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Review: Lovense Diamo Cock Ring

lovense diamo review

This is a serious cock ring with advanced capabilities. It goes over the balls and shaft, it syncs to music, it can be controlled from the other side of the World… now the question remains, is this this cock ring any good? Find out here in my Lovense Diamo review!

Lovense sent me the Diamo for free in return for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links and if you click them, it helps support this blog!

First Impressions of the Diamo Cock Ring

Score: 7.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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Alright let’s get this review started! The Diamo is a smart cock ring made by the company Lovense. I’ve reviewed a few of their toys now (including the Max 2 and Edge 2) and have been consistently impressed with them. Therefore I had high hopes for the Diamo cock ring.

The Diamo is a cock ring that fits over both the balls and penis shaft. The material it’s made of (silicone) is quite tough and isn’t so flexible. It has some very advanced capabilities considering it is a cock ring. For example the Lovense Diamo can sync to music and you can get it controlled from the other side of the world.

Like the We-Vibe Verge, which I tested a few years ago, the Lovense Diamo can be worn in multiple different ways. It can stimulate the wearer’s perineum, the receiver’s perineum or the receiver’s clit in two different ways. I really appreciate this ability to change the area that the vibrator stimulates. It’s not something a lot of cock rings do (like I said, the Verge is the only other one I’ve had that does this).

lovense diamo charging port
Magnetic charging port of the Diamo is very easy to access.

As for battery life the Diamo is exceptional! With continuous use it can last up to 3 hours (depending on usage). Three hours is awesome… it’s really rare for the battery of sex toys to last that long. The Diamo is also rechargeable, waterproof and it has a maximum sound volume of 46 dB. Indeed during usage, the Diamo turned out to be quite quiet, which I appreciate. I can’t hear it from the other side of my apartment while it’s in the bedroom for example.

Let’s move straight onto the SEX because that’s what you really need to know… how good sex is with the Lovense Diamo.

Experience using the Lovense Diamo

lovense diamo review

How to put the Diamo cock ring on

Before you do anything…. make sure you lube up both your penis, balls AND the Diamo. You need to put the Diamo on in a different room to your partner and you’ll probably have to be flaccid.

lovense diamo size
Stunt cock here is 5 inches in circumference. You MUST put the Diamo on while flaccid. There isn’t enough room while you’re hard. Click to enlarge.

The first thing I noticed about the Diamo is that the diameter of it is pretty scary for girthy penises. My penis is 6 inches in circumference, which is a little above average. I’m able to get into the Diamo but only when flaccid. The first time I used it, Eve had already turned me on so I had to wait a while for my erection to go away. Even when I’m flaccid, fitting into the Diamo is QUITE a squeeze. Indeed I have to push my penis through first, then one ball at a time. That’s the only way I can get the Diamo on.

I’m a pro so I can fearlessly squeeze my balls through even the tightest spots. If you’re a beginner and have a large girth though, you might find squeezing your balls through something a bit terrifying. Don’t worry too much… your balls will probably survive (probably). I’d say if you have the same size circumference as me though, you should take things very slow and really consider if squeezing your balls is possible. If your circumference (girth) is well above 6 inches or closer to 7 inches, you’re not going to fit into the Diamo.

Syncing up the Diamo to the Lovense Connect App

One thing I really love about Lovense’s toys is that they just connect to the app so easily. No fucking around, no waiting and trying to reconnect for ages. In fact, after I’d squeezed into the Diamo for the first time, I realised I didn’t have the Lovense Connect app on my phone. Eve, my girlfriend was already waiting for me in bed so I was a bit worried that the app might take a long time to download and start syncing. Yet within one minute, I’d downloaded the Lovense Connect app AND synced it up to the toy… that’s how easy it is to use the Lovense apps.

Hot steamy sex with the Lovense Diamo

Eve doesn’t have any Lovense toys yet so the first time we had sex with the Diamo was the first time she’d used the app. It always feels a bit weird handing someone a phone before having sex with them… but that’s the World we live in my friends! The good news is, my girlfriend figured out how to use the Lovense app instantly. After unlocking my phone with Face ID by shoving the phone right in my face, Eve began the vibrator while I ate her out.

Now I already told you that the Diamo was a tight fit for me but this also transfers into intensity. It makes me seriously hard, veins popping out and everything. Eve loves that of course. After I’d finished giving her a good helping of oral, she lubed me up and we started having sex.

Lovense diamo position clit
Position 1 for clit stimulation.
lovense diamo position clit
Position 2 for clit stimulation.

In missionary position, we positioned the Diamo so that it stimulated my girlfriend’s clit. Eve absolutely loved it. The vibrator in the Diamo is really strong so the vibes stimulate inside my penis as well as Eve’s clit. The vibration feels great for both of us. Unlike a lot of cock rings, I didn’t need to stop fucking. What I mean is with some vibrating cock rings, Eve holds me in place sometimes so that she can keep the vibrator on her clit longer. With the Diamo, the vibrator is so strong that she doesn’t feel the need to hold me in place. I was unleashed 😉

The second position we tried was doggy. I kept the Diamo in the same position, so it stimulated Eve’s anus a little while I was penetrating her from behind. The vibrations from the Diamo were still making my penis feel awesome too (though Eve couldn’t feel the vibes transferring through my penis).

In every position, the Diamo also gives my balls a pleasant amount of subtle vibration too which feels great. My balls don’t feel squished as I penetrate either, which is a bonus.

