Fleshlight Quickshot Review (Vantage Edition)

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Material

It was fun doing this Fleshlight Quickshot Review. Fun aside though, can this bite-size Fleshlight outrank the bigger Fleshlight Classics? In this detailed review of the Quickshot Vantage, we’ll explore and compare this masturbator to several others.

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A big thank you to Rue des Plaisirs, who sent the Fleshlight Quickshot to us in return for an honest review. This page contains affiliate links and if you click them, my website may get a small commission. I really appreciate the support you show by using my links!

Score: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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When considering any Quickshot review, you should pay attention to what version of the toy it is. There are several different models of the Fleshlight Quickshot and the one reviewed in this article is the Quickshot Vantage. If you are interested in using a Quickshot but still not sure which one to pick, then this article will be fine. The Quickshot Vantage is one of the most common versions to buy. The other models are used in the same way as this toy, however the texture inside the sleeves are different.

The Quickshot Vantage arrived in simple packaging. The Vantage version doesn’t have pornstars printed on the side of the box, which my girlfriend appreciates. We’re an open minded couple but it’s still nicer to receive toys that don’t have that kind of thing on the box. I only mention it because other Fleshlight products like the Fleshlight Girl series do have adult film stars printed on the box.

The Quickshot Vantage is completely transparent and despite my initial worries, it actually doesn’t collect too much dust. Its small size also means that I can get away with not using renewing powder after every use. Renewing powder is essential to the bigger model Fleshlights because otherwise the material gets all sticky and weird. With the Quickshot, this doesn’t seem to be an issue.

The Quickshot is housed in a transparent plastic case. It has two identical ends covered by caps. The case keeps the toy very clean and I have no worry at all about where I store it. This is another big advantage that the Quickshot has over the Classic model. The bigger Fleshlights require more thought as to where you will hide them.

Unlike the bigger sleeves, the Quickshot sleeve can also be turned inside out. This really helps with cleaning and drying the toy. I’ll talk more about cleaning later but long story short, it’s easy.

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Video of Fleshlight Quickshot

Using the Quickshot Vantage in solo masturbation

To be completely honest, I was very disappointed when I first used the Quickshot Vantage. I really loved the Fleshlight Mini Lotus sleeve so my expectations were pretty high. Ideally, you’re meant to use a Fleshlight Quickshot with the plastic case still around the sleeve. The girth of my penis is slightly larger but usually I don’t have problems with toys. The Fleshlight Classic worked well for me. The Quickshot however feels way too tight. I couldn’t enjoy the Quickshot at all while it had the case on because it was so tight that it caused pain. So if you have a larger girth, be aware that this will be an issue.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Sleeve
Quickshot without its case

There is an easy work around however. I simply removed the Quickshot sleeve from the plastic holder and used the toy like that. The experience was much better, yet I still wasn’t impressed with the toy. The texture of the sleeve is unremarkable and I was expecting more. Gripping the sleeve directly with my hand probably caused me to feel the texture of it less.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage
The Quickshot magnifies the penis

There are some positives about the Quickshot during masturbation. The toy is transparent and magnifies the penis slightly, so it’s a turn on to watch that (even when I’m alone).

The entrance / exit holes to the Quickshot are the best feeling parts of the toy. Pushing my penis through the holes gives me the kind of sensation I was looking for when using a Fleshlight. If you particularly like the sensation of pushing your penis through the opening of a vagina, then that might a bonus for you. If you prefer the feeling when your penis is deep inside however, you may be disappointed by the Quickshot.

I used the Quickshot during masturbation sessions several times. I enjoyed it more occasionally however my overall impression is that I won’t be using it often on my own. It is better than simply using my hand to masturbate but it doesn’t compare with a full sized Fleshlight or Tenga masturbator.

If you are only going to use the toy for solo masturbation, I suggest you try a different Fleshlight model. The only thing you’ll gain with the Quickshot is that it is an easier to dry and clean.

In partner play is where the Fleshlight Quickshot really shines.

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Blowjobs with the Fleshlight Quickshot

As it turns out, the Fleshlight Quickshot works best for me during oral sex. It also works very well when my girlfriend wants to give me a handjob. She loves using it because unlike most masturbators, she can see through this one and my penis is magnified in it.

Another thing my girlfriend likes about this toy is that she can still give me a blowjob while she uses it on me. Her enthusiasm for the toy is really what has saved the Fleshlight Quickshot in this review!

