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Review: Falex by Rocks-Off

Falex by Rocks Off

I’ve been curious about Rocks-Off toys for some time, particularly their prostate sex toys. So I was very happy when Rocks Off sent me three of their sex toys and told me to choose my favourite one of them to write about! That favourite is the Falex prostate dildo and vibrator. It’s an advanced anal toy and is big, so if you like a big toy with a lot of power, read on!

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Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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After testing all three of the sex toys that Rocks-Off sent to me, I chose the Falex as my favourite for one simple reason. It is a REALLY powerful vibrator. Beyond that, it’s also rechargeable, waterproof, has 10 vibration modes and has a massive 3 hours of playtime (depending on usage).

You can use the Falex vibrator no matter your gender. It is designed to stimulate the prostate but because it looks and feels so much like a regular dildo, it can be used even if you don’t have a prostate.

Now to be totally transparent, this size of this toy is quite far out of my comfort zone. I can use it but it’s definitely not one that I can use every day. I feel where it was for a couple of hours after I finish with it! The Rocks-Off Falex could easily be used as a vaginal vibrator, because it’s size and shape is quite similar. Perhaps you could use it as a G Spot vibrator, however the shape of the toy’s hooked end may not quite be right. If you try it for G Spot orgasm, tell me in the comments!

The Falex is meant as an anal vibrator and the dimensions are below:

Circumference: 4.5 inches (11.5 cm)
Diameter: 1.44 inches (3.66 cm)
Insertable Length: 4.5 inches (11.5 cm)
Length: 7 inches (18 cm)

Just to put that circumference into perspective, the average penis girth is around 4.8 inches (only slightly bigger than this toy). It really is a big prostate toy, so be aware of that before you buy it! That’s why I only recommend the Rocks-Off Falex to advanced users.

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Rocks-Off is a British company and sells around the World. In the UK the price is currently £42.99, which is an absolute steal for such a powerful vibrating prostate toy. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s move onto my test.

Experience with the Rocks-Off Falex

The Rocks-Off Falex is a little intimidating for me. I don’t generally use toys that are this big. Therefore before I used it I had to warm myself up with smaller toys first. When I felt ready I applied a lot of S-Liquid’s anal lube and began inserting the toy.

For someone like me who isn’t used to this size, inserting the toy is a little uncomfortable. The silicone of the Falex is quite firm so it keeps its shape as it is inserted. However because I had relaxed and warmed myself up properly, there was no pain. The full length of the toy is too much for me, I got it over half-way in and for me that was fine.

Then I pressed the vibration button. Fucking hell those vibrations are strong. The vibration frequency of the Falex is somewhere in the mid-range. The vibes aren’t very rumbly but also not too buzzy either. I find the vibrations penetrating and they don’t make me numb, so that’s generally a good sign. However I do prefer slightly lower frequency rumbly vibrations, so they aren’t perfect! Rocks-Off is definitely an appropriate brand-name in this instance though because the Falex was rocking my prostate for sure.

Falex rocks off dildo

The toy is very easy to handle however not the most ergonomic because unless you can handle the full insertable length of the toy, you have to keep it in place with your hand. If someone else were to use the toy on you however, then it would be very easy for them to manipulate. I didn’t use this toy with my partner because it’s just a little too big for me and so it would be too easy for her to hurt me with it.

I like all of the vibration modes in the Rocks-Off Falex but the roller-coaster style vibration is my favourite. The roller-coaster is a common vibration mode. The pattern starts off at a low intensity and raises gradually to the vibrator’s highest strength before repeating. With the Falex prostate wand I really enjoy this mode because of the vibrator’s power. I enjoy having the toy on a constant mode but using the rollercoaster mode allows me to keep on re-experiencing the toy’s power.

Falex by Rocks Off

For me, the toy is a little too intense to use for a long period of time. My anus isn’t used to this size so after about 10 or 15 minutes I have to take it away. Fifteen minutes isn’t long enough for me to achieve a full prostate orgasm without touching my penis. Therefore with the Rocks-Off Falex, I prefer to masturbate my penis normally too. The orgasms when I do so are intense when I have the Falex in. The vibrations make the pulsations from my prostate amplified. One caveat is that I have to remove the Falex very soon after I orgasm because as soon as I do, everything becomes too sensitive.

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Cleaning the Falex by Rocks-Off

The Falex is super easy to clean. It’s fully waterproof so you can wash it with warm water and soap. I recommend then using a sex toy cleaner spray. The toy is made of black silicone, so you’ll need to make an effort to keep it from being dusty.


Falex Rocks-Off review

Wow this prostate toy is intense! Probably the most intense one I’ve used so far. The Rocks-Off Falex is definitely not a toy for beginners, maybe not even intermediates. Yet if you are an advanced user of anal toys or you already know that you can handle its size, the Falex is going to be a great sex toy for you. Its price is a damn bargain too, so I have to compliment Rocks-Off on being able to keep its price so low.

If I were to score this purely for my own use, I couldn’t give the Falex a very high mark, purely because this is too big for me. However that would be very unfair of me because this is a great toy for people who like big anal vibrators. For people who like this size, the Falex offers an intense experience with very strong vibrations. I also appreciate the battery life being up to 3 hours, which is rare in such powerful toys.

The main problem of the Rocks-Off Falex is that it is going to be too big for most casual users. The silicone it is made of is more on the rigid side and there is very little bend in the toy. So if you can’t handle its circumference, you won’t enjoy it very much. So I can’t stress this enough, make sure you can handle this size!

I didn’t personally use this in couple play because of its size. For a couple that is into anal play, the Falex could be a really interesting toy. I can imagine that if someone else was controlling the toy it could be very fun to play with. In my opinion the Falex can be used by any gender, it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure that you wash and disinfect it properly if you share.

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Rocks-Off Falex

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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