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Review: Cryptomator (File Encryption Software designed for the Cloud)

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Cryptomator is a free, open source file encryption software. It’s particular niche is that it is a great encryption software to use with cloud services. Using it means that you can have client-side encryption with any cloud service you ever use.

I’ve used Cryptomator with pCloud and it works well. The only reason I ended up paying for Pcloud Crypto is because unlocking Cryptomator volumes is a bit too slow for my patience. The upside is that you can even use Cryptomator with gmail, dropbox and all of those other terrible options for cloud storage. Using Cryptomator with them at least ensures that they don’t know what you are storing and therefore can’t scan or use it. Cryptomator is free.

The cryptomator interface is quite good looking and very user friendly. It works a little different to the free software VeraCrypt because Cryptomator stores each file separately rather than have everything in one volume like VeraCrypt does. Don’t worry if that sounds complicated to you. It basically means that Cryptomator is better to use with cloud services than VeraCrypt. This is because if you have lots of separate encrypted files within a folder when you change one file, only that file is synced to the cloud instead of the whole folder of files (which is a simple explanation for how VeraCrypt works).

The only thing you’d potentially have to pay for is their Android app, which basically costs the same as two coffees… so not too bad! I would still appreciate a trial of the mobile app before I buy it though. Like some other encrypted file programs, Cryptomator doesn’t support image thumbnails which is really a shame. For me the biggest issue is Cryptomator’s speed, which I find too slow. But if you want client-encryption while using a privacy nightmare cloud service (like Google) then Cryptomator is your best bet.


  • Free software
  • Open source (encryption method)
  • Works well with most cloud services
  • Can be used entirely locally
  • Supports all platforms (windows, mac, linux, android, iphone)
  • Very strong encryption
  • Moblie app supports fingerprint unlock
  • Currently requires Google Play Store on android (they aim to correct that in 2020)


  • The UI and cloud access is not open source yet
  • You have to pay for their mobile apps and there is no trial
  • Doesn’t show image thumbnails in mobile app
  • It’s a bit slow

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Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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