Review of Überlube – Finally another lube for sensitive skin

Uberlube Silicone Based Lube 100ml Bottle

Finding a good lube when you have a contact dermatitis / eczema can be difficult. Enter Uberlube.

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First Impressions of Überlube

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

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The good people at Uberlube sent us a selection of their products to review free of charge for an honest review. I originally found out about Uberlube when I was trying to find a new lube that wouldn’t irritate my skin. Many people with skin conditions said that Uberlube worked well for them, so I was delighted to review this lubrication.

Uberlube has only one formula, a scentless and simple silicone based lube. They say having only one formula allows them to focus on making it the best lube around. Even if ambitious, I like this attitude.

The product design and branding of Uberlube is beautiful. If Apple made lube, this is how it might look. Uberlube is seriously classy. They sent us a big box with most of what they sell on their website. Two classic glass bottles, 50ml and 100ml of Überlube. Two traveler sets, that are refillable and small enough to fit into a purse or pocket. Then a selection of small vials and sachets, full of Überlube. You can see our unboxing video below.

Note that this is a silicone based lubricant and you shouldn’t use Uberlube with silicone based sex toysHowever according to Uberlube, it is possible to use this lube on latex condoms without danger.

Experience using Uberlube

We have used Uberlube for sex and masturbation. Long story short, it’s the nicest feeling lube we’ve used.

The texture of Überlube is neither thick nor thin and when on the skin it feels almost like a moisturiser. I can see why they advertise Uberlube as being effective for preventing chaffing during sports. I tried leaving Uberlube on my skin in different places and it’s great because while it makes my skin lubricated for awhile, my skin eventually absorbs it. It isn’t messy or sticky, which I really appreciate.

Since using Überlube I haven’t had any eczema or dermatitis flare ups. This could possibly change, as I have the kind of skin that can be ok with a product for a long time then suddenly develop an intolerance. However as it stands, Uberlube is a great choice for my very sensitive skin. If you have any problem with eczema or dermatitis, I would recommend you give this product a try.

Eve doesn’t have any skin conditions yet she also said it’s one of the nicest lubes she has used. She told me that if she had to choose between all of the lubes we have, she would choose Uberlube. For her, it lasts longer during sex than the water-based lubes that we usually use. However this longevity is a double-edged sword for her, as she also finds it takes longer to wash off in the shower. With water-based lube she can just wash it off with water however with Uberlube she needs to use soap.

My biggest problem with Uberlube is also something that is positive at the same time. The product design. It’s possibly too classy for me with regards to the glass. Glass bottles and me don’t mix well because I can be a bit of a brute. It’s not unlike me to put on lube during sex and then throw the bottle somewhere. I cannot do this with Uberlube for obvious reasons. Even if I wasn’t that stupid with a glass bottle, it is still dangerous for me to put down a bottle of Uberlube on the mattress while I continue to have sex. This is something that is easy to slip the mind and I do this very often with lube. So while I haven’t broken a bottle of Uberlube yet, it is something that I fear will happen eventually.

Other uses of Uberlube

This lube has many uses. For example it prevents chaffing during sports. I tried it while working out and actually Uberlube does make my skin feel less raw afterwards. Uberlube is waterproof and sweat resistant so I can see why this would be an interesting use for it. Personally I won’t be taking advantage of its uses for sport and hair. Yet it’s pretty cool that you can use it for more than just sex.

We hope to see more from Überlube in the future

Our other disappointment is that we cannot use Überlube with silicone based sex toys. It is unsafe to do so because silicone based lube can degrade the silicone of toys. However this is not Uberlube’s primary goal. I hope in the future they decide to add a lube to their catalogue that can be used with silicone sex toys. The only reason that we are disappointed by this however is because Uberlube is so damn good. It feels amazing, so we’d love to use it all the time.

So overall, we give a massive thumbs up to Überlube. Their product has made my skin happy (and it isn’t easy to make my skin happy).

Uberlube Uberlube 100ml

Score: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Adam Rouge

Performance Scoring


10 / 10


7 / 10

Reaction to sensitive skin

10 / 10

Desire to use again in the future

7 / 10

Where to buy Überlube

You can buy Uberlube worldwide over at their website.

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  • Jim says:

    If you need to reapply in the middle of a love making, it is nearly impossible to hold and pump.

    I wish they had a different delivery system.

    I can’t be alone in this observation.

    • Adam says:

      Glass can be a bit slippery yes and there isn’t much grip around the bottle. I usually just put the base of the bottle in the palm of one of my hands while using my fingers on the opposite hand to press the pump. I still use Uberlube today for sex, it’s great stuff. But yeah grips for their bottles would be useful.

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