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Review: Liberator Wedge Sex Position Cushion

Liberator sex position wedge

A special cushion for having sex on? Let’s go!

First impressions of the Liberator Wedge

The packaging of the Liberator Wedge is amazing. First of all I thought ‘wow, this sex cushion must be tiny!’ Soon enough I realised that the cushion had been compressed inside an airtight bag for shipping. So Liberator gets some brownie points for that. Both for the environment and because I just find it really cool. To see the cushion ‘come to life’ and fill with air after it’s removed from the bag is quite fun. It’s like watching a sex cushion erection.

The box itself is also well designed. It looks great. There are some really nice photographs on it and also pretty illustrations of the sex positions you can do with the Liberator Wedge. We actually cut off some of the photographs and illustrations to keep them. That’s how beautifully designed the packaging is.

The sex pillow itself was the expected size when it had been removed from the airtight bag. Big enough to lie over but not so big that it can’t be put under the bed. It was a little firmer than I was expecting but honestly that’s a good thing.

The microfiber cover to the Liberator Wedge was a disappointment though. It looked really shoddy because the material is prone to look like it has scags. I thought the cover was damaged at first. It also attracts a lot of dust. I was expecting a more beautiful cover.

Experience: What’s it like to use the Liberator Wedge?

So far we have had the Liberator Wedge for around six months. We enjoy it a lot when we use it. However it isn’t the revolutionary bedroom addition other reviewers have made it out to be. We don’t often pull it out to use because it doesn’t enhance sex enough for us to bother doing so. That isn’t to say it isn’t a good sex pillow to buy. It just doesn’t rock our world enough to justify going to get it when we are in the throws of passion. Even if it is only an arm’s reach away.

We found the Liberator Wedge VERY impressive for cunnilingus and doggy-style though. It improves those two positions considerably. It makes other sex positions different for sure but we don’t feel the pillow necessarily ‘improves’ the positions.

The first time we used the Liberator Wedge, I led Eve over to the bed where I’d hidden the pillow under the duvet. I sat her down on top of it and performed oral sex on her. First thing, it’s so much easier than when I normally perform cunnilingus. With the Liberator Wedge lifting up her hips, it puts my neck at a more comfortable angle and I can stay doing it for longer.

Just after that we used the Liberator wedge for sex. Without realising, we tried pretty much all of the positions they suggest in the marketing. That first time it was really a novelty. It made every sex position feel new and exciting. Particularly doggy-style, which I have found often makes my thighs tired after some time.

After further use, I discovered that the Wedge can get in my way during missionary position. It took me out of the moment a few times because I can’t move my legs forward all the way. It doesn’t always happen but if we’re moving a lot, Eve will slide down the Wedge and after that we get this problem.

The cowgirl position is also easier with the wedge. It’s easier to keep my legs up in the right place to support Eve. However again, sometimes we place the Wedge at the wrong position and just throw it away rather than mess around with it again.

One side note for guys looking at their girls on the Liberator Wedge. It is incredibly hot. Seeing your lady lying backward, down the wedge with her legs up is a beautiful thing to see.



The outer covering is waterproof and can be put in the washing machine. So it is quite easy. However the material attracts a lot of dust and that’s a little annoying.

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Review Box 0
6 / 10 Review
- Improves cunnilingus and doggy-style.
- Makes other positions seem new and exciting.
- Quite easy to hide.
- Overpriced in our opinion (for the kind of use we have had out of it.
- Looks a bit damaged because of the microfiber material used.
- Dust magnet.
- Doesn't improve sex enough for us to use it a lot.
If you're thinking of getting it we can recommend it for some positions. It is a well designed cushion. Yet don't fool yourself, it's still... well... a cushion.
Material and design6
Desire to use again in the future5


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£99.99 – Lovehoney UK


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