Admittedly, when combined with a blowjob, the Quickshot Vantage feels pretty amazing. I don’t last long in it when Eve is giving me a handjob with it and blowing me at the same time.

The toy is very small when compared to larger Fleshlights. Therefore it is very easy for my girlfriend to grip and use on me. It is just as easy for her to use while I stand up, sit down or lie down. So if flexibility, variation and freedom are important for you during oral sex / handjobs, then the Fleshlight Quickshot could be a great toy for you.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Inside Texture
Inside texture of the Quickshot Vantage

The sensation of the sleeve itself still remains unchanged when Eve uses the toy on me though. The sleeve of the Tenga Flip Hole that I used recently for example feels far better than the Fleshlight Quickshot. The Mini Lotus sleeve inside my Fleshlight Classic also feels significantly better.

In my opinion, there are only two reasons to buy the Fleslight Quickshot. The first reason is because you can receive a great blowjob and have the Quickshot used on you simultaneously. The only other reason to buy a Quickshot is if you want a masturbator that is quick, simple, easy to clean and easy to hide.

Cleaning the Fleshlight Quickshot

The Quickshot Vantage is very simple to keep clean. After usage, you wash it out with water and use sex toy cleaner on it. You can even turn the masturbation sleeve inside out to clean it more thoroughly. You should probably avoid using aggressive soaps on the toy but I haven’t personally had any trouble with that. I use a sex toy cleaner from Lovehoney to clean it. Fleshlight also sells their own, which is the most recommended way to sterilise the toy.

In fact, easy cleaning is the Quickshot’s biggest advantage over full sized Fleshlights. If you have ever owned a bigger Fleshlight Classic toy, you will know that they are a total pain in the ass to clean. They require hours and sometimes more than 24 hours to dry. They also require re-powdering every time you use them.

Even if you don’t suck at cleaning, re-powdering a fake skin material every time you masturbate with it is a shitty way to spend your orgasm’s after-glow. With the Quickshot, you won’t have that problem, whereas with a full sized Fleshlight you will. Hopefully that helps you make your decision if you’re on the fence!

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Conclusion on the Quickshot Vantage

The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is ok but not great. I certainly thought I would enjoy it more during solo masturbation. It feels like a cheaper toy and isn’t as remarkable as the bigger Fleshlight models.

However the Quickshot works extremely well during sex. It can be used for hand jobs and you can be given a blowjob while using the toy. It’s rare that you can be given a blowjob while using penis sex toys. The transparency and magnification of the toy is a turn on for both me and my girlfriend. So if you’re buying the Quickshot mostly for partner play, I totally recommend it, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Sleeve
Quickshot without case

My biggest complaint about the Quickshot Vantage is that with the case on, it feels way too tight. I cannot recommend this toy to those with a thicker than average penis girth. You can easily use the Quickshot sleeve without the case. Yet it isn’t designed to be used that way and in my opinion, it takes away from the experience.

I know what it feels like to use a Fleshlight Classic with the case on and honestly it’s great. It’s good not to control the pressure or grip with a Fleshlight. It allows you to focus more on the texture etc. When using a sleeve outside of the case, it is impossible not to squeeze tighter. This is likely part of the reason that I say the texture of the Quickshot Vantage is unremarkable.

Fleshlight Quickshot vs Fleshlight Classic

Fleshlight Quickshot vs Fleshlight Girls
Fleshlight Girls sleeve vs Fleshlight Quickshot

If you plan to use a masturbator only for solo masturbation then the Fleshlight Classic with a Mini Lotus sleeve is your best option. It feels amazing and is still one of the best masturbators I have used. It’s one major disadvantage is that it takes a really long time to dry and re-powder.

Fleshlight Quickshot vs Other Fleshlights

Other Fleshlight toys that might work better for you than the Fleshlight Quickshot is the Fleshlight Go, Fleshlight Turbo and Fleshlight Flight series. All of those toys are smaller in size than the Fleshlight Classic, so they will likely work well for you in both masturbation and sex.

Fleshlight Quickshot vs Tenga Flip Hole

The Tenga Flip Hole is for me a far better experience. That toy is great both for solo masturbation and for my girlfriend to give me hand jobs with. The only advantage that the Quickshot has over the Tenga Flip Hole is that it can also be used while receiving a blow job.

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Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Score: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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