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Review of the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo

Hot Octopuss Vibrator / Guybrator for men

Eve had a cheeky smile on her face and said she had a gift in her handbag for me. I looked inside and saw the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo.

To be honest, I was really looking forward to testing a Hot Octopuss guybrator and we’d talked about it for awhile. The Pulse III didn’t disappoint me!

First impressions of the Pulse III

The packaging from Hot Octopuss is beautiful. If she didn’t already know it was a male sex toy, Eve said it could be a box for expensive perfume. Inside the box there was a faint chemical smell as I pulled everything out.

The Pulse III itself is very elegant. If I left it on a shelf somewhere I don’t think anybody would automatically associate it with a sex toy. Not unless they already knew who Hot Octopuss were or knew about the Pulse sex toys. The smooth black and graphic style of the vibrator looks very discrete. It also comes with a nice storage pouch.

I switched on the vibration / oscillation and was shocked with the strength. Eve took the mighty vibro and discovered pressing the plus sign turns on the turbo mode, which made the vibrations even stronger. Yep that’s right… Hot Octopuss included a turbo mode on their male sex toy. We were worried these turbo vibrations may get be uncomfortable. Spoiler alert: They’re not uncomfortable, quite the opposite!

The buttons on the Pulse III can be a bit tough to press. Quite a lot of pressure is needed to click the buttons into place. Also the vibrations are VERY noisy. So if noise is an issue for you, this might not be ideal. My other gripe with Hot Octopuss’s Pulse III is the battery life. I think the battery could be better. The charging time is 4 hours, for 1 hour of use. Eve’s Womanizer lasts hours, I think we’ve only ever charged her Womanizer twice. The Hot Octopuss toy however runs out of battery after two uses.

Different colour options for the Pulse III would be nice. Black is a nightmare for dust. It’s a designer product so I don’t see why not. Hot Octopuss also embosses their logo onto the side of the Pulse III itself. Why sex toy companies feel the need to do that is beyond me. Embossing a logo to the side of a toy makes cleaning slightly more difficult. It’s a minor problem however.

Hot Octopuss toys like this one use ‘PulsePlate’ technology or oscillating technology to produce the vibrations. The video from Hot Octopuss below explains this well. Just keep in mind that this review is about the Pulse III Solo, not the Pulse Duo.


Experience using the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo

One claim of the Pulse III is that it can bring a guy to orgasm in minutes. So I gave it a difficult test. The first time I used the Pulse III Solo was after a long day at work, when I wasn’t even horny. I just placed my penis inside it and turned it on. This was a deliberate test for my new toy.

The strong, rumbling, oscillating vibrations of the Pulse III made me hard in under a minute. It feels amazing. Without being horny, the vibrations initially feel like a great massage. After becoming horny, the toy quickly brings me to orgasm. My first time with this guybrator took maybe 20 minutes and that’s when I wasn’t horny. The Pulse III was set to the highest speed (turbo mode) because I needed more vibration to compensate for my un-horny state of mind. After some time I tried reducing the speed of the vibrator but had to go back to turbo mode. When you go turbo, you can’t go back.

Then the next time I tested it, I made sure I was horny and already hard. I put my penis inside the Pulse III and turned it on. I think it took 5 minutes or less to make me orgasm. This was on the standard speed (the speed when you turn the Pulse III on).

Both of these times I used the Pulse III Solo without lube and without using it as a masterbator. I just placed my penis inside and held it in place, letting the Pulse to the rest.


Orgasms with Hot Octopuss’ Pulse III (solo play)

Cock inside Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo Vibrator / Guybrator

When I use the Pulse III on my own. The orgasm comes very quickly and it feels amazing. However I don’t think the orgasm I can achieve on my own with the Pulse III is as strong as the orgasms I get with my Fleshlight Mini-Lotus. I also don’t find the orgasms I get with this as strong as those I get using the Cobra Libra. That’s fine though. The Pulse III is a different kind of sex toy, so it makes up for this in other areas. While the Cobra Libra may have more interesting vibrations but the Pulse III is faster.

