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Review: Tresorit (Encrypted Cloud Storage)

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Tresorit is an end-to-end encrypted, zero knowledge cloud storage service based in Switzerland.

Tresorit is a full end-to-end, client side encrypted cloud storage service. I used it whilst testing out my options and honestly Tresorit is very tempting. I had a trial of the premium version for solo users.

First thing to note is that Tresorit’s user interface on the desktop is the best. They have a nice looking application window with all of the files in the cloud, plus you have the local sync folder on your computer (you access that in Windows Explorer or whatever file manager you use). Tresorit has Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS apps.

Tresorit’s mobile app looks great and works very quickly. You can lock it with a pin so that locking / unlocking doesn’t take as long while you jump between smartphone tasts. Tresorit also has a built in image viewer in the mobile app so that you can thumb through your photo albums at ease. However Tresorit doesn’t have image thumbnails within the grid view etc, so that’s a minor grievance for me.

Tresorit has the best share features of all the cloud applications I tried. All you have to do is right click on something on your computer, then choose one of the different share methods. Unlike Sync.com which creates a complicated hierarchy of folders when you share outside of its default sync folder, Tresorit keeps things simple and you’ll only ever get the names of the folders you actually share in the cloud.

I tested the response time of Tresorit support and out of all of the companies I so far tested, they were the fastest (took about 12 hours to get back to me).

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A disadvantage Tresorit has over pCloud is that there is no music or video player within Tresorit, so every time you want to play media like that it has to be downloaded temporarily. This isn’t a huge issue for me but I know for some of you it could be. Tresorit also costs a little more than its competitors. The cost is probably because all of their servers are in Switzerland, which offers better privacy laws but also means that running costs are higher.

The thing I disliked most is that it isn’t currently possible in the mobile app to see thumbnails of images (though as stated above, Tresorit does have a good image viewer built in so that you can avoid downloading the images). The other thing I dislike is that Tresorit doesn’t have a WebDAV, CardDAV or CalDAV system. That means that I can’t sync my phone contacts, calendar events or set Standard notes to store encrypted media in it. If you don’t even know what WebDAV and the others mean, that probably won’t matter to you.

If security is really important to you then Tresorit is probably your best option for a secure cloud storage service. It’s fast, it works on loads of devices and it works well. To be honest I’m thinking of using it myself after my current year subscription runs out with pcloud. It’s difficult to decide between Sync.com and Tresorit because they are both great services, each with their own advantages.


  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Zero knowledge
  • Client side encryption
  • Very strong encryption
  • Auto camera upload on mobile devices available
  • Has the best desktop software
  • Has the best sharing options
  • Built in image viewer
  • Built in text editor
  • Based in Switzerland
  • Has a lot of other features not mentioned
  • Has a free version and free trial of all premium accounts
  • Good privacy policy
  • Runs faster than competitors (at least here in Europe anyway)
  • 24/7 Support
  • Telephone, email and live chat support


  • No image thumbnails in grid mode on mobile devices
  • No media player for video and music on mobile apps
  • More expensive than competitors (though still affordable)
  • Not open source
  • No double encryption option (to password protect individual folders) so plausible denial not possible
  • No WebDAV
  • No ContactDAV or CardDAV

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Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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