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Welcome to Obsession Rouge. We maintain this classy sex blog, reviewing sex toys, accessories and more.

We are committed to providing honest and useful articles and sex toy reviews to our readers. If you would like to work with us please get in touch via the contact form and read our policies on reviewing sex toys.

Adam is British and he writes the english section of our website. He is also responsible for the graphics and visual elements you see around Obsession Rouge. Any male sex toys or accessories you see reviewed on the website have been tested by him.

Eve is french. She writes the french half of our website and corrects translations by Adam. All female orientated toys and products are tested by Eve.

Our writers are not doctors, sexologists or medical professionals. We consider ourselves well informed and our goal is to put out helpful advice for you. However seeking the council of a doctor is always best, particularly when it comes to matters involving health and well-being.