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Review of the Bathmate Hydromax 7 / x35 (2 month test)

Bathmate Hydromax 7 x35 Penis Pump

No matter how big one’s penis is it seems… one will always want more. Does the Bathmate Hydromax provide this? We took two months to find out!

First impressions of the Bathmate Hydromax 7

The Bathmate arrived in a box without any obvious signs that scream “THERE IS A PENIS PUMP INSIDE THIS BOX”… which I really appreciated. I bought a clear colour Hydromax 7 with the Bathmate shower strap, because I don’t have a bath. I opted for the transparent plastic cylinder because I wanted to be able to see the colour of my penis as I was using it. That makes it easier to spot bruising or red spots that are sometimes a problem with devices like this.

The device feels very robust and I’m sure it would be difficult to break accidentally. It comes with an instruction manual that you definitely need to take the time to read to avoid injury.

Along the side of the device they have put a measuring tape sticker on the cylinder. Don’t rely on this sticker for length, I will explain why further down. The shower strap attaches very easily to the Hydromax. It just fits around the end and the strap is held around your neck.

Another quick note, you need to use the calculator on Bathmate’s website to figure out which size pump to buy. It’s very important so make sure you enter accurate measurements.

Experience using the Bathmate Hydromax 7

The Bathmate probably works quite smoothly in the bath. However in the shower it’s a little more tricky to get started (as you will see). Fear not though, it does get better. I outline in this section the highs and lows of my experience using the Bathmate.

You need to shave to use bathmate
You need to shave around your Penis to use Bathmate penis pumps

The first time I used the Bathmate, I was not prepared. I stood in the shower for almost two hours trying to get it to work. “Is this broken??” I thought to myself. My pubic hair was already very short, so I expected it to work. It didn’t, the water kept escaping before the vacuum was sealed and my frustration grew quite high. I read the manual again twice to make sure I understood everything (I did).

In the end it turned out that even my trimmed pubic hair was too long for the Bathmate. I had to shave my pubic area completely before the Bathmate would finally seal against my skin. This is a major let down for me because I don’t really like the bald pubic area look.

Bathmate Hydromax 7 x35 Comfort Pad Penis Pump
The comfort pad is damn useless

The comfort pad for me prevents the Bathmate from sealing a vacuum, even when I am completely shaved. I found this disappointing because for me it cries a design flaw. I did get the device to seal a few times, however it fails so much with the comfort pad on that it just isn’t possible to use it… not unless you want to spend over an hour in the shower.

Bathmate shower strap is useless
The shower strap is also damn useless

I bought the shower strap in preparation for using the Bathmate in the shower. The company and many people who have written about the penis pump don’t usually say that it is more difficult to use the Hydromax in the shower. It is more difficult. The pump has clearly designed to be used in a bath and while it can be used in the shower, it isn’t as easy. Personally I have to keep at least one hand holding the pump to prevent it from unsealing from my skin. Using the shower strap doesn’t make using the Hydromax in the shower easier for me.

Bathmate Hydromax 7 x35 Penis Pump
The measuring sticker on the penis pump is very inaccurate

The design of the Bathmate Hydromax means that you are compressing a softer silicone material against your body. It expands and compresses, depending on how hard you are pressing down on it and how far it has been pumped. Therefore, the measuring sticker means nothing. Because if the length of the pump itself is changing every time you use it, so is the length of the ruler.

This is a very dangerous design flaw in my opinion and Bathmate should address this. It would be far better for them to put an actual pressure gauge on the pump.

As a work around, you should use a tape measure or ruler while using the Bathmate. This will ensure that you are getting an accurate reading of length. More importantly it means you can control the length you pump to as well. Typically, it is safe to pump to half an inch shorter than your usual erection size. If you pump more than this, you will risk injury.

You can break your penis using a penis pump
Penis pumps can break your cock… and the Bathmate Hydromax is no exception

Listen, I’m not being negative but I want you to leave this review being well informed. The Bathmate Hydromax is a powerful penis pump. As they advertise, it is 35% stronger than their cheapest pump. You need to really assess whether you want that extra power on your penis. Your penis isn’t designed to be pumped, therefore you should inform yourself on safe pressure levels. Personally I regretted not getting the cheaper and less powerful Bathmate pump, I would have felt safer.

With traditional air pumps, most people recommend never using a pressure above 5hg / 0.17 bar on your penis.

