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100 Sexy Questions to ask your lover (free printout)


This is a list of 100 questions to print out and ask your partner. We love opening a bottle of wine and thinking of a bunch of sexy questions for each other sometimes. It is the perfect foreplay to a romantic night or a sexy valentines day. We would have loved to have a list of questions like this to print out, so that’s what we’ve done for you 😉

These questions range from tame to extremely naughty. You should pick and choose from these questions as you decide what is and isn’t too taboo. Download our kit and print out the questions. It’s better than reading them from a phone screen! We recommend you cut these questions out and take it in turns picking questions out of the pile while you drink wine.

Preview of questions:

Do you like to be submissive or dominant in bed?

If you could relive one of our sexy nights, which would it be?

Would you like to wrestle in oil?

What things about my body do you like that might surprise me?

Do you want to tie me up or be tied up? What would you do to me?

Does the fantasy of being impregnated or being pregnant turn you on?

Do you like the idea of trying a threesome? Foursome? An orgy? A gangbang?


This is a PDF file. No details are required to download it 🙂

We recommend you start with this list if you’re a new couple or haven’t done a sexy questions and answers session before. We’ll be posting volume two of our sexy questions and other fun games here, so don’t forget to check back often 😉

We’d LOVE to hear if you liked our 100 question kit. If you had a good time using it, let us know in the comments below! Let us know your favourite questions 🙂

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