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Week 2 /8: Penomet Penis Pump Test

Penomet pump with the purple gaiter

Second week’s results of a test I am doing of the Penomet Penis Pump. This week I have been using one of the light gaiters (Force 65).

Again, attention to the colour of the gaiter I show in this image. My blue and purple gators were inversed in colour, so your Force 60 and 65 Penomet gaiters may be the other way around.

Thank you to the kind people at Penomet (affiliate link), who sent us a free sample kit and made this test possible! Please consider using my affiliate link, it will help me fund more tests like this!

The force 65 gaiter is a little more pleasant to use than the blue gaiter in my opinion. While it is technically a stronger gaiter, it requires less pumping to acquire the same vacuum.

All values you see are increases and decreases from the baseline measurements, they are not accumulative values.

Week 2 Results

Baseline measurements taken on Day 1 (length and girth, flaccid and erect). The increases or decreases you see are from this baseline and are not accumulative.

Day 8 – No pumping.

Day 9:

Erect size (after pumping)
Length:      +0.05 inches (1.27cm)
Girth:        +0.2 inches (0.5cm)

Day 10:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length: +1 inch (2.54cm)
Girth:    +1.25 inches (3.17cm)

Day 11 no pumping

Day 12:

Erect size (after pumping)
Length:      +0.3 inches (0.76cm)
Girth:         +0.2 inches (0.5cm)

Day 13:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length: +1.25 inches (3.17cm)
Girth:    +1.25 inches (3.17cm)

Day 14:

Erect size (after pumping)
Length:      Same as starting size
Girth:         +0.2 inches (0.5cm)

As you can see this week I saw more small increases in both length and girth. My erect size is bigger (particularly on day 12) and my flaccid size is considerably bigger for several hours after using the pump. By the end of the week I had gained 0.2 inches in erection girth. I’m finding the program a little long, especially because on top of the 20 – 25 minutes using the pump itself I have to do warm up stretches for 5 minutes. My showers now take at least 50 minutes, which gets boring when you have to do it 5 days a week.

Next week I will be using the Force 60 gaiter again before returning to force 65 the week after. This is what the official Penomet guide recommends!

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