The Bathmate Hydromax can reach a maximum pressure level of 12hg / 0.4 bar. That is a huge amount of pressure for a pump with no gauge inside it. You should also know that Bathmate claim that 12hg of pressure is safe to use inside a water pump because the nature of the vacuum is more stable. In an air pump, using 12hg wouldn’t be advisable whereas in a water pump, it may be able to be used. I would advise you to remain highly skeptical of this claim until you see an actual study proving it. I have not found an independent study proving that 12hg of pressure is safe to use inside a water pump. If you know of a study, please send it to me.

Before buying a Bathmate, type into google “Bathmate injury”. It isn’t even my goal to pick on Bathmate here. You should just look at what injuries people have gotten from penis pumps. It’s pretty grim so make sure you play this safe.

Timer for Bathmate Pump
You will feel lame, standing in your shower using a penis pump for 20 minutes

Yes it is true. No matter what way you paint it, it sounds lame. You are standing in your shower, filing up a pump with water, trying your best to put your penis inside without spilling all the water out… then you are standing in said shower pumping your cock while measuring it to make sure you don’t break it. All in the name of making your penis a little bit bigger.

That’s not counting the fact that your water bill will be higher from spending so much more time in the shower. The fact that you sometimes have to shave your pubic area before you start. Don’t forget that you’re meant to be using the pump every other day… that’s a big commitment of time for most people.

So let’s keep it real here… you have to really ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Bathmate can cause bruising
Your bathmate may cause bruising, red spots and discolouring

Even if you’re very careful, you will sometimes slip up and pump too hard. This will cause little red spots on your penis from where blood vessels burst. You can get slightly discoloured when you first release the pressure from the pump too.

I never got any bruising or permanent discolouring but I read many stories about people who did.

A good tip I can pass on to you is to never over pump and always let the pressure out very slowly when you are finishing a session. Letting the pressure out too fast can cause discolouring.

Bathmate penis sensitivity
Your penis will feel too sensitive after using the Bathmate sometimes

After pumping with the Bathmate, my penis would usually feel more sensitive afterwards. Sometimes the sensitivity prevented me from wanting to have sex because it would cause a small amount of pain. This wasn’t every time I used the pump but it happened.

Happy penis carrot
When you get used to it, using the pressure of the Bathmate feels nice

Yes, finally a positive! It’s true… when you get used to the pressure it feels great. You should never be in pain while using the device so if you ever do feel pain, you’re overdoing it. For me the feeling is always quite nice.

Penis size in carrots

Your penis will look thicker and more pumped after a Bathmate session

OK so this image is a huge exaggeration of what you should expect 😉 After using the pump it’s definitely a nice thing to look at your penis and think “hey it’s bigger”. Your penis will feel a little plumper and will remain like that for a temporary period of time. It depends on how much you pumped as to how long it will last.

Your penis will get bigger using a Bathmate pump regularly

The pump works. It works more slowly than I’d like but it works. The gains aren’t permanent but you will continue to get progressively bigger as you use the pump. Bathmate claims that penis length and thickness gains are permanent but from a lot of actual user accounts, you will learn this isn’t the case. If you want to keep your gains, you have to keep using the pump.

Bathmate customer service
Bathmate customer service is great

Seriously, they are great. I had several questions which they took the time to answer the next day. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee, which is really cool. Just make sure you buy the pump from the official website to be covered by the warranty.

My gains with the Bathmate Hydromax (2 month diary)

While using the Bathmate Hydromax I kept a detailed diary for 2 months. The diary contains information on how long I used the Bathmate, how many times and what size changes I had over time.

Additionally, I also tested what happens after I discontinue use of the pump for 1.5 months.

To summarise, the length changes were not permanent for me. However the girth gains at least partially stayed. I knew this because condoms that used to fit me no longer did.

For those who want all the detail follow our blog post links below:

Cleaning the Bathmate Hydromax

Cleaning the Bathmate Hydromax 7 is very easy. You can just swill it out with water and spray some sex toy cleaner inside. The water marks on the inside are a bit harder to get to and clean if you are obsessive like that… but honestly I don’t care.


The Bathmate really does work. It makes my penis bigger and thicker. However it takes too much time for me and using it in the shower is impractical. I don’t like spending so much time in the shower. The pump doesn’t have a gauge which is something I strongly disagree with due to injury risk being heightened. The design also doesn’t seal easily enough on the skin, especially in the shower.

I’m looking forward to using the pump again in the future when I have more time to dedicate to it. I will be sure to update you when I do more testing with the Bathmate.

7 / 10 Review
Material and design6
Desire to use again in the future7


You should buy the Hydromax 7 and all other penis pumps by Bathmate from their official website:

DO NOT buy the pumps from unofficial websites, because there are a lot of rip-offs around. Plus, if you buy it from the official website you get a 60 day money back guarantee, which is pretty damn cool in my opinion.

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