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Sexual fantasy discovery game for couples (free download)

Sexual fantasy discovery game preview

There aren’t many better ways of spicing up your love life than discussing each other’s kinks, fantasies and fetishes. The problem is we often forget which things to mention or don’t know how to bring it up. Eve and I made up a fun game where we both individually wrote down a huge list of kinks and fantasies (even ones that didn’t interest us). Then on a date night, we put all of the pieces of paper into a hat and took turns drawing out each fantasy or fetish. The most important rule is that nobody is judgmental or weird about anything. Each partner should feel totally free and comfortable to admit to what they want to.

Whoever draws out the piece of paper is the first to say whether or not it turns them on. Then the second person tells whether it turns them on. If both people didn’t like it, the fantasy goes in the bin. If you both liked it, write down on a scale of 1 – 10 how much it turns you on, then keep the piece of paper.

Eve and I discovered lots of things about each other doing this and we wanted to share that with you! So why not print out this free sex fantasy game and open a bottle of wine for your next date night 😉

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This is a PDF file. No details are required to download it 🙂

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