An Initiation Into Her First Intense Orgy

Their footsteps echoed down the corridor as they approached the host apartment. Lucy felt stiff and awkward. She looked up and her husband seemed no different. He smiled at her as they arrived and rang the doorbell. She fidgeted with her skirt to try distracting herself from her nerves.

A man with broad shoulders, dark hair and a big smile answered the door. He welcomed them warmly and introduced himself as Peter, the party’s host. Peter’s open style of conversation relaxed her. Though she had to crane her neck to look up at him. Peter led her and her husband to the cloak room and gave them each a gown to wear until the initiation started.

Sexual fantasy discovery game preview

Sexual fantasy discovery game for couples (free download)

There aren’t many better ways of spicing up your love life than discussing each other’s kinks, fantasies and fetishes. The problem is we often forget which things to mention or don’t know how to bring it up. Eve and I made up a fun game where we both individually wrote down a huge list of kinks and fantasies (even ones that didn’t interest us). Then on a date night, we put all of the pieces of paper into a hat and took turns drawing out each fantasy or fetish. The most important rule is that nobody is judgmental or weird about anything. Each partner should feel totally free and comfortable to admit to what they want to.


100 Sexy Questions to ask your lover (free printout)

This is a list of 100 questions to print out and ask your partner. We love opening a bottle of wine and thinking of a bunch of sexy questions for each other sometimes. It is the perfect foreplay to a romantic night or a sexy valentines day. We would have loved to have a list of questions like this to print out, so that’s what we’ve done for you 😉