.

The thing I love most about the Plex with Flex is the ability to thrust with it. I really like the sensation of thrusting and having the vibration at the same time. It’s not the same as what you’d get with actual anal sex, but the thrusting potion of the prostate enables one to pressurise it in a slightly different way to with usual prostate massagers.

The Plex with Flex has given me prostate orgasms mostly from the combination of the vibration motors and the thrusting motions I make with it.

So thrusting is a major plus with this toy and I think it should be marketed in that way more than the flexing thing! Hetero guys like me might not think to order a dildo because we’ve been programmed to think dildos aren’t for us. The massive bonus with the Plex with Flex is that it’s basically a vibrating dildo, yet it’s marketed and shaped in a way that allows us to see it as a prostate specific toy rather than simply a vibrating dildo. I think that’s actually a really nice thing about this toy and it’s something I wish more manufacturers would do, so big hats off to Hot Octopuss for that!

In conclusion of my review of the Plex with Flex

PleX with Flex what's included
Everything included with the Plex with Flex.

So bit of a mixed bag with Plex with Flex. I’m really excited that Hot Octopuss have started designing prostate massagers because the company’s vibration motors really are worth putting in prostate toys. The Plex with Flex has given me nice prostate orgasms and for that alone, it’s a toy to consider.

Where the Plex with Flex falls down is in its button design, remote control design and it’s somewhat limited vibration modes. I think Hot Octopuss needs to focus on these areas for the next generation of the Plex with Flex or whatever prostate toys they have coming next.

Despite my mixed feelings towards the Plex with Flex, I still recommend the toy. In my opinion it’s a toy with several flaws but still one capable of giving a lot of pleasure. Just don’t buy it if you always masturbate while sitting down. If you like the idea of thrusting for your prostate stimulation though, it’s a worthwhile toy to add to your arsenal.

In my opinion, the Kurve might be an interesting competing toy to the Plex with Flex… even for people with prostates. I haven’t actually used my girlfriend’s Kurve, because it’s hers! However the shape of that G Spot curve could easily be used to target the prostate too. The advantage with the Kurve is also that the control buttons on the toy are easier to use while masturbating. I think it’s a shame that the Plex with Flex didn’t take more influence from the on toy buttons from the Kurve. Either make the PleX fully wearable so that one can sit down with it… or don’t bother with that wearable idea and make the toy easier to use.

Thanks to Hot Octopuss for sending me the PleX with Flex! If my readers want to buy it or check it at the store, they can click the button below to go there.

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Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex

Score: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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