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Review: Cryptpad (Encrypted Document Service)


Cryptpad is a freemium, open source, zero knowledge, enctyped document service.

Cryptpad is based in France, which Eve is very happy about (she’s french)! If you want maximum security , Cryptpad is probably for you. It has all of the tools you can use in Google Docs and also a sketchpad. There is a free version as well as premium options. The major downside of Cryptpad is that it doesn’t currently have a mobile app, so you are forced to use it through the web browser. From the web browser of a computer, the user interface works great. However from a mobile phone, the UI is a pain. That’s the only reason I don’t use Cryptpad myself.

It has an impressive feature set:

  • Rich text editor (like Word)
  • Code editor
  • Presentation editor
  • Spreadsheet program
  • Poll program
  • To-do list (Kanban)
  • Whiteboard editor
  • Cryptdrive

As Cryptpad is open source you can host your own instance of it if you wish, however I think most of us mere mortals are just fine with paying for the premium options.


  • Open source
  • Free for most features
  • Easy to use
  • Has every kind of document you’d usually need
  • Zero knowledge
  • Good privacy policy
  • You can use it with the Tor browser for complete anonymity
  • Option to have cloud storage (or you can use it on the fly without saving)


  • No mobile apps
  • Mobile web browser apps are not easy to use on my phone, especially the spreadsheets
  • No computer apps, it can only be used in the web browser (where it works well)
  • The code editor doesn’t support previews for more advanced languages like PHP

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Score: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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