Partner play & Orgasm using Hot Octopuss’ Pulse III


After telling Eve how quickly the Pulse III can bring me to orgasm and how good I imagine it would feel in partner play, she wasted no time in trying it out. One time after making out she grabbed the Pulse and placed my penis inside. As I mentioned before, the buttons on the Pulse III are not so easy to press and she wasn’t sure how to turn it on at first. It didn’t take her long to turn on the vibrator after I showed her where to press though.

Being given oral whilst inside the Hot Octopuss Pulse III is just the most amazing feeling. Eve’s tongue pressing down on me with all the heat on to that vibrating plate turned me into a speechless mess. On my own I had been using the Pulse without moving it at all. Just pressing my penis into the vibrating / oscillating plate and letting that do all of the work. Eve got creative with the Pulse toy and in addition to using her mouth was moving it up and down and pressing different parts into me.

Realising the variation Eve used felt far better, I encouraged her to carry on that way. Even if this method would take longer for me to orgasm. So I speechlessly tried to explain this (she later told me that I had been very confusing). But hey, what is a guy meant to do when in an insane hurricane of Hot Octopuss pleasure.

The orgasm I had with Eve and the Pulse was one of the strongest orgasms I’ve had. The bone melting, face tingling, blood rushing around every part of my body variety of orgasm. These are opposed to what I would call normal orgasms, which tend to be localised around the genitals. I can only achieve these extremely powerful ones while in the company of Eve.

When Adam told me about how strong his orgasms were with the Pulse 3, I was very curious about trying it on him myself. The Hot Octopuss Pulse III feels quite nice to handle, even with a feminine hand. The texture is dense yet supple, quite smooth and it’s light and small enough so that the Pulse III feels quite comfortable to manipulate.

It was a bit awkward the first time I put it around Adam’s penis; I was afraid of hurting him and didn’t know if I had to slide his penis inside or open the wings and put it around him. I ended up doing a mix of both and it became rapidly obvious that Adam was feeling everything but pain. Turning it on was a bit of a challenge too cause the small buttons on the Pulse III are tricky to use at first. However when the Pulse III started vibrating, Adam was lost to another realm of pleasure. This was an instant huge turn on for me. It’s such a delight to see him lose control of himself and trust me completely with his pleasure.

I tried moving the Pulse up and down and Adam lost all coherence.  That encouraged me to start flicking the tip of his penis with the tip of my tongue. Still moving the Pulse up and down, which drove Adam wild. It was impressive how easily and how strong he came. The Pulse III is so easy for me to use on him, it’s really comfortable. I can use it with one hand and do very naughty things with the other one which is double pleasure for both him and me. So anytime I feel like spoiling my man, I know for sure that the Pulse III is going to be a nice way to do it. Hear me out ladies, if you want to treat your guy, a nice blend of vibrations from this Hot Octopuss toy and your tongue will do the trick 😉

Woman holding Hot Octopuss Pulse III guybrator / vibrator for men


This toy is waterproof, so I tried it in the bath. This is where things go badly with the noise. In a bathroom with lots of tiles, the noise from the Pulse III is distracting. Keeping it under water helps but for the most part, the noise is just too much for me. This is the only time that the Pulse III failed me and I had to give up without reaching orgasm. Furthermore, I don’t find the vibrations from it as strong underwater.


Cleaning the Hot Octopuss Pulse III

After I orgasm inside the Pulse III Solo it gets very messy. Thankfully the silicone and waterproof design is a dream to clean and I have it clean in seconds. It dries very quickly too.

One thing that may bother those who care though, is that dust shows up really easily on the black silicone. As I’ve mentioned, embossed areas are difficult to get dust out of (the logo and other embossed parts). It is difficult to get it 100% dust free. Offer more colours guys!


9 / 10 Review
- Brings me to orgasm quickly.
- Strong rumbling vibrations.
- Easy to use.
- Easy to clean.
- Looks great.
- Great for partner play.
- Battery life is too short.
- Buttons are difficult to press sometimes.
- Very noisy.
Amazing. If you own a penis you should also own a Hot Octopuss toy. That is all!
Partner play10
Vibration Strength10
Desire to use again in the future10

Stores for the Pulse III Solo

Please note, we don’t update the prices listed here. These were the prices at the time we wrote this article.

British flag £99 – Hot Octopuss
£99.99 – Lovehoney UK
£78.95 – Simply Pleasure
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