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Review of Desire: Sexy Naughty App (Android / iPhone)

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So should you use this naughty dare game app? This app can be used for free but we paid for the full experience to find out what Desire can do for us.

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Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

First impressions of the Desire App

The interface for Desire is very neat and modern. We personally loved the graphic design and illustration throughout the app. After understanding a few basic concepts about how to send dares to each other, the interface is very easy to use.

Dare Types

Category Dares

The ‘Category Dares’ written by Desire are very easy to find and navigate. The dares are sorted into different categories like ‘Outdoor’, ‘At the office’, ‘Bath time’ etc. Then within each category, the dares are listed in order of extremity. For instance the mildest dare inside the ‘Outdoor’ category involves going for a walk and having a surprise passionate kiss. One of of the more extreme dares is to have sex somewhere at a friend’s wedding.

The dare levels go as follows:

  • Mild (the mildest dare)
  • Spicy
  • Hot
  • Chili (the most extreme dares)

When we first logged into the app I was a little disappointed because you can only see certain levels of dares (based on how many points you have). So you’d have to spend time doing mild dares until you can see the hotter ones. It’s totally free so technically you can get all the way to the ‘Chili’ level dares without paying. However that would take some time so I paid to unlock everything.

Dares written by the community of Desire users

Then there are ‘Community Dares’. I found these difficult to navigate. The way this works is you are presented with a big list of other people that use Desire and have a public profile. They will have written public dares to share with the community. You can read a small bit of text that they wrote about themselves then scroll through the dares they have written. The problem is there are too many to search through like this. It takes too long for me, so I rarely use this feature. I think this is an area of their app that Desire could improve.

We can also search the entirety of community dares, however I would prefer actual categorisation or a more powerful search facility.

Update 14/05/2019:

Unfortunately Desire has decided to remove the community section of their application. Meaning that you can no longer find, create or use community dares.

Dares you can write yourself

You can also write private dares to your partner manually. You can control the amount of points they will get (up to 50) and how many days they have to complete the dare (up to one month). Personally though I prefer to go into the app’s menu and ‘Publish a dare for the community’. That way you can give your partner up to 95 points for completing the dare. Plus you get ‘magic coins’ to use within the app whenever someone uses your dare.

Experience using the Desire App


We used the Desire app heavily whilst on holiday. We used a mix of ‘Category Dares’ and dares we wrote ourselves. It was A LOT of fun. On our holiday we did a lot of outrageous things that we wouldn’t have done had we not been playing with the Desire app. The competition element of it was also something that was quite fun. What could we get each other to do? What were the limits? What new things could we ask each other to do? It was very exciting and definitely spiced things up.

After learning about being able to write dares for each other and giving each other lots of points for them, we also learned that it probably wouldn’t take so long to get to the ‘Chili Level’ without a subscription.

The category dares are updated regularly and I’ve often seen some interesting dares in there based on different times of the year. Even if you don’t use the actual dares, it’s good for idea generation.


As I mentioned already, searching through the community’s dares is difficult. I don’t want to have to go inside every user’s profiles to see if their dares are good. I’d like Desire to add some categorisation to the community dares, just as they have for the dares Desire writes. It would make it far easier to find good dares. It is possible to search the community dares with keywords, however I would still prefer actual categorisation.

Update: Community dares no longer available in the first place.

My second problem with the Desire app is the language used to describe sexual acts and body parts. It is so mild that it seems awkward sometimes. Instead of writing ‘let’s go to xzy and have sex’ we have to write ‘let’s go to xyz and do it’. Similarly awkward are phrases like ‘your private parts’, ‘let’s rub each other’s intimate parts’ etc. I wrote to Desire about this and they informed me that it is actually a problem with Google and Apple, who don’t allow explicit language. Still though… the wording can be lame sometimes. This can only be avoided when you write your own private dares to each other.

The cost is also too high in our opinion. So much of the Desire app is already free that I don’t understand the high prices for a subscription. It is €9.99 / month just for one partner but realistically you have to buy it for both people playing the game, which is €14.99 a month. The subscription unlocks all of the categories that Desire has written, removes all of the ads (there aren’t many ads to begin with) and also to unlock the chili level. The app is great with all these features however I can’t stay signed up to that for several months because I can’t justify the cost in my mind. If the cost was lower I may just keep the premium Desire app all year round.

Our final problem is that it is only available in english! You can find dares in the community written in another language but it’s difficult.


As far as naughty phone apps go, Desire is great. We loved using it and will continue to do so. However I worry about their premium model and wish they could make their subscriptions more accessible to more people. For instance after my own premium subscription ended, I couldn’t be bothered to use the app anymore because all I saw were milder dares. I’ve started using it again now but I wonder how many people react the same way as me.

I also think Desire needs to revamp their community dare section. With that part of the App working, Desire could be really awesome.

Definitely an App to try out and keep your eye on.

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  • Bob says:

    While the review is a couple years old, still holds true for the app today. They continue to add new items regularly, including multi-stage challenges, escape rooms, and board games. They re-launched community dares, but made it a lot milder: they can no longer include a sexual component and focus on romantic places to visit or things to do in a local area. There are only 3 near me in a state capitol city (Columbus), one of which I wrote… so it hasn’t gotten a lot of wind under it’s wings just yet.

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