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Review: NMC Realistic Vibrator with cup suction base

A surprisingly realistic suction cup vibrator… with a half baked result.

First impressions

Frankly my first impression of this vibrator was not the best. On the one hand because realistic looking toys have never really attracted me and two because I have a clear preference for the double stimulation offered by a rabbit vibrator (compared to a simple vibrator like this). But I am an adventurous spirit and I rarely say no without trying first. So after my initial negative reaction, I took the time to appreciate the realism of the product. Contrary to what I thought, it was nothing repulsive and it was rendered well enough not to look grotesque. The flesh color is very fair, the representation of the ribs and folds is striking truth and the head is worked in detail and finesse. In short, even if I continue to prefer unrealistic and coloured sex toys, I am still impressed by the quality of the visual rendering of this more realistic vibrator.

The texture, in my opinion, lacks flexibility and sensuality. It is certainly soft but the silicone is almost sticky, which is not very pleasant. Moreover, even if the suction cup base is great when used, it makes handling clumsy when you want to use the vibrator lying down. It is not waterproof; and finally, it runs on batteries, so not very economical, not very ecological, not very practical.

In short, a mixed first impression, confirmed by my experience.


When I tried this vibrator for the first time, I was not seduced. The grip is quite unpleasant because of the endearing texture of the silicone and the suction cup that hinders the hand. Moreover, the dildo is very hard (and not in the good sense of the word). This can all make the experience a little painful. Intensive lubrication is mandatory because the silicone tends to cling to the walls of the vagina instead of slipping. The good thing is that it has a good length (17.5 cm), has different vibrating modes and also quite powerful vibrations. However the shape is somewhat linear, which greatly limits the stimulation of the G Spot. The vibro can be controlled remotely by a remote control, but honestly I was so disappointed with my first experiences that I did not even have the desire to suggest to Adam to use the remote control during our games.

The orgasm (solo play)

It is certainly a vibrator of good power and beautiful dimensions. When I’m already intensely excited it can indeed give me intense sensations. However, I need to be at a damn high level of excitement for it to work for me. For example, during a long erotic session with Adam, having playing around several times already without the vibrator. While recovering a little from other things, I may be tempted to relaunch the pleasure by introducing this long vibro into my vagina, abundantly lubricated and starting great back-and-forth movement. But even so, I always have to control the speed and strength of my movements so as not to hurt myself.


Partner play


Of course, a toy like this with a suction cup base means… peep show for your partner! Sexy lingerie, a little striptease, and his attention is all yours. So it’s time to put him on the bed, take off his clothes and put his hand on his penis. Then, we grab a chair, we fix the vibrator with the sucker and after generously lubricating (and I insist: COMPULSORY step for this vibro, girls) the vibro in front of your partner to titillate, sit slowly on the dildo. Honestly, Adam was bewitched. I think that the realistic aspect of the dildo was a big bonus for him because it’s as if he saw his own penis penetrate me, which is particularly erotic. It was very exciting for me too to give a show of this kind, this feeling of being observed is delicious. Only downside: unless you have steel thighs, it is impossible to maintain that position very long. Moreover, when I had the misfortune to have a hip movement more enthusiastic, the sucker took off and so the vibro fell backwards. Between that, the muscles of the thighs catching fire and the bite of the corners of the chair in the flesh …. we speak of major turn-offs. So the idea was good, the beginning a success, but in the end I went from excited to “ouch ouch ouch”.

It has been seriously erotic to watch Eve use this toy on herself. Usually if we do use this toy at all, she will position herself on the bed opposite me and start penetrating herself with it in front of me. The realistic aspect of the dildo and the big length of it add to the eroticism. It turns me on a lot.

However it isn’t an easy toy for us to integrate into our partner play. While I enjoy watching Eve with it, it is difficult for me to use it on her. The stiff and rigid silicone is just too hard and I have hurt her at least once with it. Not enough for us to stop sex but still…

Furthermore, the suction cup aspect of this toy was the thing I was most looking forward to. However in reality the suction cup of this toy just isn’t that good. Even when facing upwards on a chair it is easily displaced. Eve was going pretty slow on it, so this suction cup doesn’t really support actual sex at all.

So overall a rather mixed reaction from me. I like watching Eve with it but frankly this toy is a big pain in the ass (not literally, we aren’t suicidal).


It is quite simple to clean but it’s a pity that the slightly sticky texture of the silicone attracts all manner of fibers and dust particles, which, on the flesh color, is not very attractive.

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