Naughty Easter Egg Hunt

Easter chocolate

Eve and I are firm believers in the idea that any event can be made naughty. Including easter. Chocolate eggs are boring anyway. So instead of hiding sweets everywhere, I hid aphrodisiacs and sex candy everywhere instead.

What do you need? An imagination, several small boxes and some sex candy, balm, special lube, aphrodisiacs… whatever you want really.

I hid Eve away while I hid the boxes everywhere.

As she started the hunt, she began uncovering the boxes. One of the first she found was a box of female aphrodisiac pills (all organic and safe of course… I’m not crazy). She took two, then continued finding the rest of the boxes. She found my male aphrodisiacs and I took some of them too. Then she found some oral sex mints. Then some chocolate flavoured lube… of course there had to be chocolate. It was easter after all.

Then the real easter games began 😉

I can’t say much for the male aphrodisiacs I took. They were pretty useless. Eve says her’s were better and she thinks they made her hotter and wetter. The oral sex mints were great. If you’ve ever used cooling lube, it’s a bit like that I guess. The flavoured lube was also a lot of fun and tasted great.

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