I wish I could reposition the Diamo during sex

If there’s one downside to the Diamo for me it’s that I can’t reposition it really during sex. Because the diameter of it is so tight for me, I can’t simply take it off and then put it back on in a different position. For example, during that first session with the Diamo I really wanted to position the Diamo so that the vibrating wing would go underneath my balls and towards Eve’s clit again.

Perineum stimulation for the wearer

lovense diamo position wearer perineum
Position 3 – Stimulation of wearer’s perineum.

I LOVE having my perineum stimulated by this toy. It feels so good to position the Diamo so that the vibrating wing goes underneath and towards my butt. I actually used it like that a few times during solo masturbation. The vibration motor doesn’t actually reach the anus, it only stimulates the bridge between the balls and butt. Obviously, this gives my girlfriend less stimulation than in other positions, so I don’t use it like that with her all the time… particularly as she doesn’t really feel the vibrations being transferred through my penis.

Again this is another case where I’d really like to be able to reposition the Diamo more easily.

Perineum stimulation for the receiver

lovense diamo position partner perineum
Position 4 – Stimulation of partner’s perineum.

My girlfriend Eve doesn’t enjoy actual anal sex a lot but she loves having her anus and perineum stimulated with vibration on the exterior. Therefore she really loves it when I position the Diamo so that it stimulates her ass. It drives her crazy (and me too). The other nice thing about wearing the Diamo in this position is that my balls get stronger vibrations, because the vibration motor passes right underneath them.

Taking the Diamo off after sex

After sex, my penis is usually very sensitive and like a lot of people, my penis usually stays semi-erect for awhile afterwards. The Diamo is a little challenging for me to take off right after sex because of this and I actually have to use some lube to take it off without discomfort. Cock rings maintain erection more so the Diamo naturally makes my penis harder than usual after sex.

The problem for me is that it isn’t easy to take off. It feels uncomfortable with my particular circumference. I wouldn’t be able to take the Diamo off during sex unless my erection went down a bit first, which is a shame.

Syncing the Diamo to music

To be totally honest, Eve and I don’t listen to music a lot while we have sex because we’re too afraid of inappropriate songs making us laugh! We did however put together a small playlist to test while using the Diamo and as usual with the Lovense toys, the music sync works pretty well. It vibrates in time with the intensity of the music and while the music sync isn’t absolutely perfect we both had a lot of fun with the novelty. It did make us laugh a little but not in an uncontrollable way… just a fun while having sex kinda way!

Having the Diamo controlled from another country

Eve and I didn’t try controlling the Diamo from a different country because we’re both stuck here in France at the moment. One interesting way that more kinky couples could use the Diamo though is having it controlled by a third party in a different country. I can imagine that would be super sexy. Particularly if you’re a couple that already do cam shows or something, the Diamo could add a new level of fun to such activities. It can be controlled by other users from anywhere.

Video demo of the Diamo

As you’ll see from the video below, the Diamo’s sound level is very reasonable and it is SUPER easy to set up with the app (I show you how to add it to your device).

Video sections:

1 – Unboxing of Diamo
2 – How quick the Diamo connects to the app when setting up for the first time.
3 – The sound level of the Diamo.

Cleaning the Diamo

Cleaning the Diamo is very easy. A bit of soap and water will suffice. You can use a sex toy cleaner too if you wish.

The only thing with the Diamo is that it’s black and made of silicone…. and as you’ll know by now if you’re a regular reader of this blog, black silicone = dust! Luckily however, the Diamo is supplied with a storage pouch to keep it out of the majority of the dust.

Concluding my review of the Lovense Diamo

lovense diamo review

Well I’ve been testing this cock ring for about two months now and have to say, it performs very well! The fact that the app works so well, that the cock ring can be positioned in four different ways and that the battery lasts so long makes this cock ring a definite top contender among vibrating rings. The vibration motor in it doesn’t fuck around either, this thing is strong! All in all, the Diamo is a great couples toy.

The only thing that lets the toy down for me personally is that the diameter of it makes it a little uncomfortable for me to put it on and take it off. My penis circumference is 6 inches and at that size, I cannot take the Diamo off during sex while I still have an erection. That’s the only real negative comment I have to make about the toy. It’s not really suitable for my size. If the hole in the cock ring was just slightly taller or the material slightly more flexible, I’d be using this toy all the time! The reality is though, it’s a tight squeeze for me so I am less likely to reach for it during sex. I would prefer a different colour to black as well but I can’t deny that many people will enjoy the black colour.

Most people are around 5 inches in circumference so for the majority of people, the Lovense Diamo’s size will work well! It’s just those with larger girths that need to be careful.

The best positions to wear this toy in involve the perineum. When the Diamo is pointing either at my perineum or my partner’s, the level of pleasure maximises a lot. What I want now, is a version of the Diamo that has two vibration motors!! One for my perineum and one for my girlfriend’s… that way we don’t have to fight each other to decide who gets the vibrator in bed!

Thank you again to Lovense for sending the Diamo to me! It’s currently sitting in my bedside drawer ready for its next usage 😉

Lovense Diamo

Score: 7.5 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring

Material & Colour

8 / 10

Design & Fit

6 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

App features

10 / 10

Desire to use again

7 / 10


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  • J says:


    I am really torn about choosing between Lovense Diamo and the We-Vibe Verge. In terms of stimulating and targeting the perineum area as my main criteria, who does it better in your opinion?

    • Adam says:

      The app of the Diamo is better but they both offer very similar levels of stimulation. To be honest, if app control isn’t a deciding factor for you then you should just pick your favourite colour.

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