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Week 6 /8: Penomet Penis Pump Test

Penomet Penis Pump with the grey Force 75 gaiter

Sixth week testing the Penomet Penis Pump.

Thank you to the kind people at Penomet (affiliate link), who sent us a free sample kit and made this test possible! Please consider using my affiliate link, it will help me fund more tests like this!

All values you see are increases and decreases from the baseline measurements, they are not accumulative values.

Week 6 Results

Baseline measurements taken on Day 1 (length and girth, flaccid and erect). The increases or decreases you see are from this baseline and are not accumulative.

Days 43 – 45 no pumping.

Day 46:

Erect size (after pumping)
Length:      +0.1 inches(0.25cm)
Girth:  +0.2 inches (0.5cm)

Day 47:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length: +1.4 inches (3.55cm)
Girth:  +1.6 inches (4.06cm)

Days 48 no pumping.

Day 49:

Erect size (after pumping)
Length:      +0.2 inches(0.5cm)
Girth:  +0.2 inches (0.5cm)

Days 50 no pumping.

Day 51:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length:  +1.5 inches (3.81cm)
Girth: +1.6 inches (4.06cm)

Erect size (after pumping)
Length:      +0.2 inches(0.5cm)
Girth:  +0.2 inches (0.5cm)

This week my erection size has finally reached the size I was achieving with the Bathmate Hydromax. This might surprise you because at week 6 during my BM Hydromax test my length gain appears to be more than I have with the Penomet. The thing you should take into consideration is that with both of these tests I’m measuring based on the baseline values I recorded at the beginning of each test. Before I used the Bathmate, my length was lower than when I measured for the baseline of my Penomet test.

Next week I move on to the red Force 80 gaiter!

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